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  1. Powerful stuff. Dang am I learning new things...
  2. Hey y'all! Anyone and everyone is welcome to jump in and join us. This is the Intermittent Fasting DAily Menu/Results/Accountability Thread. It's where a few of us (or many) are going to log in and encourage each other while we experiment with our own IF plans. You can list or talk about anything--not just your food. I look forward to adding in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and core exercises to my walking plan while practicing IF. So expect to hear about that too. hehe I expect some of us will talk about the known IF side-effects like insomnia, circadian rhythm disturbance, etc. It's all good! Let's hack this IF mofo! mkay? There is not any 1 specific IF plan--there are so many to choose from, so this is a BYOIFP (bring-your-own-IF-plan) and join the fun! This is the thread where we'll post our daily menus and maybe some piccys at times! We can discuss progress, issues we might notice, look at how we may want to refine our own personal plans. I do think you should be healed from surgery and have your doctor's and RD's blessings to try something like this and you should do a ton of research and reading about Intermittent Fasting. IF isn't only about weight loss, it's about taking specific measures to limit either quantities, calories, macros, or sometimes only consciously altering eating windows/schedules in order to effect metabolic change and reduce inflammation and improve health markers. Ok, let's do this thang!!!
  3. Ok, it's been a minute. Want to learn some brainiac stuff? LOL. How bout a little Siim with your autophagy?
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    New discovery - ribs!

  5. Time to do your spring cleaning? Saw this today and thought, "Hunh!!" Don't click the link to it, cuz the tip isn't there. Am going to find it and post it here but loved the idea of performing this quick daily task!! Dangit, I couldn't get her video to load. But I found this one on the YouTube that makes great sense. I kinda like this guy!
  6. Earlier, a friend and I were discussing the vital importance about one of the most important aspects (key ingredient) for long term WLS success: "getting the head work right" or "doing the head work." Doing the mental preparation pre-op, and continuing that foundation as a post-op Bariatric Pal is an often overlooked aspect of successful WLS. I can't tell you the number of times, that main tenet was repeated and reinforced by my RD and my surgeon--and in fact, is still at 15 months, being reinforced and reiterated--it's that important. We were given referrals to bariatric counselors, access to our RD, and access to our surgical team's surgeon and PA, both directly and through an online charting/communication platform, and also introduced to several local support groups and online support groups and given copious links to support information available online. So we felt very well supported and well educated/well versed on the subject. And yet...you know, recidivism happens. We just sometimes can't seem to keep ourselves focused on the long game and we opt instead for short term "rewards" punishments. (Yes! That's me I'm pointing an accusatory finger at!!!) Little did I realize how blessed I am to be part of my bariatric program until I really started participating in Bariatric Pal and read thread after thread about people who had ZERO clues about life as a post op (PO) Bariatric Pal. Holy cow! And not only that, but I routinely see (myself included in this group), people determined to make the choice most diametrically opposed to success--from a food standpoint, a head/emotional standpoint, and a lifestyle standpoint. It's just kinda fruit loops behavior. Right? I mean why would any of us CHOOSE to make decisions that would potentially jeopardize our longterm WLS success? And yet...here we are...we all make 'em! We all skirt the fine red line between compliance, and direct disobedience to direct doctors' and RDs' orders! And then not only that, but we staunchly stand in defiant defense of the protection of our position--and we TRULY believe that we don't have any consequence as a result of our choices! It's total cognitive dissonance. That is until you see the number of people return to BP asking for help on "how to start over" or how to lose their regain, or worse--how do they become successful at getting insurance to pay for revision surgery for a 2nd type or 3rd type of WLS! I saw this brilliant post by Dr. Tim Noakes and I wanted to use this thread to share it with you because it's very GOOD! I also hope we can use this thread to share important links to information that will lead people toward help in getting some assistance and support for their tools. Cuz if you use a screw driver to pound in a nail, it might be effective with great effort and for a temporary time, but the nail will eventually fail and you will probably break the handle on the screw driver, using it as a hammer. Whereas if you use the tool properly as it's intended and with the proper instructions, then you will have a join that can withstand great force and challenges of strength. For instance, maybe you use the screwdriver and use an actual long screw and use the tool properly to make the join--screwing the entire length of the screw through the join of two materials. The join using the screw will be very very strong and can withstand the test of time way better than a nail. So I'll start things off with posting the link to Dr. Noakes' article here. And will be back with some super online resources of where you can go to help you address the mental work that will allow you to "get the head work right." Please post your helpful links below!!! (I'll be back to post a couple other great places to go on "The Facebook" to get some help and education doing the headwork! Success Begins In The Mind (Live Better, Eat Better) https://thenoakesfoundation.org/news/blog/live-better-eat-better-success-begins-in-the-mind?fbclid=IwAR07h7r4e3ZzCDdxQdZKzoK7fdlCGYDLpJZBr8Xh_4zR0X3EFjyJyf2l3Ok
  7. Thank you for your honesty. I'm so glad you are working on your head stuff and learning to love yourself!!! I hope we can all be this transparent with ourselves and others--then maybe so many would not feel alone!
  8. This is a really solid article I came across today. It feels pretty universal that by about month 7-ish, our experience with our tool starts to shift and become a bit more challenging--for a variety of reasons. And one thing I certainly noticed was the larger capacity. Yikes! It's enough to send fear down my spine. This article is by the OAC (Obesity Action Coalition) and just very very good information for all of you struggling! https://www.obesityaction.org/community/article-library/bariatric-surgery-what-to-eat-when-the-honeymoon-wears-off/?fbclid=IwAR3nOMFaPpF2bt33btVcOt2E1wg2ImQbm_xKQFyLogCMNK7A2gi2SWlmJSo Has you honeymoon period started to wain or has it ended? Can you pinpoint at what month that happened?
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    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Oh great job on mitigating damage in advance!!!! Wooot!!! And great point about this being a party party weekend with mas food and mas beverages! *gasping at the thought* So I'm fasting this week in preparation for the weekend! And each day we have a party: Fri-Mon. *sigh* So my game plan is to make the healthiest choices in each of those party situations, heavily rely on ice tea rather than adult bevs, and keep the snacking to a bare minimum. I will eat sparingly around each party of very lo low foods--mainly low cal veg and lean dense protein like tuna, sardines, herring, grilled chick/turkey breast. So that the overall damage for each day is contained.
  10. I'm right there with you. I think my honeymoon was over at around the 7-8month mark, BUT my hunger awoke again about 2-3months out and I was exquisitely aware that I had little resistance from day one. I knew I had a larger anatomy from the beginning. And so I started before surgery practicing all those things in the article. LOL. So I wouldn't be that one person who failed weight loss surgery. For me, RNY has been a "safety net" like a back-up measure for all the hard work I've put in to change my foods, change my portions, change WHEN, WHAT, HOW, and WHY I eat...even the WHERE I eat. I don't think I've had one free ride. And I've still had a crap ton of stalls along the way and slower weight loss. But meh...I'm so close to Goal #3 I can feel it!
  11. Dense is important. I coincidentally read two different things yesterday posted by bariatric authorities who discussed the importance of re-introducing solid foods to your new anatomy. Not only does it help with satiety but it's kinda like...if you don't use it, you lose it. And you need to have the solid food to maintain a well-working digestive system. So get those solids in. It's all about choices. Choose your hard, dear.
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    Bathing Suits

