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  1. Yikes! So sorry, but you "gotta" breakup with fast acting carbs...BP has some pretty great tasting low carb cereal so I've heard.
  2. FluffyChix

    Gaining weight 1 month post op!

    What are you eating? Are you weighing, measuring, logging everything?
  3. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    Plus I'm also doing my green tea + matcha + earl grey + citrus + hibiscus + unfiltered apple cider vinegar + turmeric + cayenne + ground ginger. #crayofficial
  4. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    I'm sure this is temporary, but have a know in my gut feeling...very unusual...and I'm down to 129.6lbs.
  5. FluffyChix

    Fat malabsorption

    I personally wouldn't take D2 with a ten foot pole. Your Hydroxy25 test won't measure the accurate level of D in your blood when using it and you can go toxic on it since it has an extended effect. I use a D3 from Vitacost that has raised mine to 69 this past time. I was formerly around 9. I now only take 2000mg per day and I take it with my other vitamins ADEK from my Celebrate Multi Capsule. I make sure to also take it with fermented veggie so I get natural K2 for better absorption and some kind of healthy fat serving in my meal. I take it in the morning. But Vitacost has the capsule (dry form) in many strengths beyond 2k mg.
  6. FluffyChix

    It's going slow

    Quit watchin My 600lb Life and you will be much happier. When was the last time you ever lost 16lbs in 3 weeks? Congrats.
  7. FluffyChix


    Me3!!!! Hope they’re safe!!
  8. I'm sorry to hear of your struggles! But congrats on 130lbs loss!!! That's outstanding. Way to catch it before it becomes a huge problem. You can turn around 18lbs with focus!!! I think, this is a tough time to make those kinds of "purging" sweeping changes (like getting back to the very beginning of your BFD (Bariatric Forever Diet Stage 4). Cuz no one knows about your present access to foods. In our town, we're blessed. No one has chosen the fresh veggies, fruits, and meats! Everyone has totally wiped out any pantry item. So it would be easy to do here, but I know that isn't the case in many places. (And also, our stores are keeping their prices the same and not price gouging. THANK YOU LORD!) If you want/need extra structure you can come join us in my FB group. We have weekly face-to-face peer support group meetings that are well-attended and is password protected and private. If you want to know about them, just pm me! Also, I'd probably start by trying to clear your house of the C.R.A.P. and start logging, weighing, measuring, planning each bite and tracking to see where you are. Then you will know which direction you need to go in.
  9. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    This happened for lunch yesterday. No survivors. LOL. This isn't really a recipe, just an assembly. But, you "can" make your own Near Zero Cal 1000 Island dressing, or use your favorite reduced cal version. I love the WF Thousand Island add an extra splash of unfiltered apple cider vinegar, a jooge of yellow mustard and a hit of granulated garlic to it for more tartness! But you don't have to... Here's the nutritional information/ingredients for the wrap. It doesn't include the hummus or side veggies.
  10. FluffyChix

    Healthy Recipe Blog - Instagram & Facebook **

    I understand all of that, which is why I took the time to explain this to you. We can't have too many bari bloggers out there posting inspirational, HEALTHY, approaches to life after WLS, IMHO. I want you to succeed. (And FYI, the affiliate links are one of the way most bloggers make money. And in the beginning, it's quite small remuneration, but some big bloggers are making thousands. So it's not an insignificant source of income/advertising that you are trying to promote. Not totally altruistic. But you should not have to be altruistic. You should be able to make money from your experience and knowledge and help. You just need to "own it" and not make it appear like you're doing it from the goodness of your heart.)
  11. Say prayers, God answers. From one of my friends who works in health care, posted this online. I didn't want to call the number and tie up the line, but can't absolutely confirm this is true:
  12. FluffyChix

    Changing Tactics

    I use a "pacifier". I do Happy Color on my phone while watching TV, to keep my hands occupied. And I also allow hot decaff coffee or tea.
  13. FluffyChix

    Almost one year post op UPDATE

    Wow! Congrats girl! What a difference a year makes, right? That's an amazing accomplishment and a super happy post! WTG!
  14. FluffyChix

    Coronavirus / COVID - 19

    they are letting us video phone with the office here.
  15. FluffyChix

    Coronavirus / COVID - 19

    Honestly, ANYONE with a cough and fever NEEDS to call their doctor and ask what they want them to do. Fever and cough is NOT normal. Is NOT a cold. LOL. It is almost always gonna be flu or infection somewhere (sinus/respiratory). But you could already be exposed and exposing others by NOT talking to your doc.
  16. FluffyChix

    Hispanics! Any post op diet ideas?

