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Is 1000kcal a day too little PREOP???

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Hello everyone. I'm currently 8 weeks out from the surgery date I have at the moment.

I've just decided to start dieting as of a few days ago mostly shakes and tuna/salmon cans and maybe 1 teaspoon of Peanut Butter.

I'm getting around 1000cal per day and maybe 100gm Protein.

I've cut out carbs and sugars and being quite strict on myself.

Am I being too strict? The protein makes me feel full for longer and I'm not craving like I used to?

I'm seeing surgeon 4 weeks and really want to show him a good effort on my part!!

Thanks for your feedback everyone!

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Mikey, high Protein, low carb diets can cause problems for some people with kidney issues. You do not need 100gm of Protein, but good that it is not animal protein. Can you consult with a dietitian? For most people having bariatric surgery, high protein, low carb is the best choice, but a dietitian may want healthy carbs in the mix for some. There are shakes here in Canada, vegan, with a lot of greens in the shakes. Even fermented vegetables. Also.... beware of constipation! Just saying.... that Fiber is important.

1000 is pretty common for pre surgical diet, I think.

Best of luck. Really happy for you and GREAT attitude!!!

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Posted (edited)

If you use a tracking app like MyFitnessPal it gives you caloric min/max to lose X lb/kil per week. That's a managable start especially for 8 weeks until surgery (you don't want to burn out). Play around and see where you are comfortable, but listen to your body if it suggests you need more

Good Luck 💜

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Too strict is more of a philosophical thing - both yours and your surgeon's - and also a matter of need. I was a "moderate lightweight" of low 40s BMI at surgery time, so really didn't need to get much of a jumpstart on things as the surgery had plenty of power to drive my weightloss toward normal; someone starting in the 60's BMI range needs all the help they can get as the surgery can only do so much. Some surgical programs are pretty high on driving intense diets pre-op (up to six months of liquids only - yikes!) while others really don't want their patients doing any intense fasting as they want them as strong as possible going into surgery. My philosophy, given my moderate needs, was/is to work on developing or reinforcing the good habits that will help control weight in the long term, well after the weightloss has stopped - look five years ahead rather than five weeks or months. I never worried about low carb counts (or fat, or anything else like that) but rather getting the most bang for my caloric buck in real, whole foods. Added sugars and most simple carbohydrates were out, but not the fruits, veg and even some whole grains.

On Protein, 100g is not unreasonable for a guy - most plans specify something like 60-80 g for women and 80-100 g for men. Protein need most closely associates with our lean body (or muscle) mass, so guys naturally need more than women. My target, based upon my 150+ lb lean mass is about 105g; a typical 5'2" woman would need about half that. If one is seriously working to increase muscle mass (which you are not - now) that number can easily increase by 40-50g and not be excessive - assuming that one does the actual work to accomplish that. Simply increasing protein intake under the belief that that alone will increase or preserve muscle mass (without the work) or will just be more satisfying can lead to excessive consumption (relative to body need) and potential kidney problems.

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    • veisor  »  Panda333

      Thank you for replying.   It means the world to me.  It also confirmed what I been feeling about which procedure to choose.   I fall into the category as you do and elected the sleeve as it seemed to be less invasive and recovery would be better and faster,  however I am so afraid to regain the weight back since I rarely eat and obesity runs in my family.   I have two siblings that had the bypass and they have been successful.  My sister was in the high 400's and is about 140 now and has been for several years since her procedure.  I guess I felt that the sleeve would allow me to have more control, however I realized that I can't control my genetics and that is one of the biggest reasons that I am here.  Yes, I have not always made the best choices but trust me when I say that I have been on the loss and regain + more rollercoaster weight ride for yrs! I have spent so much money as I am sure you have as well as many others who are going through this.  It is not easy and anyone who thinks this is a copout is crazy!!! This has been harder than anything I have done including hiring a personal trainer to kick my butt in the gym! And still with all the gym hours, clean eating "not to mention the clean eating cost" I knew it was time that I moved to the next step to finally be who I know in my head and heart cause when I see myself in the mirror,  well let's just say is not the girl I see in my mind. 
      So thanks again for your reply and I hope that we can keep in touch through our journey. 
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    • AggiG

