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  1. New&Improved

    What was your early weight loss like?

    Everyone has their own method... I personally weighed everyday and it was good to see the numbers go down everyday. The first 6 months the weight flew off me it was so good to see.
  2. New&Improved

    Long meal times

    Don't even stress about that
  3. New&Improved

    What was your early weight loss like?

    I was kinda obsessed with my weight loss and was weighing daily; I was losing weight everyday it was crazy the first month but I assume it was a ton of fluid loss. I lost like 20lbs in the first 2 weeks and by one month I was down 38lbs; the first 3 months was insane and I lost all my excess weight by 8 months.
  4. Bypass here but results are very similar between the 2. My weight fell off very quickly for the first 6 months and hit maintenance at 8 months. Lost all my excess weight..
  5. New&Improved

    Pre-op Diet - Happened So Fast!

    You really need to be 150% mentally prepared for this major life change... If you go into surgery half heartedly and give in to temptations of course you will not lost weight..
  6. Okay so all the years of research mean nothing? Anyway I was just giving my experience and what worked for me.. And I was and am successful
  7. Yep I'm in maintenance now over 3 months and kept my weight off after losing all my excess as well 🤪
  8. New&Improved

    What did you lose -- than just weight?

    No longer take a bunch of pills for diabetes or high blood pressure. No longer get puffed out just bending over. No longer have to rest while vacuuming. No longer have to shop in the MR BIG section. It's great to look and feel normal
  9. New&Improved

    gastric sleeve vs. Gastric bypass

    I started at BMI of 43 and I chose the bypass and my blood work have been fine just gotta take vitamins... Literally no complications.. lost weight really well and consistently and I'm now in maintenance mode for the past 3 months keeping the weight off
  10. New&Improved

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    Haha okay enjoy I'm doing amazing thank you. if you Keep your eye on your weight and your goals there's no reason to regain. Most people regain because they get complacent. Goodbye
  11. New&Improved

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    So it's fine for people to b***h and moan about how unhappy and unsuccessful they are? Yet it's not okay for people to feel good about celebrate their own achievements? I'm just over seeing all the negative posts and people continuously slacking or cheating then crying about their lack of weight loss? You can only blame yourself! So stop slacking off
  12. Well there's more than just sleeve these days; but you have to ask yourself a few questions. How much weight do you need to lose? Do you suffer from reflux or gerd? Do you have diabetes? 45.7 is quite high I would look at the bypass or even DS
  13. New&Improved

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    Another person who should have chosen RNY bypass...
  14. New&Improved

    So True.....

    Yes it's not just a diet it's a whole new way of life.. a lifestyle
  15. New&Improved

    Out of surgery

    Still can't get over how America ltd you leave the same day or even the next day...
  16. Wow okay most ppl are on liquids just before and after surgery
  17. Are you not staying in the hospital??
  18. New&Improved

    Pain and weight loss

    You could be bloated from gas for a week or more
  19. New&Improved

    PCP question

    You may need to do monthly weigh in or blood work and have history with a PCP for insurance
  20. New&Improved

    Protein shakes

    I buy mine in bulk powder form so much cheaper
  21. New&Improved

    2 days post op RNY questions

    Don't stress you're so early post op
  22. New&Improved

    Leg pics??

    Well I've lost alot of width/circumference off my legs and my shoe size even went down a whole size... My legs were always big but still had muscle because obviously takes muscles to carry my obese body... Now my legs are much smaller but no skin issues there...
  23. What's the point of posting year old posts are you just trying to cause trouble
  24. New&Improved

    Have lost way too much weight

    @Arabesque totally understand. I'm male 6ft tall I've been maintaining between 74-75kgs; I never thought I'd get this low my original goal was like 82kgs. but as you've said there will most likely be some regain over the next few years so I don't mind being slightly under goal weight I'm only 9 months out from surgery so it's still early days..
  25. New&Improved

    Weight gain.....

    I must also be one of a kind who didn't use the "pandemic" as a reason to slack off. I adapted and changed and still kept my weight off....

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