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Things I am bringing for my out of town recovery

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I am preparing for my Tummy Tuck and arm lift, towards the end of January. I will stay in a hotel for three nights, then over to an Airbnb guest house for the next 13 days. I have read that I will not want to lay down, and a recliner would be ideal. Well, I won't have one of those!

I bought a power seat lift from Amazon. Also bought one of these travel pillows, so I can rest sitting up. Also, a portable, hand held bidet. (I heard it can be a little tricky to bend side to side)

For some reason I can not make my links stick, but you get the idea. You put the power seat lift (looks a little like a booster seat), on any arm chair and it will tilt you up or down from a standing position to sitting position. Uggghh…… I will try to post the links later.

I just wondered if any of you that had a tummy tuck slept sitting up, or in an armchair. What were your tips?

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I will be in a similar situation, here is my list

Mobility Supplies

Renting a lift chair recliner along with a table to go over the arm. I figure I will basically live/sleep/work in this chair

Wedge pillow if I do end up being able to sleep in the bed

Toilet Riser

Shower chair

Medical Supplies

Gauze pads and Maxi pads

constipation fighters, Smooth Move, Miralax, MOM, prunes

Ribbon, safety pins and small scissors to be able to connect my drains to and hang around my neck

Fill prescriptions beforehand

Extra binders

supplements (on top of regular multi/calcium & probiotic) Bromelian, Amica Montana, Vitamins C, A & B Complex


Heating pad

Ziplocks to make ice packs


Zip front robes

Button down dresses

Sweats & loose leggings

Button down shirts

Clog style slippers

Granny panties

Zip front fleece jacket

Slip on shoes


Protein Shakes & Bars

Cup with a straw

Gatorade Zero


Instant Soup

Antibacterial soap

Hand sanitizer

Body wipes

Washable cheap blankets (in case of leaking wounds 🤮)

Laundry pods & dryer sheets

Recognize this is complete overkill ... but I'd rather than be prepared than relatively immobile & without a car and need something.

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I just bought a wedge pillow - and used a few other pillows with it to prop myself up - and it worked fine. It was pretty painful getting in and out of bed, but the pain just lasts a few seconds, and only for the first few days.

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So helpful! I think I will book my bnb a few days earlier, even though I will not be there, and load it up so I will not need to move stuff from the hotel to the bnb. I keep forgetting I will have help. I am so independent, and I see there is no way I could do this on my own.

SillyKitty you are the most organized of patients! I will print off your list!

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I am so excited for you! Good luck with your surgery!

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