    No offense. I'm Irish. I had to break up with potatoes for my health and weight loss. I'm Southern, and live in an area that was formerly rice fields. I had to break up with rice for my health and weight loss. I have a little Italian in me and had to break up with pasta for my health and weight loss. I'm English and had to break up with sticky toffee pudding along with other sweets for my health and weight loss... See where I'm going here? I understand food experience and cooking styles are heavily influence by our heritage. But you CHOSE to have bariatric surgery to change your life and give you a chance to live a long, healthy, new, SKINNY life. And that means, you will have to figure out a different plan for how you eat culturally. I get around this by using the spices from my heritage in new and exciting ways. Sometimes eaten with completely different foods! I love using Italian bread spice on fish! On Chicken! No need for bread! I would look at the proteins of your culture and use the spices and low fat, low sugar, low carb ingredients and condiments and methods of cooking that are healthy, light, and lean. Create new light, lean versions of your Dominican dishes you used to love! For instance, instead of refried beans, I make refried pumpkin (lower carb), refried cauliflower/zucchini mash (low carb, lower fat), Mexican cauli rice, chicken instead of pork shoulder, pork loin instead of pork shoulder, turkey to replace ground beef, etc... Does that help? Above all else, break up with any added sugar and the highest carb foods of your culture and keep the rest.
  17. FluffyChix

    Surgeon confirmed stretching of pouch?

    Ha. Maybe my surgeon wants to scare me? Cuz she says she has personally seen it in a very few of her patients. So she believes in it. Maybe it's the stoma that stretched? Maybe it's the tool? Dunno. She just told me to be careful of portion sizes forevs.
  18. FluffyChix

    Any WLS peeps from 2014 still around?

    WTG!!! This makes my heart so happy and gives me hope!! Congrats on your fantastic longevity!!
  19. I'd pop it into MFP, but there can be big diff between chicken soups, low fat. With or without noodles? Cream of chicken or clear broth...broad or thin noodles, ramen...roflmao. Lions and tigers and bears!
  20. All of this will cause/contribute to weight gain/prevent losses. In addition to the hormones. If you are drinking any calories (alcohol), that will also put the weight on like nobody's beeswax. I could be guaranteed to gain 5 lbs overnight any time I took my old pain meds that I no longer take.
  21. Absolutely @Sheribear68! I too use IF as an additional tool for MM (maintenance mode). Works like a charm.
  22. FluffyChix

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    sugar? running? squats? Dammit Janet!!!
  23. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    Love this! Will try your's tomorrow! How long does it take the eggs to go room temp? I do already boiling water. Straight outta the fridge. Water boiling on high. Timer for 6.5 minutes. Then remove from the water and rinse under cold water (terribly wasteful) until I can remove peel with a spoon. Then eat immediately.
  24. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    LOL. Here's a glamour shot for ya! I make 8 chaffles at a time and stick em in the freezer so I can pull one out and pop it in the air fryer basket and have a hot, crispy, chaffle in 3 minutes freezer to plate. And I was hankerin after avocado egg toast so I threw this together. Of course that meant making a soft boiled egg cuz I apparently am incapable of making poached eggs without leaving the egg white runny...so I just gave up, moved on, and switched to soft boiled eggs...It was pretty nummy. No survivors! Ding Dang Dong. So good! Ok, would you categorize this meal primarily as: Bread (cuz of the chaffle), Egg (cuz of the honkin huge egg), Avocado (well cuz just because), Breakfast, Lunch? TIA!
  25. FluffyChix

    Meal delivery service

    Dooooooo eeeettttt! A meellllioooonnnn percent! They have so many healthy services today! Depending on where you live, they may have a grocery store that makes fresh food servings. Here's a few snaps from our HEB store. They make super beautiful pre-made meals to go--cooked fresh. So do places like Whole Foods and Sprouts and I think TJs? These are called "meal simple" and they're prepped for cooking. One meal would make 2 meals for us! But the store also sells these same meals already cooked and RTE.

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