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Chest pain post 2nd stage loop ds/ hiatal hernia repair

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Could use some insights from anyone who had a similar process/ experience: 6 years post VSG and 14 days post 2nd stage loop DS with a hiatal hernia repair. I’m currently on the soft food stage and have been eating on plan. Sometimes while eating I get an intense pressure behind my sternum- stops me dead in my tracks. It can be uncomfortable to very painful. It’s not like the restriction I felt following my original VSG. But it makes me not want to eat. Sometimes it occurs as a stand-alone, other times it is followed by a dull ache in my abdomen above my belly button. I’m not sure if it is just the healing process from the hernia repair (never had reflux or stricture/ pain or even knew about the hernia before the EDG) or if it is the healing process from the Loop DS. Has anyone else experience anything similar? Does it have a name? Does it resolve with time or is it permanent? I have a follow up call with Doc’s office on Monday, but would appreciate any tips you could share in the meantime- thanks!

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