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    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    I am so happy for you!!!! It makes me hopeful. I hate pain meds.... I know I will need them, but I like to get off of them as soon as possible. My Surgery is 5 weeks away! My good news is I have a place to stay for my second week. A friend invited me to stay at her house sit, with the approval of the host. It is so kind of them. I want to have the drains out before going to anyones home. Can you tell me, when will you have your drains out?
  2. ValerieInMexico


    So great to hear you are doing well! You have such a great attitude and really taking care of yourself and setting yourself up for the best outcome. I really hope that this weight loss and improvement in health helps in maintaining the functionality of your kidneys too!
  3. ValerieInMexico

    Absolutely Anxious Surgery 2 Days Away

    Those strangers in the OR really, really, really have a lot invested in a successful, uneventful procedure. They want a great record of success, remember that. It is normal to have anxiety before surgery. Deep breaths. Keep busy. Come here and look at the photos and postings of the successful people.
  4. ValerieInMexico

    My need to do Pouch reset.

    Hello, fellow cracker addict. I had to cut out refined carbs, wheat, grain completely. It took years of not being able to get off the last 30% of my excess weight. I feel so much better after cutting that out. I do have dry roasted almonds when I need to crunch. They are my protein for a meal. Very satisfying. Good for you for coming here and telling us about it. You are on your way!
  5. ValerieInMexico

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    A small fee would be OK, like $50, that is the fee charged by those locally. I would agree that the other two are very confident and know you will want them. Who is #1. That is amazing work!
  6. ValerieInMexico


    shawn, is it the actual surgery that is making you anxious? Or, is it the life after the surgery? If this is your first surgery, I think it is normal for some people to get anxious, especially if they fear surgery in general. I have never been anxious about surgery, yet my sister has always been. I love the drugs they give you before..... then you wake up and its all over. Think positively! And, nothing wrong with taking adivan if it is helping you. PS, I don't use drugs, but I like to think of the silver lining and for me, who has had a lot of surgeries, I love the falling asleep part of the sedative they give you.
  7. Holy Moly! This is my last week at my casa in Mexico, then back to Canada. Its dinners and lunches for the next three days! Tonight it is dinner and a show with a friend who I really enjoy. We are foodies, but worse: wine lovers. Last week my will power lasted about 30 seconds and I agreed to split a steak and share a bottle of wine! Dang! Tonight I chose a restaurant that has lettuce wraps and lettuce tacos. Also, sugar free ice tea. Can I stick to my guns? I will bring my mobile phone. If anyone thinks about it, message me encouragement. 5:30 Guadalajara time. That is Mountain time I think. That little friend of mine, a diabetic, smoking 98 pound 70 something woman will live to be 100.... eating steak and drinking wine and smoking. Me: I am trying to be a pesca vegan tea totaler*sp. So.... I will be thinking of all of us who are struggling this weekend. I will say "cheers" with my sugar free icetea to our health!
  8. ValerieInMexico

    Its a Weekend full of land mines!

    Thank you!!!! I did very well. I almost fell off the tracks when I ordered an espresso and they put two little cookies on the saucer! I gave one to my friend and hid the other one under packets of Splenda so I did not have to look at it!!!
  9. ValerieInMexico

    Too Much Protein?

    What program/App do you use to product this. Looks awesome.
  10. ValerieInMexico

    Too Much Protein?

    I have Kidney Function tests annually, a full CBC, Liver function etc, This is because I have one Kidney and a fatty liver. Also a thing called MGUS. Anyway, my nephrologist, hematologist, both told me, as a Kidney Donor, avoid red meat. Eat any animal meat rarely if ever, but especially red meat. I am close to being a pesca-vegetarian, but eat meat occasionally. The RNY reduces the amount of protein we adsorb, so I think we should stick to whatever our program or surgeon recommends. Ask your Dr to include Kidney function tests in your next blood work, and do so annually. That should help alleviate your concern.
  11. ValerieInMexico

    surgery time

    Your on your way! Best of luck!
  12. ValerieInMexico

    7 Pounds from Goal......

    Have you tried measurements? I asked my personal trainer to take my measurements and weigh me as it has been five weeks since I have been practicing good eating habits and targeting 1200 calories a day. Only 6.5 pounds down on that scale, but 14.5 inches lost! 9.5 pounds on my home scale. Its crazy. I am on the pre-surgical diet now, so weight loss will speed up a little. I think I am going to take the tape measure out once a week. The scale can really be frustrating. Still, I am going to weigh every day because I read that the most successful people do that. The measurements will keep me sane.
  13. ValerieInMexico

