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  1. Yikes! So sorry, but you "gotta" breakup with fast acting carbs...BP has some pretty great tasting low carb cereal so I've heard.
  2. Hey y'all! Anyone and everyone is welcome to jump in and join us. This is the Intermittent Fasting DAily Menu/Results/Accountability Thread. It's where a few of us (or many) are going to log in and encourage each other while we experiment with our own IF plans. You can list or talk about anything--not just your food. I look forward to adding in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and core exercises to my walking plan while practicing IF. So expect to hear about that too. hehe I expect some of us will talk about the known IF side-effects like insomnia, circadian rhythm disturbance, etc. It's all good! Let's hack this IF mofo! mkay? There is not any 1 specific IF plan--there are so many to choose from, so this is a BYOIFP (bring-your-own-IF-plan) and join the fun! This is the thread where we'll post our daily menus and maybe some piccys at times! We can discuss progress, issues we might notice, look at how we may want to refine our own personal plans. I do think you should be healed from surgery and have your doctor's and RD's blessings to try something like this and you should do a ton of research and reading about Intermittent Fasting. IF isn't only about weight loss, it's about taking specific measures to limit either quantities, calories, macros, or sometimes only consciously altering eating windows/schedules in order to effect metabolic change and reduce inflammation and improve health markers. Ok, let's do this thang!!!
  3. FluffyChix

    Gaining weight 1 month post op!

    What are you eating? Are you weighing, measuring, logging everything?
  4. FluffyChix

    So mad at myself for regain

    YES!!!!! ^^^^this!
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    Major Stall

    (sorry for postin' in the Guys' Room...kserry...backing out quickly...)
  6. FluffyChix

    Major Stall

    Yay! Look at you bustin' stalls and all! Congrats! And 8lbs is AWESOME!!!
  7. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    Yum!! I love these! Scroll down to Tortillas! https://fluffychixcook.com/recipes/recipe-index/
  8. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    B1 & B2 Today already. LOL. B1 (5:30-9am) = 4 (count 'em FOUR!) orange mocha procaccinnos (yes, I said 4!) B2 (9am) = egg white + canadian bacon + lacey swiss rollup with power greens and kim chi salsa and grape tomatoes. They are ALL in mah belleh!!!
  9. Hahaha - you say that like it's a bad thing! Ha! #queenofpreandpostpoopieville
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    Food Before and After Photos

    Plus I'm also doing my green tea + matcha + earl grey + citrus + hibiscus + unfiltered apple cider vinegar + turmeric + cayenne + ground ginger. #crayofficial
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    Food Before and After Photos

    OMG! I AM guilty of going to Restaurant Depot and getting 2 bags of ginger and a 5lb tub of garlic cloves and we ordered a juicer. Per Kris Kresser, I have many oz of juiced and frozen ginger juice and garlic juice and also Elderberry Extract. And am eating tons of cruciferous veg with all of this...along with probiotics and Greek yogurt with active cultures + kim chi and kim chi salsa!!
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    Food Before and After Photos

    I'm sure this is temporary, but have a know in my gut feeling...very unusual...and I'm down to 129.6lbs.
  13. FluffyChix

    I feel really stupid

    Are you sure you haven't been exposed to Covid? Those are also symptoms of it.
  14. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    Exactly! Us too. Yesterday one of our young friends was there checking out ahead of us. And I felt very "judged" cuz our cart was full (not stuffed or not multiples), Just our normal stuff. Even our veg lasts mostly 2 weeks cuz I leave the stuff with longer shelf life for the 2nd to 3rd week...and we have a full freezer cuz I end up still making more than either of us eat...so it goes in the freezer. #thestruggletocookfor1.5isreal... Glad you have times where things are not crazy so you can shop!
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    Food Before and After Photos

    Yeah, so it's very weird. We're in a city/county/state wide shelter in place and the stores are only open shortened hours. Like 9-6, etc. But we were there at 9am and it was pretty empty. We had no issue staying 6 ft perimeter. I was very relieved. Cuz there are a quite a few cases all around our neighborhood. Def. eating the fresh veg/fruits that expire first and have freezer stuff for the long haul when/if it turns out to be like NYC and NOLA. Stay safe! How is it going back to work and being on the front line during a pandemic? TY for your service!
  16. FluffyChix

    When do the burps stop?!

