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I feel i need to share my story I may be one of the lucky ones but my journey has been nothing short of AMAZING.

spent probably half my life obese and hating myself until I found of out about WLS.

It has changed my life completely. It has made everything so much better.

I got up to my highest of 322 lbs with multiple comorbidities including diabetes.

I thought I would die young and gave no future but now the future is looking so good.

leading up to surgery I made sure i did a ton of research and finally decided on RNY BYPASS and it was the best decision ever. Obviously i had my reservations going into this journey I didn't believe the bypass would really change my metabolism as much as it has.

I made sure I researched all the local surgeons and made multiple phone calls before I decided.

overall the process here in Australia was pretty straight forward and I was in surgery within 3/4 months of my consultation with the surgeon.

I had to pay a gap but that covered everything all appointments and the hospital stay where I had my own private room and personal nurses.

had very few actual prerequisites to the surgery and dealt with the actual surgeon personally.

the surgery went smoothly and I was given good drugs so I was out cold for a full day for some reason I was in alot of pain so couldn't even leave my bed for like 2 days and slept most of that time.

here in Australia they don't kick you out of hospital until your 110% recovered so I stayed for 6 days and it was great...

I personally decided to start making changes before surgery and started a diet of Protein Shakes and lost 57lbs before surgery day and my weight loss has been steady and consistent and as of today I'm 164LBS and feeling amazing and I never felt better.

Its amazing to look and feel completely different and people actually treat me better.

I never thought it was even possible to get this low and to look this good.

I've been in maintenance mode now around 2 months at 165-166 but today for some reason I was 164 and like I'm literally not even trying to lose weight I'm eating so much more than I did the first 6 months.

I'm counting calories but not stressing over every carb like I used to, I'm eating meals most days but still supplement with shakes.

I was very lucky to only have one stall in this whole journey.

no complications at all and I feel like a new man and hoping to find myself a nice wife one day and start a family 😃😃😃

if you have any questions or comments much appreciated 😁

Before and after photos below

322 VS 165



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Hey Mikeyy! How ya been? You look MARVELOUS! Hey, don't lose any more...

Edited by JRT Mom

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Hey there I'm not trying to lose anymore.. I need to start toning up gain some muscles..

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Mikey, so proud of how well you have done!

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Thank you all

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