    Week 5 Update

    I traveled to Spain this year. Have been there a few times in the past few years. What I loved was tapas. Small, delicious dishes served one after another. I had a tapas party a few weeks before I began the presurgical diet. I made sure that there were a lot of dishes that were great for my health conscious friends and a few for their husbands (ha!). Everyone brought a tapas dish and I made 6. Half the people (women) were on keto diets so the carb dishes were for men. Several guests were vegan. The great thing with tapas, is you can make something special for each person and they can just ignore the ones outside of their scope. I think I will do another before Christmas. You can eat very little, eat slowly, and no one notices!
  14. ValerieInMexico

    Pre-op work out

    I just returned from the gym. My personal trainer could tell I am not a deficit calorie diet after about 20 minutes. I lost steam. Usually we are increasing weights, but she did not today. She asked if I could have a small amount of carbs before workout. I am thinking I might have my veggies and protein for breakfast, and have the shakes for lunch and dinner. The veggies are carbs. I started on June 24 and it is July 22 today. lost 6.5 pounds and 14" (6 points of measurement). I feel so strong. I am going to miss the gym after the surgery.
  15. Thanks for this post. I wonder what facility he works out of. I will check with several of my friends in the Medical profession about the state of affairs in Guadalajara, in the hospital I will be going to. There are strict protocols to how to prepare a surgical room and special training for people who clean surgical tools and devices. Obviously, someone is doing a terrible job of this.
  16. ValerieInMexico

    Dr. Khalid O. Shebani

    How long ago did you have your surgery? How are you feeling?
  17. ValerieInMexico

    Don’t want to leave my house.

    I am retired so I decided to volunteer. That is my post surgery plan. This is for two reasons: 1. It will allow me to have some purspose in life. 2. I will have a reason to get up, do my hair, dress in some of my beautiful clothes, wear my jewelry and interact with people. When you quit working, you just don't have an opportunity to dress up. Thought I might just join a church too. Get good with God AND have a place to wear my dresses!
  18. ValerieInMexico

    July 2019 - Surgery Schedule

    Well, I am July 31 - RNY and Pouch revision or "tune up", as I like to call it. I was worried that I would be too late for the July group, so I was also going to follow with the August group. My pre op appointment is July 29th where the Internist will review my test results before giving the final go-ahead for the 31st. I am doing well on the pre-op diet, and have lost about 10 pounds in the past month total. My tests show a fatty liver so I am really following the protocol closely. So if it is not too late, Please include me. I have met all the requirements for surgery already, in terms of test results so I am pretty sure it will be a go ahead. I really would like to be involved in the post surgery followup, to see how you are all doing!
  19. I live in an expat retirement community in Mexico, for half of the year. There are 110 houses in our gated community. The town is about an hours drive from Guadalajara. With the age of the residents in our community (there are over 5 thousand Americans and Canadians), you can imagine that there are a lot of urgent health care issues. The first hospital I went to was a shock to me. It looked like a five star hotel. The café in the lobby was a French bistro. I went for gastro tests, sent there by a bariatric center when I was having some problems with my RNY (done in the US). All was well with me, they just lectured me about the importance of taking my vitamins and eating as advised for a RNY patient. I also had minor surgery and a stay overnight at another hospital. It was a rehab hospital, specializing in sports medicine. It was spotless and my room and bathroom were like a holiday inn room, but smaller. I have visited friends who have been rushed by ambulance for cardiac and other issues. The hospitals were all private and top notch. Now, Guadalajara is a big city with a lot of different hospitals. They have a excellent Medical school. Many of the surgeons, like mine, had a rotation or a residency in the US. There are also the public hospitals run by the equivalent of Social Security/Medicare. Not at all the same, but many of the same surgeons and specialists. Often, the Dr.s have a private practice, but also work in the public hospitals. I have friends who had kidney transplants and knee replacements there. They had to bring their own family member to help them. It is no frills. Not for me. However the results were successful. The BariatricPal hospital in Tijuana has a wonderful reputation. That is where I would have chosen if I did not have my casa near Guadalajara and friends there for support. So, if you are considering surgery in Mexico, do your research and you can have a very safe and pleasant experience. If you are retired, consider Lake Chapala for a month in the off season. Its beautiful and you could stay around after your surgery and enjoy the culture and the beauty..... and the shopping! (Not the restaurants).
  20. ValerieInMexico

