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  1. mcfluffington

    I had the sleeve

    Can you keep protein shakes down? What does your doctor say? Have you contacted them? Its a fabulous weight loss. You say you are pre op. Are you having a revision due to this problem?
  2. mcfluffington

    ❄DEC 2019 CHALLENGE❄

    2. Been watching a lot of Patriot Act with Hassan Minhaj. Its my favorite news/comedy show. 3. No dessert for me! I am on a pre op diet. 4. A bucket list for tomorrow. It would be interesting to see what I come up with high from the surgery meds. lol
  3. Hello, I am having revision surgery tomorrow. 12/4/191; RNY to SADI. I saw some research mentioning that this was a better surgery than distalization for weightloss. My surgeon seems hyped about its ability to cause better weightloss. I would like to at least get down to 200 lbs which is where I was before my weight regain. I gained 75 lbs due to living with someone (my mom) who had all kinds of carbs in her house. Luckily, I found a place near her and did not have to live with her carbs anymore about two years ago. Since then I have been trying to lose the weight. I lost about 25 lbs; basically 1 lb a month. I am 57 years old and thought I would be lying on my death bed in my eighties having just made my goal weight. lol Now I have this second chance for quicker weightloss. Wish me luck tomorrow and thank you for your camaraderie! Woohoo!
  4. mcfluffington

    4 days post op

    Congratulations on your surgery! Just remember this discomfort will pass.
  5. mcfluffington

    Bundle of nerves

    My dr. prescribde me Zofran for the nausea. Think about the excitement of continuing your weight loss journey. Only with the super power of restriction. I am about to get surgery myself and I have to say the excitement outweighs the fear for me. Good luck and know that we are all rooting for you!
  6. mcfluffington

    ❄DEC 2019 CHALLENGE❄

    My blinds are open when I wake up but it is 400 in the morning so there is nothing to see. The sunshine won't be around for three hours. Luckily the windows of my job site open on the east and we see the sunrise every morning. 1. My personal goal is to get down to 150 and stay there. 2. I am having RNY to SADI revision. I am pre op. My operation is on Wednesday the 5th. 3. my weight is 246 Lbs. 4. My favorite winter activity is piling on the blankets or standing in front of the heater with a kitty cat by my side.
  7. mcfluffington

    large weight gain after lapband removal

    I had a weight regain of 75 lbs. I have lost 25 labs through changing the amount I eat and getting back on track. I only ate 4 times a day. Mind you I have a gastric bypass so I have some restricition but you can always eat around that. Then I joined Jenny Craig and Noom. I lost about 5 lbs on those In about three months. My weight loss was in no way dramatic. It was a steady 1 lb a month. That is right 1 lb a month. Like rolling a boulder up hill but getting it done. I have to say the most drastic weight loss has come through my pre-op diet. I lost 4 lbs in 5 days on mostly protein shakes and some Jenny Craig meals. I am having revision surgery RNY to SADI to lose the rest and then some. I hope. Fingers crossed.
  8. mcfluffington

    Im finally doing it

    Good Luck! I too am on anti-psychotics but have been lucky and never had metabolic syndrome. I am curious as to what your psychiatrist has to say about your situation. Are there no anti-psychotics you can take for bi-polar that won't cause metabolic syndrome? Or are you already on them and that is why you are able to lose weight? Does your psychiatrist think the RNY will combat the metabolic syndrome and what does your surgeon know about metabolic syndrome? Sorry about your break up and job, that is a lot to take in a short time. Hope everything goes your way in the new year!
  9. mcfluffington

    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    What am I most grateful for this month? My friends, without them I would go crazy. Everybody Sing: Ya gotta have Friends
  10. mcfluffington


    Hi, I am going to have this surgery come 12/4/19. I am nervous and excited. I had no problem getting approval as this is now a standard of care for bariatric surgeons, I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. HI I had a weight regain and I have seen doctors with all kinds of suggestions for revision surgery. Has anyone heard of RNY to Single anastomosis duodenal switch. Or had this? I know revision after gastric bypass is unusual. Just looking for information.
  12. mcfluffington

