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I went to my Pre-Op appointments yesterday and learned that the VA no longer covers cosmetic plastic surgery. Because I scheduled my surgery previously, I am still in, but they will not do a fat transfer to the breast because it is purely cosmetic. I have loose skin and need muscle repair (the Dr. said my separation isn't that bad) and they justified the thigh liposuction by documenting chaffing. The Dr. was like "your thighs rub together and get irritated right?" On the plus side they are going to liposuction inner and outer thigh, which according to my DEXA scan is where I carry the majority of my fat. My weight has maintained between 140-145. I also learned that I will have 3 surgeons and an attending, I met 2 of them, but the 3rd was with another patient and I had another appointment I had to get to. The whole thing will be same day surgery, I will have drains.

I guess if I end up with a lot of loose skin on my thighs I can always pay to have it removed later if I choose. Or maybe the pendulum will shift and the VA will cover it again. They did not cover my gastric sleeve surgery, but they did cover it for some VA patients. It is a weird system, I am a little disappointed about not getting some fluff in my breast, but I am going to make sure they cut off the teeny tiny skin tag I have growing on my rib cage so I can get my monies worth (haha).

Getting this much done is an unexpected blessing. I still can't believe this opportunity arose because I injured my knee when I was fat. No one wanted to take the cyst out that formed around the bone fragment (orthopedics said I was born with it). When I lost the weight it really stuck out and I kept bumping it on things, my Doctor sent me to dermatology who then sent me to plastic surgery. This is when I learned that because of my weight loss I could get surgery.

I am also thankful for all the input on this site and others who have shared their stories and given some much needed advice. I will post some before and after pics, but I don't own a bathing suit, so I am going to have to think about what to wear...

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