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  1. New&Improved

    Weight loss after surgery

    You'll hear ppl talking about stalls being very common
  2. New&Improved

    just a little encouragement

    Yes definitely.. I don't even recognize myself
  3. Not really maybe some walking just ate low calories and like no carbs or sugar for months; I personally was not hungry for months and lived off shakes and yoghurt... Lost like 20lbs a month on average
  4. Are you not staying in the hospital??
  5. New&Improved

    Surgery day

    Welcome to the RNY club 🤞
  6. New&Improved

    just a little encouragement

    Excellent work... I also had bypass and loved it and 9 months post op and lost all my excess weight 🤪
  7. Pick yourself up and get back on track you can do it
  8. New&Improved

    Worried about never reaching goal.

    Well I'm a man and much taller but I still made my goal and even went below my goal within the first year... But I had RNY bypass.... It is possible you just have to be vigilant...
  9. New&Improved

    5 years post op and have huge REGRET!

    Well it is a proven surgery has been around for years and 1000s of successful people... All my blood work has been good.. Weight loss fantastic... but is your choice of course just seen so many ppl develop gerd or reflux with sleeve and need BYPASS anyway....
  10. I've been through it all and out the other side now in maintenance
  11. New&Improved

    5 years post op and have huge REGRET!

    I personally chose the RNY as my first and only surgery and it has worked flawlessly for me
  12. Yes wait until you get the first weigh in and stuff before you worry about weight loss... I personally changed my diet from 2 months before surgery just for my own piece of mind and it worked out for me even the surgeon said I got a headstart on my weight loss and I've done really well lost all my excess weight... I personally just woke up one day and started on shakes and was only on like 500cal Max for a few months...
  13. New&Improved

    having trouble breaking 400 calories

    Never worry about losing too much it will slow down before you know it and you will wish it was quick again
  14. New&Improved

    Pain and weight loss

    You could be bloated from gas for a week or more
  15. Well I've heard all kinds of versions about what insurance companies can do or say or change the rules
  16. New&Improved

    Changing your mind

    I had the bypass and it has been amazing for me
  17. New&Improved

    Pandemic Check In

    I'm in Australia luckily In S.A so no restrictions as such.... I feel it gives me more time to prepare meals and plan meals... I'm only 9 months post op so don't get hungry much but to keep busy I'll binge on new TV shows Netflix and stuff.. Hopefully can start gym soon which will be good... Just need to find hobby to keep yourself busy
  18. New&Improved

    Going in wrong direction-Help

    You need to get your heart and head back in the game... Go back to logging everything and even go back to liquid diet for a week restart your diet and your metabolism
  19. New&Improved

    New and Scared

    Yes seems like you need some help
  20. New&Improved

    5 years post op and have huge REGRET!

    No issue at all here with RNY but only 9 months out
  21. Hopefully your liver actually does shrink but you'll need to stop the junk food.... As above you'll need to completely change the way you eat for surgery or your surgery will be a waste of time mate. Throw out all the bad foods. Go buy good food and protein shakes... You need low carb. Low sugar. Healthy food now if you don't change your surgery won't help...
  22. I would ring your actual insurance first up then find out if you can even schedule a nutritionist straight away sometimes you have a wait list... It's all up to insurance not her, they are the ones paying and approving everything...
  23. New&Improved

    PCP question

    You may need to do monthly weigh in or blood work and have history with a PCP for insurance
  24. New&Improved

    Please tolerate my venting

    It will get better just takes time.. I was in pain for days...