    Wow! Where can I find these?
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    Bathing Suits

    My heart grew 3 sizes! Note to self: adopt a more DGAF attitude. Yeah...saggy tummies...a WHOLE 'nother thread. hahaha Isn't it so weird how we are so hard on ourselves? ((hugs)) Those suit designs are all SO flattering. I bet your figure looks darling.
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    Weight Gain/reset

    And never overlook the power a big old glass of cinnamon apple tea with 10g of whole psyllium husks dissolved in them. I was starving this afternoon and realized I hadn't taken my psyllium yet. So so full now.
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    Bathing Suits

    I knew it! They all look like you. Question, do you wear any bottoms over them? Are you thighs and legs still fit for prime time? I would have to put on swim shorts or use a wrap...
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    Bathing Suits

    Super cute suits. Which ones did you keep?
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    I didn't realize when I lost weight that _____

    Awww @KCgirl061 that was supposed to be a funny one--cuz you know the little emoji has his hands forward and it doesn't look like a hug so much, Cuz of VS being a hot mess with sizing. Why so sad hon?
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    Bathing Suits

    These types/styles of tankini are all over Target and Walmart for even lower I think? Plus you get the added fun of trying it on in front of their trick changing room mirrors from hell! ha!
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    I didn't realize when I lost weight that _____

    I woulda done the hugs one, but in light of your subject, it kinda looks like Emoji man is tryin' to coppafeel.
  20. IKR?!!! Doesn't she make you feel a sense of internal hope for yourself? I think her message and tools she teaches are real game changers to me, anyway. I hope it helps others! On the boards here we so often concentrate on the nuts/bolts of just progressing through our journeys, and we don't talk so much about the "HOW" you fix your head and all those things that contributed to your weight gain--and they are all so different for each of us and multi-factoral. Right? No 2 people are the same! So I'm really glad to hear from others about their journeys and that some of these tools are working!! And if you have knowledge or information or access to tools that can help us build on our mental/emotional/spiritual selves that will make the physical results more permanent, please, please, please share with us?!!!!
  21. I saw her every month for six months. And I couldn't miss a month or the insurance 6-month clock would reset to zero. So don't miss an appointment, even if you have a gain! I also took a seminar. And now post-op, I still see her every month because she facilitates the local support group I attend. I love her. She is so real and down to earth and provides a touchstone and accountability for me. And she works within my comfort zone for foods. I encourage you to find a bariatric RD whom you trust and with whom you can build a solid "forever" relationship with!
  22. Good morning! More from our Shrink On The Couch! Head Hunger--The Answer! Do you struggle with Head Hunger? You know, the urge to eat mindlessly between meals--maybe even continuously? I'm not talking about eating for comfort. I'm talking about eating for pleasure--the fun of it--the gustatory satisfaction of it! So here it is, a solution for dealing with head hunger and wrangling the saboteur that lurks inside each of us! http://theshrinkonyourcouch.com/head-hunger-the-answer/?fbclid=IwAR2A0Wn6RLwL7bGR9a1KpHteDB0FqwcPBwkGrn2BasGeBtJmM3ZqC8NWPvY
  23. Dang! There was just so much good stuff today. Sorry to overshare! This is by Debbi, the Shrink on Your Couch. I just love her message and also her position/tone and compassion she offers! If you are struggling with regain or are stalled and feeling despondent and hopeless! Hope you take courage and are helped by this YouTube!
  24. Cool study from NIH.gov offers great definitions of important aspects of the surgery and substantial recommendations for interventions!!! Woot! Interventions To Improve Long Term Weight Loss in Patients Following Bariatric Surgery: Challenges and Solutions https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4485844/?fbclid=IwAR3qJoBMKgvuI2v2B_nYZz6uW0xJdxuzv6ahr4v6DJWSNwPFGMoo5rLcxOU