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Pain and vomiting hell!

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Hi guys!

I'm just looking for a bit of advice from people that may have experienced over fills in their bands...

I had surgery July 2018, I've never had restriction or felt any restriction until now. I have been back to my clinic regularly for fills for the last 18 months, and felt no change. I finally had an x-ray a week ago with a barium swallow to see what was going on. The surgeon (a different one to who I usually see) told me I definitely did not have the amount that they thought was in my band and put quite a lot more in. I instantly felt restriction. I could feel even Water taking a while to pass. I left the hospital and felt pain as if I had food stuck, but it was just the water.

Now, a week on I can barely even drink water first thing in the morning without bringing it back up. I can't eat any healthy foods even when chewed to a pulp, I've tried very runny porridge for Breakfast and even the smallest amount gets stuck. The only things I can eat without any problems are really bad junk foods..ice cream, chocolate etc - nothing else will go through and obviously this isn't something I want to be eating at all. I want to eat healthy, but I physically can't keep anything down, even in tiny amounts.

Has anyone experienced this? It's the worst timing at the moment over here in the UK as everywhere is now on lockdown because of COVID-19 so I can't even get to the clinic. I don't think I can cope with this for much longer :(

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Sorry for ur current situation. I had my Band for 11 yrs. When I got it I weighed 215 pounds at 5’2. Went down to 123 pounds. Kept the weight off for all those yrs. I only had it filled once right after surgery n it was enough for me cuz I too had all the same problems/symptoms ur having.
I just tolerate everything cuz I ❤️‘d more how I looked due to weight coming off fast n it was well worth the suffering at that time. To lessen the pain restriction/overall discomfort I just gave up on all the food that caused the restriction n instead learned to take smaller bites, sips n overall smaller food/liquid portions. It would take me an hour or so to eat a meal n when I ate out with friends/family I just ordered the kids meal, side orders or a small appetizers so this way I b done eating b4 them. I also lots of times ran to the restroom to throw up 🤢 n always made sure there was a trash can near by or carried a bag/container in my car for if I needed to vomit. This behavior of mine was frustrating/annoying but AGAIN I didn’t care.

Unfortunately I ended up becoming anemic n put on Iron n hated it. I also indulged on all the bad sugary foods n didn’t care/worry cuz I was still loosing weight n cuz it was the only food I too didn’t have problems with n it was better than no calorie consumption.

I got my band removed in May of 2018 due to continuous complications with my port due to a Tummy Tuck n very very HAPPY to have had it removed. If I wouldn’t have had a TT then I probably wouldn’t have had it removed. But, it’s true why things/circumstances happen for a reason n looking back I’m glad it was removed.
Anyhow, I hope my sharing helped a little n whatever u decide to do with ur current situation make sure u choose wisely n do the right thing when it comes to ur overall health.

God bless🙏🏽😊

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Posted (edited)

You need to go back to your doctor and have some of your fill pulled out. I'm sure even with a lockdown you are allowed to go to your doctor.

Edited by JRT Mom

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