    Here I go again!

    Ha! And here I thought Plugged was a new social media term! I plan on doing the same thing, here, recording my experience.
  21. ValerieInMexico

    Any August 2019 people out there?

    I am just getting used to using this forum site. I love it. I hope to post pictures of every step, including what my home in Mexico looks like, the hospital, staff etc. I think it would be interesting for people to see. I am excited, nervous, but feeling very fortunate. This is Round 3 for me, with the modification of my RNY. I am feeling good that I am 87 pounds below my pre 2000 surgery. I have kept a lot of the weight off. With this site and all the great tools out there, I feel really hopeful that I will succeed in getting off the rest of the fat. Good luck to everyone here, and I hope we all have wifi on our phones in the hospital. It would be great to see pictures!
  22. 1998: Went to Sweden for a Gastric Band (Disaster... but I did not know until....) Woke up with a 10 inch scar on my stomach. What? Why? Never got a real answer 1999: Band was to be maintained in Washington State. The Drs said there was something wrong. I felt a lot of discomfort and could not eat anything. 2000: Band removed (I think) and RNY performed. Medical notes mention the band was wrapped up and twisted in scar tissue. I only read that years later. 2000 to 2010: I did not follow any instructions, rarely took my vitamins, never monitored vitamins. I was an idiot. Ended up with Osteoporosis and needed iron transfusions. Actually had to go for a blood transfusion in 2009. Oh... and a fractured pelvis. 2010 - 2019: Worked on learning to eat better, take better care of myself. Went to see a therapist about my issues and made some small and big changes. Began an off and on relationship with the gym, kayaking, paddle boarding. Became healthier, reversed the osteoporosis and brought my iron up to good levels. I struggle with my weight. Up and down, 209 high, 175 low. Back and forth. Driving me insane. Too many clothes in my closet in three different sizes. A friend, an 82 year old woman, told me about Dr. Lopez in Guadalajara and how he completed a revision for her. She finally lost that final 50 pounds. She looks fantastic and feels great. I met two other people who had Gastric Sleeve surgeries with Dr. Lopez. I made an appointment and now I am scheduled for a revision. It will cost around $6,500 dollars. I am really working hard in scraping the money up together. Gave up going out and doing anything the last three months and will whip out the charge card (4% extra). I am excited and I have been working hard, reading books, watching videos, recording everything I eat. Testing out protein shakes and working on smaller portions. I will have had 6 weeks of this before I begin the 2 week pre surgical diet. I have been working out four days a week in the gym. I am strong and happy. I feel beautiful, having once weighed much, much more than I do. I have no pain, and no physical or medical problems such a High BP or Diabetes. I just want to settle on ONE SIZE and feel a little more comfortable on my bike. Oh.... and get off those stupid pills for Acid Reflux. I swear, I am going to do that and Dr. Lopez will help me. I am crossing my fingers. So, I am 62 years old and I weigh 199.999999 pounds (Ha, just made it under 200 this morning). I hope to be at my goal weight of 145 by this time next year. Heck, I will settle for more. Just want to fit in to my "skinny" wardrobe (175lbs) and give away the rest. My closet broke this year!
  23. ValerieInMexico

    Round 3: Revision planned for July 31 2019

    Ha! I know. I switched to "wine Fridays" last year, so I would only have wine once a week. Now, it just once in a while. It is my favorite thing, so. I will pick up my last and final boxes of wine club wine, stick bows on them and drop them off at friends houses. I need a clear and clean environment. I will resign from the wine club.... so sad, but necessary for now. Don't want a fatty liver!

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