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Ok Sharing this for you all!

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For all of you who have seen me post I am bat poop crazy about Vitamins and supplements. However i struggled big time with this and had to self teach myself. What i kept finding out with every blood test is this, No matter what you take every week will be different, Mainly because your body uses them differently. The big thing is the whole foods you eat along with the vitamins! However this may apply more to males - I hate veggies and fruit, Love the Protein, love the shakes,

I must get 10 PMs a week form here asking for help. So doing this post. If you look at all my past posts you will see many posts on this. Today I got a PM from here with a poor guy that is so damm confused 3 weeks post op I had to get his email addy to help him.

I am not a long time WLS member but there are a ton here. This is a simple outline of my Vit and Mineral Plan

Morning - Mulit Vitamin (Fusion) and Protien shake with GNC 50 powder

Late Morning- juice Plus Bar

lunch - Some sort of animal, GNC Mulit Vitamin and Juice plus chewable

Early afternoon - Trail mix, and protien bar or juice plus bar

dinner - Healthy balanced meal

Bed time - Juice plus capsule and fusion chewable

I Currently use Core Fitness thanx to Jake on this site, and Amazon for all my other products and http://ad98557.juiceplus.com Watch these Videos on this site, It is the closest thing to a post WLS plan. Great information on there! Now Do it and educate youself. Ya they are promoting there products but the information is great

I became a member to the Juiceplus group after meeting one of our members here who swore by it, and I was so dang confused post op, These llittle veggie capsules do really help in the blood work game.

FYI i do not get paid by any of above But after going thru a billion dollars in crap products this is what i used and most i currently are using

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Congrats and thanks @AJ Tylo

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Thanks AJ!

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