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Thanks for remembering Good luck and I wish you well.I have had a few glitches..I had a gastrophy and it showed that I had a hiatus hearnea ..a yorchered oesophagus and gastritis.now I have to wait and have another test ..memanotory which has a long waiting list..so here I wait!!..Hood luck though..exciting for you

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On 7/7/2020 at 2:47 PM, CuriouslyCurious said:

How are you doing?

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Thanks for asking! I'm great! I hit all my Protein and Water goals, if not exceed them, each day. I'm back to normal food, but I do sometimes supplement with a Protein Drink or bar, or add powder to one meal. I find I need to have "sauce" with meat. I eat it with hummus, mashed avocado, sugar-free BBQ Sauce or ketchup, etc... Weight is not really coming off, but inches are so I'm not worrying about it as long as my body keeps changing since I've been working out pretty hard since 4 weeks out.

Funnily enough, it took me until 5 weeks out to get the surgery report/images and finally find out why I had 6 incisions instead of 5. They tried to inflate my abdomen in one by my belly button but apparently my abdominal wall muscle is 'abnormally thick', and so they had to move up higher and use 'vigorous traction'. Yeah... the bruises showed that one.

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