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    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    Thanks for sharing with us. I am a person who tries to get off pain medication, post surgery, as soon as possible. I think I might reconsider. I have friends staying with me and it also might make it easier on them if I sleep well. So, I will be keeping that in my thoughts. Really thrilled for you. How is your Mom doing? Its so good that she could come with you. Moms are special. Even if they can be annoying at times!
  2. ValerieInMexico

    I feel so stupid right now....

    You will be able to eat soon enough. Just try and get busy distracting yourself. Once the weight comes off, you can try on clothes and see how great your progress is and then the sacrifice will be easier. Remember, you will be able to eat food again, but in moderation. Keep busy so time will go by faster!
  3. ValerieInMexico

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    I am so happy for you!!!! It makes me hopeful. I hate pain meds.... I know I will need them, but I like to get off of them as soon as possible. My Surgery is 5 weeks away! My good news is I have a place to stay for my second week. A friend invited me to stay at her house sit, with the approval of the host. It is so kind of them. I want to have the drains out before going to anyones home. Can you tell me, when will you have your drains out?
  4. ValerieInMexico

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    I hope you recover quickly! Its very encouraging to hear about your experience! I hope the recovery is not too painful and that you are thrilled with your results!
  5. Hi. Do you have a support group for post surgery. I have never made it to my goal, but I am having the best 5 month run where I just keep losing, slowly. I am healthier than I have ever been. What is helping so much is that I joined a support group on line. There is nothing in my community and this has been a game changer. Weekly weighins, an accountability group, just helps so much! Hey, I am 63 and pain free from changes to my eating and working with a personal trainer. You sound motivated and I bet this is your time! Best of luck!!!!
  6. ValerieInMexico

    Gastric Bypass to distal bypass

    I was scheduled for one, but postponed it. I have now decided not to do it. It was to be eelfpay in Mexico. Where are you having it done? May I ask why?
  7. ValerieInMexico

    Lightheaded. Not orthostatic hypotension

    I had low hemoglobin, due to low iron. Needed a blood transfusion. O was light headed.
  8. Freeze your turkey dinner into three small dinners for a month after surgery. Meanwhile, smell the wonderful aromas. Maybe make yourself a delicious turkey broth you can sip while people are eating. There will be many years to enjoy your favorite recipes. You will just be having a bite of each thing!
  9. I am preparing for my tummy tuck and arm lift, towards the end of January. I will stay in a hotel for three nights, then over to an Airbnb guest house for the next 13 days. I have read that I will not want to lay down, and a recliner would be ideal. Well, I won't have one of those! I bought a power seat lift from amazon. Also bought one of these travel pillows, so I can rest sitting up. Also, a portable, hand held bidet. (I heard it can be a little tricky to bend side to side) For some reason I can not make my links stick, but you get the idea. You put the power seat lift (looks a little like a booster seat), on any arm chair and it will tilt you up or down from a standing position to sitting position. Uggghh…… I will try to post the links later. I just wondered if any of you that had a tummy tuck slept sitting up, or in an armchair. What were your tips?
  10. ValerieInMexico

    Things I am bringing for my out of town recovery

    So helpful! I think I will book my bnb a few days earlier, even though I will not be there, and load it up so I will not need to move stuff from the hotel to the bnb. I keep forgetting I will have help. I am so independent, and I see there is no way I could do this on my own. SillyKitty you are the most organized of patients! I will print off your list!
  11. ValerieInMexico

    What to wear to the hospital and home

    Jammies. Walmart or Marshalls always has cute ones this time of year. T shirt and pull on pants type. They are often as cute as any tracksuit, but not as heavy. Hoody for a jacket.
  12. That is a very helpful post. I will have an arm lift, next year. It is a tough decision to make.
  13. ValerieInMexico


    It sounds like you have a really, really great surgeon. You appear to really be taking the time to understand how this surgery will impact your life. You have done amazingly well with your weight loss and have a very good attitude. You have what it takes to succeed. Keep doing what you are doing.
  14. ValerieInMexico

    Mother’s bizarre behavior after my surgery

    My Mom passed away, at 69, two years after being diagnosed with a rare degenerative brain disease. She was able to see me lose 100 pounds after RNY. She could really no longer communicate, but she said "beautiful" when she saw me after a time apart, and a noticable weight loss. So, as odd as your Momma is, she is probably happy to see her baby happy. She is lucky to have a patient daughter!
  15. ValerieInMexico

    Mother’s bizarre behavior after my surgery

    Sounds like your Mom is competitive. My Mom encouraged and cheered me on, any time I worked at losing weight. Do you favor your Mom in looks?
  16. ValerieInMexico

    Liver problems 1 year after Sleeve

    I was part of a research study, while on a medically supervised weight loss program with optifast. this was in the 1990s, long before I had bariatric surgery. It is not the surgery that causes the problem. It is the rapid weightloss. People who loose large amounts of fat, over a relatively short period of time, can have complications with gallbladders. So, it could be prudent to remove it while having weight loss surgery to avoid having to have another surgery.
  17. ValerieInMexico

    WLS for Friends and Family

    Ahh. Its nice that he enjoys cooking. Maybe he will get inspired to begin cooking some healthy food choices for you. You are soooooooooo close to your goal! Wow!
  18. ValerieInMexico


    So great to hear you are doing well! You have such a great attitude and really taking care of yourself and setting yourself up for the best outcome. I really hope that this weight loss and improvement in health helps in maintaining the functionality of your kidneys too!
  19. ValerieInMexico

    Just another ONEDERLAND Post!!!

    It is thrilling every time I see a post like this. It is such a big milestone. Congrats!
  20. ValerieInMexico

    Liver problems 1 year after Sleeve

    That is a good article. If we think about it, rapid weight loss, particularly with the morbidly obese, requires that the body process and remove materials left from the broken down fat..... and it happens through the liver. OK, I am not a scientist, obviously. I see that the article sites patients with very high BMIs as being vulnerable. I sure hope that Laura's daughter will be OK. This is an important article to show the people at the hospital.
  21. ValerieInMexico

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    Really inspiring. Very, very exciting!
  22. I came across this when doing some research. I registered and signed up to consult with three plastic surgeons. I am interested in a lot of the topics. It is in Anaheim California. Oct 4,5,6 Would love to meet up with anyone, from this community, who will be attending.
  23. ValerieInMexico

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    Man, I just signed up for free consultation with Katzen, and two others at a Obesity Health conference in Aneheim Oct 4. There are few spaces left for free consults. I am looking forward to the conference. Help me with inspiration!
  24. ValerieInMexico

    Non Scale Victories

    I bought a bike about two months ago, and my big goal was to have enough confidence to go on long bike rides alone. I was too nervous. I would get on my bike and feel so unsteady. I would not go alone. Just short rides with friends. Yesterday morning, I woke up and just did it. I had been praying for help, and signed up for a cycling confidence course beginning Sept 4th, but I wanted to be steady and sure enough to join the class and not slow them down. I took my bike to a near by parking lot and practiced, got used to the gears, did figure 8s, and then took off to the nearest bike path. 45 minutes later..... I felt like a 12 year old. I could stop, get up, get down, turn corners, go fast, go up a hill, down a hill.... go over bumps! I came home and just had tears rolling down my face. Working out in the gym, improving my balance, losing weight..... and the inspiration of people here, really helped. That was NSV 1. NSV 2 is that I have 10 bottles of fine wine club wines in my house and my car that I did not touch for weeks now. Today is the day I take them to a family reunion, to share (give away) to everyone. I DO NOT MISS Wine!!!! That was the toughest thing to give up! I feel blessed!