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4 hours ago, Billowyfungus said:

How to reduce sugar in the body by eating vegetarian and plant based natural foods .

Did you have a question? You can still get tons of carbs/sugar through plant based foods. Oreo Cookies are vegan, for example, as is cane sugar, molasses, agave Syrup, and processed grains (flour), all of which will raise your sugar levels, jack up your insulin, and turn all those calories into fat,

Healthy whole food plant based (WFPB) eating utilizes legumes, nuts, seeds, WHOLE grains (not processed grains), a lot of veggies, and some fruit. Most MO people can lose a lot of weight with this, and I am finding that I am maintaining my under goal weight just fine. (Lunch today was soy yogurt with Protein Powder, slivered almonds, 6 different kinds of seeds, and some berries mixed in.) (Supper will be lentil Soup, steamed butternut squash, and a "Budda" bowl of greens, shredded brussel sprouts/carrots/red cabbage, Tomato, avocado, flax/hemp seed, chick peas, cooked whole grain - any combo of amaranth, teff, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, sorghum. Dressing is made from homemade cashew butter, nutritional yeast, and vinegar.)

WFPB does NOT utilize sugar or variations thereof, extra salt, processed foods, processed oils, alcohol, artificial ingredients, or animal Proteins.

My personal take on it is this: I have lived in and observed developing countries that are mostly plant based. These people are healthy, strong, and do not have cardiac or obesity issues. They grow their own food, for the most part, yet will still eat animal Protein on special occasions (weddings, holidays, specific celebrations) or when there is a lucky find, such as a nest of cassowary eggs. However, they do NOT eat animal protein 3 times a day, like most of the west does. I am not 100% PB at this point - more like 80%. I still eat some fish/poultry (home grown) maybe once a week. I think this is in keeping with the practice of many indigenous traditions, and allows me more flexibility with family gatherings. (I don't want to be that vegan who gets invited out to eat and then won't eat anything that is offered - that's a sure fire way to never get invited out again.) I still make my choices very healthy - never anything fried or breaded, and I avoid Desserts with sugar or wheat.

I hope that answered your possible question. Sorry if it was too long winded. There is a lot of good information about WFPB on the web.

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