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    • Pookeyism

      I'm going in for a sleeve revision October 4th. It worked well for me, and I am not back to my starting weight. However, a revision is strongly encouraged at this time (there are additional medical issues). I have decided to forgo the insurance process, even though I know I would eventually be approved. "Eventually" is the key issue here. I have a small window to create this to where it will not impact my work or home life as much, and waiting for the insurance approval would take over a year.
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    • ms.sss

      I just read @BoredCW's status post and also want to lament the loss of my butt.  Looking at me the side, my back is basically flat from my neck to my knees.  My jeans have lovely fabric folds draping from my backside from lack of filling.
      Two days ago, I was sitting on a worn couch at the gym and I could feel the springs and count how many I was sitting on.  Told the Kid and she said she wants to find her childhood alphabet fridge magnets in the basement to spell out words and have me sit on them and do some "butt-braille-reading" 😂
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      1. FluffyChix

        HI-LAR-ious! I love your kid!!!

        Yeah, we all suffer from noassatall syndrome. :(

      2. 2Bsmaller18

        Yes. I think the spandex in jeans is the only thing that helps keep the sag below the pockets form looking ridiculous. Even leggings wrinkle there.

      3. ms.sss

        Ah, our disappearing collective butts.

        I am seriously considering changing my plastics plan. I am booked for an arm lift in December, but my summer obsession with arm exercises has improved the look of them quite a bit to the point that I think I may hate my butt more than my arms. Should I do a butt lift instead?!?! In conjunction with?!?!?

        I am trying to cultivate an obsession with butt exercises but its not working so far...

      4. 2Bsmaller18

        I don't think you could do both at the same time. For me personally it's arms. I have granny wrinkles down to my elbows. I can always dover my body with tshirts, pants, etc but unless I wear long sleeves my arms are an issue. I also can't wear a small enough jacket since it fits everywhere but too tight in the arms. They measure around 13.5 inches. Can you compromise and get the smaller arm lift. I don't know if that saves much $ or recovery but if your arms improved that much maybe just a tweek will work?

      5. ms.sss

        The difference in price for a mini arm lift and the full arm lift at my surgeon is less thank 2K and probably not worth the savings. May as well pay the extra bit and get the full arm lift as my sag also reaches my elbows. You are right though, my arms see the light of day way more than my butt does...I'll have to see if the continued butt exercises will change my mind down the road (but it's looking more and more that a butt lift is in my future)

        P.S. At the beginning of my 2 week pre-op diet, my upper right arm measured 17.75 inches in circumference. Now its 10. And that is with the extra skin still.

    • BoredCW

      On the 3 week plateau from hell.. It seems like an endless desert with sand dunes that represent the 1-2 pounds gain then dropped from day to day. Met with my weight loss group tonight and was told its normal. That this is sometimes like a step, plateau then drop, plateau then drop. Only for the plateau's to go on longer the farther away from the surgery date I get. Much like EDM, I can't wait for the drop. 
      On top of it all, I lost my ass. Seriously.. its gone. All that cushion that I enjoyed lounging on eating what ever I ate, watching what ever was on the computer or tv... is gone. That glorious support system is vamoosed. I know this because my ass (tailbone) hurts all the time. I'm sitting on bone now and its sore. I am my own literal Pain in the Ass! (My family would say whats new, but who cares about them.. my butt hurts.) I have yet to bring a pillow with me everywhere I go to sit on, but I'm getting ready to as I sit for my job working on computers. So far losing the weight is a Pain. I hope it gets better. 
      · 2 replies
      1. ms.sss

        Hang in there, the plateau will end eventually. Also I feel you on the butt thing.

      2. FluffyChix

        I have a butt pillow. I'm not proud. :D

        The plateaus suck!!!! Keep the faith and motor on!

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