    2+ years - still burpin'
  17. FluffyChix

    Post Surgical Proteins

    Congrats! You look great! TE (telegen effluvium) is part of severe calorie restriction and quick weight loss. Mine is finally growing back. I'm 2+ years out. I eat all low fat proteins on the planet except soy for the most part. And most of my protein is animal based rather than plant based, although I do eat 1+ lbs of veg per day and there is some amount of protein in those plants. The ones I love: eggs/egg whites 2% cottage cheese non fat Greek yogurt Premier Protein in coffee = proffee lattes Fairlife Core Power Chocolate blended with ice and nonfat Greek yogurt to make a milkshake tuna in pouch (water packed) salmon in pouch (water packed) sardines in water Boar's Head Turkeys + Lacey Swiss roll-ups/wraps Oscar Meyer Naturals Ham tuna salad made with pouch tuna + cottage cheese + hb egg + green onion + dijon + vlasic dill relish salmon shrimp basa fillets chicken breasts turkey cutlets ground turkey ground chicken pork loin/tenders lean beef 90/10 ground beef ribeye steak trimmed of visible fat turkey pepperoni turkey sausage venison all cuts lamb lean cuts reduced fat cheeses fresh mozzarella nuts/seeds/nut butters nonfat Fairlife milk nonfat buttermilk low fat sour cream
  18. FluffyChix

    It's going slow

    It's actually closer to 4 months...
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    Yay girl! Way to course-correct!! Congrats on goal!
  20. FluffyChix

    Fat malabsorption

    I personally wouldn't take D2 with a ten foot pole. Your Hydroxy25 test won't measure the accurate level of D in your blood when using it and you can go toxic on it since it has an extended effect. I use a D3 from Vitacost that has raised mine to 69 this past time. I was formerly around 9. I now only take 2000mg per day and I take it with my other vitamins ADEK from my Celebrate Multi Capsule. I make sure to also take it with fermented veggie so I get natural K2 for better absorption and some kind of healthy fat serving in my meal. I take it in the morning. But Vitacost has the capsule (dry form) in many strengths beyond 2k mg.
  21. FluffyChix

    It's going slow

    Quit watchin My 600lb Life and you will be much happier. When was the last time you ever lost 16lbs in 3 weeks? Congrats.
  22. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    We're very blessed to live in a big community with great stores. We were wiped out, but now it's mostly restocked and there was always fresh veg and produce without price raises. So very blessed. So honestly, we're just focusing on the foods that boost our immune system and support it. And are eating mostly the same. Breakfast and or Brunch is always some kind of egg and veg, or smoothie/proffee. Lunch is almost always a BAS (Big Ass Salad), or wrap, or roll, or quick green soup, or cottage cheese/yogurt conglomerate. I did restock for another 3 weeks, yesterday and got stuff to make: Chicken Crust Pizza with Pepperoni and Veg Beef Fajitas with Lo Lo Wraps Chicken Soup for the Soul (+ Chicken Salad) Salmon with somethin Grilled Pork Steak with somethin And then we'll have about 2 weeks of leftovers from those. #snort Holden steady at 130.6lbs this morning so doing pretty good on routine and stress eating.
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    Me3!!!! Hope they’re safe!!
  24. I'm sorry to hear of your struggles! But congrats on 130lbs loss!!! That's outstanding. Way to catch it before it becomes a huge problem. You can turn around 18lbs with focus!!! I think, this is a tough time to make those kinds of "purging" sweeping changes (like getting back to the very beginning of your BFD (Bariatric Forever Diet Stage 4). Cuz no one knows about your present access to foods. In our town, we're blessed. No one has chosen the fresh veggies, fruits, and meats! Everyone has totally wiped out any pantry item. So it would be easy to do here, but I know that isn't the case in many places. (And also, our stores are keeping their prices the same and not price gouging. THANK YOU LORD!) If you want/need extra structure you can come join us in my FB group. We have weekly face-to-face peer support group meetings that are well-attended and is password protected and private. If you want to know about them, just pm me! Also, I'd probably start by trying to clear your house of the C.R.A.P. and start logging, weighing, measuring, planning each bite and tracking to see where you are. Then you will know which direction you need to go in.
  25. FluffyChix

    Disappointed part 2

    So sorry for this disappointment. ((hugs)) Hang in there!