    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    What about my home am I most grateful for? It's fairly food free status. All I have are Jenny Craig meals in my fridge and Protein shakes on the table. I also have some Atkins bars that I thought were protein bars. Turns out they are more like candy. Oh well nice try on my part! they will have to go. But they are delicious. What bill am I most grateful to pay? The bill for my surgery. I hope ithe bill doesn't scare me too bad when it comes.
  13. I too am having a revision due to weight regain. My problem wasn't emotional it was situational. I was taking care of my mom and living in her tiny apartment sleeping with with my head six feet from bread and cookies. I have a tremendously hard time resisting food (maybe emotional, maybe an addiction or compulsion) that is right in front of me which is why I don't keep it in my house. I thought I was only going to be there for a week or two but it turned out to be a year while I looked for a situation where I could be near my Mom full time and not live next to her food. In the interim, I gained 75 lbs. OUCH! I lost 25 of it on my own but it took two and half years. I applaud all your hard work and wish you the best! Good luck with your surgery!
  14. mcfluffington

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I was supposed to sit off to the side and drink protein shakes. But I did eat a small Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Don't worry I am pre-op so I wasn't bound to hurt myself.
  15. mcfluffington

    3 mth post up update

    You look great. I like your hair with the flip. Sassy!!
  16. mcfluffington

    Letter approval

    I am getting a revision and I was approved first thing. I am in complete shock about it. I thought for sure I would have to fight for it. But the revision that my surgeon doing has now become part of the standard of care for bariatric surgeons.
  17. mcfluffington

    First Post Sleeve Thanksgiving Meals?

    @InterceptorNYC That tomato soup sounds delicious!
  18. mcfluffington

    Bypass or Duodenal Switch or SIPS

    Hey mountaingirl! I am a RNY patient looking for a revision due to weight regain. I have decided on SADI. I think that is the same thing as the SIPS. It is the option that my doctor recommends and I have read some research that it is a better option for RNY patients because it has proven to give better initial weightloss. Bypass does give you restriction but you can eat your way out of it. I think in your situation any of these options would be a good call accept I believe the DS requires more vigilant attention to vitamins and supplements. I found it hard to find revision patients on forums who could give me much information. I suggest you do some research on the web and maybe at a college library on the revision surgeries. Good Luck!
  19. mcfluffington

    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    Day 27: What am I most grateful for in my country? Music.. Jazz, Swing. Rock n Roll. HIp Hop. Country Western. All invented here in the USA. Hurray!
  20. mcfluffington

    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    Check in: My personal goal: I want to lose 100 and 25 lbs. I have already lost 25 lbs the old fashioned way. Dieting. I joined Noom and went on Jenny Craig along with moving out of my mother's bread infested apartment. Surgery type: I had a gastric bypass in 2012 but gained a lot of weight taking care of my mom. Now I am having a revision from RNY to SADI on December 4th. I here good things about it. The weightloss is supposed to be better than distalization. My weight: I started out at 350. Due to RNY I went done to 200. I regained 75lbs and lost 25 after I got control of my life again. Now my current weight is 250. I am hoping to get down to 150. That would be awesome.
  21. mcfluffington

    101 pounds since surgery 7/10

    Happy Thanksgiving and congratulations!
  22. mcfluffington

    Dr. Doesn’t require protein?b

    My doctor didn't push protein shakes for the pre-op diet. He says you just need to eat protein and veggies. He still wants me to get in at least 90 grams of protein. Still protein is king even if it is not through protein shakes. I am doing shakes anyway cause it easier than cooking.
  23. mcfluffington


    I'm having my surgery December 4th. The rigamarole used to be even greater. I had my original surgery seven years ago. they made me take me take more mutrition classes and see more doctors than they did this time. I like your kitty cat icon. I have two black kitties. Molly and Scooter. Good luck on your weightloss journey!
  24. mcfluffington

    How long did you wait?

    I have BCBS of Illinois too. I think your authorization should come soon. I got my authorization after about six months going through all the rigamarole. My surgery is on the 4th of Deember. It cam right after my psych eval was done. Did your doctor make a tentative surgery date? I hope he made it for this year so your deductible isn't too high. Good luck!
  25. mcfluffington

    Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve

    Maybe if you look around in the Revision forum you'll find someone with this experience.