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  1. That's why I loved this Domoboro solution. https://www.riteaid.com/shop/domeboro-astringent-solution-powder-packets-12-packets-0032405?ra_group=gPLA30pct16&gclid=Cj0KCQiA3b3gBRDAARIsAL6D-N9udX34nGJkEZYscVJ0kJ2p8zgqPg17s3ejsxRmt9FIeXZOnHXY0FkaAkt5EALw_wcB It promotes healing from the inside out. My radiation ulcer was about 1/2inch deep and about 2 inches wide. And the radiologist who prescribed this said that by using this according to the instructions that it would actually help it heal. ((hugs)) Sorry you're having to deal with this. IT would be scary larry to me too!
  2. Hey y'all! Anyone and everyone is welcome to jump in and join us. This is the Intermittent Fasting DAily Menu/Results/Accountability Thread. It's where a few of us (or many) are going to log in and encourage each other while we experiment with our own IF plans. You can list or talk about anything--not just your food. I look forward to adding in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and core exercises to my walking plan while practicing IF. So expect to hear about that too. hehe I expect some of us will talk about the known IF side-effects like insomnia, circadian rhythm disturbance, etc. It's all good! Let's hack this IF mofo! mkay? There is not any 1 specific IF plan--there are so many to choose from, so this is a BYOIFP (bring-your-own-IF-plan) and join the fun! This is the thread where we'll post our daily menus and maybe some piccys at times! We can discuss progress, issues we might notice, look at how we may want to refine our own personal plans. I do think you should be healed from surgery and have your doctor's and RD's blessings to try something like this and you should do a ton of research and reading about Intermittent Fasting. IF isn't only about weight loss, it's about taking specific measures to limit either quantities, calories, macros, or sometimes only consciously altering eating windows/schedules in order to effect metabolic change and reduce inflammation and improve health markers. Ok, let's do this thang!!!
  3. I don't have the answers. But I had a 12lb gain from protein drinks and a kidney issue for the first go round where uric acid was elevated. So I had to play with getting better... Sorry to confuse.
  4. Welcome all ye Sophomores! This is our thread! The thread about nothing--and everything. Let's discuss it all! Let's share all our sophomore experiences, our angst, our struggles, our suggestions--let's talk about life! Let's become friends! You can be on any kind of food plan, do any kind of exercise or not, be gay or straight, engage in cardio or not--you just have to be in the "tweener" stage post WLS. This is where we let it all hang out. And who knows...if maybe we have a thread with a meelion posts, they Alex will give us our own forum! Sophomores RULE!!!! hehe
  5. Maybe it's the time of year? We associate this time of year with giving in to treats. Right? But saying that, I'm with @sillykitty--anything tedious. Crap!!! I combat it by: 1. Staying beyond hydrated with water. Keeps me oddly full for hours. 2. Dropping carbs back and cutting out crappy, or sweet nonsense. 3. Eating protein--making sure I'm on the high side of my target rather than the low side. 4. Having plenty of hot non-calorie, NON-SWEET liquids such as black decaff coffee, black decaff green tea. 5. Walking/running.
  6. Ok, the IF Tribulation has begun. *sob* Operation 40 hours is 12 hours in. I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...LOL. Anyone want to see how long they can go with me?
  7. Have you tried Domoboro Solution? You buy these packets in the drug store. They are like a vinegar powder that you make into a slurry. Then you soak a gauze pad with it and lay it on the wound. And it helps it heal. I had to do that for my radiation burn and it really worked! It was crazy how well it dried it up!
  8. FluffyChix

    Interpreting men

    I also think there "can" be a bit of feeling cute and body positive. Like, we're finally experiencing what it feels like to feel good in our body--like we look good--and it's gratifying to us and makes us feel more confident. So we give ourselves permission to be more bubbly and flirtatious/coquettish. Especially when it's in a "safe way". We know we're in a great relationship, we're in a safe space (the gym), and we feel confident and comfortable allowing people to notice us as women. But not like we're perving on guys! Just exercising our power as attractive or possibly attractive females. In most cases maybe we aren't even aware we're being more vivacious or giving off vibes. And also most of us would feel mortified if anyone accused us of flirting or perving. *Not saying this is what is happening here. Only saying that I experienced something like this this weekend. And Mr. F. got mad that I was chatting too much to another person. But I swear on a stack of bibles, I had no thoughts in my head about sex or about being thought of as sexy. But I was just being vivacious cuz I felt good about myself and life, and Mr. F. (who is all I care about) sees me as being sexy now that I've lost so much weight and can wear skinny jeans. KWIM?
  9. Challenge Starting weight: 148.4lbs / CW 151.2lbs (+2.8lbs) / 149.6lbs (+1.2lbs) Current weight lost: 137.4lbs WLS Starting weight: 287lbs Losing or maintaining weight: Losing but just barely!!!!! (slowly) Working on Goal#2 - 140lbs Fitness/exercise goal: Exercise 6-7 days per week with 3 days being strength building with bands Total weight loss at the end of challenge: (Post January 1st 2019) To Come Check in: Tell us how you are doing - (How is your diet and exercise plan going? Any struggles? Stress level? What have you overcome? Any strategies that have helped)--Diet is back on track mainly. Still having hiccups on the weekends with making good food choices. Trying to look and "act" as a skinny woman, making skinny woman weight loss choices--like if I'm gonna have a thrill meal that day, then will economize on calories and carbs but get my protein in for the remaining day and maybe go stripped down the following day.
  10. green beans, green bean casserole, asparagus (never bothered me), avocado/grape tomatoes, zoodles of all kinds.
  11. FluffyChix

