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Vegetarian bypass peeps?

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I'm getting a lap band removed with a RNY revision in November and I was wondering if any of y'all that have had the bypass are vegetarians? What is your "go-to" Protein?


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I’m not officially vegetarian but would tend to not eat meat Very often, I do have yogurt and whey Protein and occasional egg now though a lot has changed after my surgery.

there are good vegetarian protein options out there. For protein powders there is PEScience has a plant based protein (I use their whey/casein blend right now ) also for a RTD there is Koia Protein Shakes, I highly recommend cinnamon horchata. I use Ripple milk (pea protein) to mix with my Protein Powder that or edensoy soy milk (both unsweetened) I also mix my protein powder with TwoGood yogurt for Breakfast.

BariatricPal actually has vegetarian food options on their site.

I’ve seen a tuna alternative called Sophie’s kitchen vegan Toona that is extremely high in protein 9 grams protein per ounce. There are so many non meat protein sources. It’s good for purée phase. When you start with more regular foods I recommend Gardein brand.

The goal is to get protein first and you don’t add complex carbs until you have lost around 75% of excess weight. Though soft vegetables are added earlier.

Its really just modifying the nutrition plan with vegetarian protein sources. Ask your nutritionist if they have more information on RNY for vegetarians.

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I also am not full vegetarian, but I get a lot of my Protein from Beans, lentils, and tofu. I also add unflavored protein (Unjury vegan) to just about anything I can that it will mix well into.

Plant fusion and Tru supplements have been my favorite vegan Protein Shakes out there so far, but there are so many I have yet to try.

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