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What’s normal?

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Wondering what is the normal or average experience. I most likely will need a gastric bypass revision surgery, because of stricture issues after sleeve. I’m wondering what I should expect as normal after
What is a normal bite full for you? (I currently can only eat a portion similar to a
is your limit for food, 1 cup? Currently I can maybe do 1/4
Anything off limits?
I currently can’t eat meat unless it’s a crumb size, pills stick, more than tiny sips hurt. Hoping there is a light at the end of this and I can be someone normal. I’m ok with eating less, and also no junk....I just want a normal meal...veggies.,,,meat...... a salad would be heaven

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I'm not a revision patient, but at over four years out I can eat anything. Even at two years out, I could eat anything. Most of the restrictions and food intolerances are in the first few months post-surgery.

as far as volume, you can eat more and more as time goes on (although just because you CAN doesn't always mean you SHOULD). Right now I would characterize myself as a "light eater". I highly doubt anyone would guess I've had WLS (whereas early out, it was obvious that something was going on). I eat normally, but fairly lightly. Not any different than my regular weight-conscious, normal weight friends eat, really. If I go out, I typically get an appetizer - or a salad - or I'll order an entree and bring half of it home. Most of my naturally thin or weight conscious friends do that, too.

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50 minutes ago, oakbay said:

Thank you. And do you eat a regular bite and able to swallow like pre surgery?

I try to remember to chew my food more. Your stomach can't churn as much as it did pre-surgery, so you have to help it by chewing your food to applesauce consistency. I don't always remember to do this, though. Whoops. But yes - the size of my bites and my swallowing are like they were pre-surgery.

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I'm 9 months post-op and can't eat bread, steak, soft tortillas or pizza without getting the foamies.

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