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Has anyone had DS surgery in Boston?

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I am currently failing at finding a surgeon in Boston that performs DS surgery. Mind blown as Boston prides itself on great health care. I just got off the phone with Brigham and Women’s and their head surgeon said he doesn’t do DS, has never heard of SIPS and that the loop would be out of pocket and not covered by insurance. Huh?

Mass general also said they do not perform. Newton Wellesley said they do the SIPS but have only done 3.

This has left me asking myself why?? Should I not be considering the DS? Or is this a it’s them not me situation. Please help Boston DSers!! Thanks :)

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Lautz and Doyon say they do it but there are questions about if they really do. If they do do it, they’ve done very few.

Most in NE go to NYC, PA or Montreal. NE isn’t really known for DS surgeons.

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So yeah, as mentioned above you probably won't find anyone in the NE area. It is not impossible, but won't be very easy unfortunately.

The BPD-DS is only done by ~100 surgeons throughout the country- a good majority of them are based in the south and west.

There are several WLS programs in NY that do do the the BPD-DS (and probably modified/Loop/SIPS/SADI) but that is, unfortunately, the closest you may get.

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