    Sophomoreville - A Home For The the Tweeners

    I was just wondering this..who is planning on doing a body sculpt thing prior to plastics?
  12. FluffyChix

    Cold lunches?

    tuna or salmon cottage cheese with egg salad, turkey cheese deli rollups, insulated containers of things like soup, chili, etc, leftover meats from the night before with raw veg like tomatoes and avocado, etc. Nut butters/apple slices, light cheese wedges, salads, cold leftover salmon, cold leftover asparagus/broccoli/green beans/brussels sprouts, etc. Honestly, I try to keep lunch (and brekky if I have it) utilitarian--about getting the protein and nutrients in and not making it about variety or pleasing my taste buds. Then dinner can be a little more satisfying in that area.
  13. FluffyChix

    Sophomoreville - A Home For The the Tweeners

    Gosh a great subject for today. I desperately want to participate and respond but I'm afraid if I do I might jinx any hopes. And as to the extent of it, I've no idea how great or little it will be. I can tell you, that I do have an appointment with my gorgeous ps Jan 31 to discuss new implants and nerps, since the present ones are hard and very uncomfy and I have none of the latter. I also had the remaining portion of my well woman where she documented how bad my extra skin is on my bum and thighs that is creating a health concern for wellness for me. (think empty crepe-y hanging elephant skin EVERYWHERE) *shudder*. She said it is a medical necessity/quality of life thing in her opinion and not a cosmetic issue...beyond that? I can't say. For any arm work to occur we have to talk in terms of lymph node transplants on the left side and I doubt whether he will even entertain such a risky conversation. So I think I'm OOL there. *sob*
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    Bahahaha LOVE this! The cheetahs of the virus world. Well-played mam. Well-played!
  15. FluffyChix


    I think poopin and hurling is a completely different animal and the incubation can be as short as 24 hours of some things like that. No way would they let you have surgery while actively spewin cuz it would be so dangerous. But the mask gloves etc is a great idea!!!
  16. FluffyChix

    Lunch time!

    I had a slice of Boar's Head low fat swiss cheese with 1oz of Boar's Head blackened turkey breast with Dijon mustard and arugula and purple onion rolled up in it. Then I had 3 grape tomatoes. Boring...but filling and oddly comforty.
  17. Wish I could help. If it was me, I'd get off the protein drinks ASAP to see if it resolves slightly? I think they can be really hard on your body if you have kidney/liver issues at all. I'd honestly take it back to about 80g per day. Here's the math I used and the chart per Dr. Google: Let's say you're a medium frame: at 6'2" your "ideal" dream dude weight is in a range of 164-178lbs. Most will never see it. It's a range made by archaic insurance charts. But nevertheless, it's considered your "dew weight". In kg it is 75-81kg. And the protein prescription for most "normal build men" in normal condition and normal age and activity is anywhere from 0.8g/kg of weight to somewhere around 1.2g/kg of weight, averaging out around 1g/kg of "ideal weight." That is often also expressed in LBM but since we don't know your's, let's just do the math using your theoretical "ideal" weight. So by this measurement, I'd say that 81g of protein per day is "about" what you could get away with eating right now, until you can get the gout cleared up. Here's a link for low purine foods: https://www.healthxchange.sg/food-nutrition/food-tips/gout-diet-uric-acid-check https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/gout-diet/art-20048524 https://www.healthline.com/health/tips-for-following-low-purine-diet A theoretical menu would be something like: B- Eggs + low fat Greek yogurt with 1oz of walnuts and maybe a couple of cherries, or blueberries, or a few segments of tangerine. L- Avocado with 2-3oz of chicken breast (rotisserie) or with a cooked veg like zucchini or well-cooked broccoli AS-1-2 HB Egg + 1/2oz of pecans D- Pacific Sockeye Salmon (2-3oz) with steamed green beans and a spritz of olive oil BS-1-2 mozzarella cheese sticks or 1/2c of 2% cottage cheese + a strawberry or a couple of blueberries. I didn't put all that in MFP to see how much protein is involved, it still might be high. I'd plug your protein in at each meal and see what you have. Then you know what to add for your snacks. Then fill in with any room you have remaining with other stuff--veggies and fruits and some nuts if you tolerate them right now. Congrats on the losses! Hope you feel better soon!
  18. (You know you're still healin' right?) 🤓
  19. FluffyChix

    Sophomoreville - A Home For The the Tweeners

    Oh yum! Hold me! I'ma go look at our Whole Foods to see. What a super idea!!! TY!
  20. FluffyChix

    Sophomoreville - A Home For The the Tweeners

    Oh man! So how long will it last once opened? I have visions of me sitting up at night with my eyes glued to Hallmark Channel, drinking wine from a bottle and taking bites out of this cuz I'm addicted to it and don't want to risk it going to waste/oxidizing. You know how sometimes dry cured salami tastes great freshly opened, then develops a "funk" about it the longer it is open?
  21. FluffyChix

    Sophomoreville - A Home For The the Tweeners

    OMG! I forget about it all the time! We don't get good stuff here. Love that presentation of it!!! I do love capicola and we can get "ok" stuff of it here.
  22. bahahahaahahaha!!! OMG I love it! Oh and I just saw the bite of chicken!!! Damn, maybe we'll all move in with you and we can all eat off one meal! *snort* And bein' from TX, chips and salsa are a 5th food group and I will eat them preferentially over any meal we have! Great...now I want Mexican and my total fave: Michelada!!!