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Austin, Texas - how did you choose your surgeon?

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Thinking about converting to a bypass and an wanting to know how you all chose your surgeon....SPECIFICALLY people that are located here in Central Texas/Austin area. What did you all look for in a surgeon, hospital, etc.? Anyone who has gone from a sleeve to a bypass what words of wisdom do you have for someone who is thinking about it?

I have reflux that is pretty bad - didn't have so bad before surgery but within the past 1-2 years it's gotten really bad to where i'm taking too many tums every day along with prilosec every day. Just thinking through things though. Have a diaphragmatic hernia, have altered my diet, changed sleeping patterns and positions, changed medications, lost a few lbs, etc. Often waking up at night because of reflux aspiration - unpleasant.

Thanks in advance for all of your suggestions, perspectives and thoughts!!

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I live in Central Texas and my surgeon was Dr. David Provost at Baylor Scott and White in Temple. He is a bariatric surgery pioneer in TX and has been doing bariatric surgery for many years. After meeting him and checking his credentials (I am a nurse practitioner so I investigate every health care provider I see 🙄) I felt very comfortable with him and had absolutely no post op complications. I had the sleeve in May 2018 since I never had any significant reflux.

I think the reflux is the main reason people get conversion since you don't want to be on prilosec long term and you don't want chronic inflammation of your esophagus. There are a couple of others on here in maintenance who had the sleeve converted to bypass and have done very well so hopefully one of them will respond.

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