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  1. Going to do this to my kids this Friday - Going to get them all wound up about a deluxe barbecue meal
  2. You guys pick ordering it Friday - Office desks Clean and simple look desk.webp Desk TWO.webp
  3. So to make along story short there is some sort of Virus out there and My company is totally shut down, making light of it but i have always lived by three principals. 1. Carpie Diem 2. Work Hard - Play Harder - Stay Ha#$ 3. Do not do anything unethical, immortal, or illegal. Now the immoral thing i go by my rules! 4. You can always make more! Never let money drive your life! So with all this bully poop virus things all my staff is at home, PANICKING! no clue why since i fur lowed them all to unemployment, and have told them this is my ship and we are going down together! They all have prepaid debit cards that will be filled with there payroll till this ends! So i have a gut feeling #4 is going to come and bite me in the rear end. But these are good people and they have been with me along time - Heck i have 31 kids on my payroll from there parents. No way i am running like a Bit#$ for the woods! We go down together. But I drink and this is a issue especially with these times. So i had to focus on something else besides this place and talking about how you all are hungry, I weigh myself to much, and farting and gas issues. For 11 years ago my x wife decorated the offices and picked the furniture - Never liked it to start so i am going ape poopy crazy! Just tossed everyone's desk except mine, Have painters in here painting and doing cool air brushing, ordered new furniture from the Amazon God and doing some way out wack stuff! Luck i have a great decorator named Miss Google images so duplicating it. Always hated the lighting so ripping every Freakin light out of here and going led cool white! Nice thing is most of the computers scanners and printers are at my staffs house. Hired my landscaper to rip out the sticks and **** grass and make it look fun and good. Even have a window guy coming to put new blinds up. Just to mess with them all i moved them around to new offices - Only i am in the same office. Added digital frames of there families pics, which i have from all the years of bday and parties. Plus my son is a software engineer and just raped social media. so out with the old and in with the new! You can stay busy during this and be productive. FYI for those of you who know WInston my WLS mentor he is getting a custom built bed off a wall below the window. So find something to do that makes you feel satisfied. Not food Just havin fun and you all stay safe and ride this out Aj
  4. www.Slab2shingles.com Nothing to hide! DANG FLORIDA IS OFFICIALLY ON LOCK DOWN! THIS IS GOING TO SUCK. OH DEAR! Just emailed him and wanted him to sign my bill? Booty call visits are essential business! One thing about this thread is I have not been to my website since before the surgery I think, Better re-do it kinda boring.
  5. @AJ Tylo lots of nice pictures of you on your website.- Dang forgot about those need to update them, Dang that was shortly after surgery and I was still huge! The video cracks me up. Have to be about 325 in that video, Shirt was a little loose a 4x FYI those were all staged Pics, I have younger inspectors now.
  6. AJ Tylo

    How slowly do I you eat??

    For the first few months I just snacked- Not into timers and small plates and weighing stuff. I took the snacking grazing method. For example my go to food was popcorn shrimp. So i would cook out about 7 oz and put them in a bowl under a heat lamp. then I would just grab a few while doing other stuff and by the time you know it they are gone. I still to this day do not sit down and eat a meal, My kids do and i stand near by but find it much easier to eat very very slowly throughout the day
  7. AJ Tylo

    Super hungry!

    Definitely a pain at that stage, Try using these little broths right before bed - It worked for me and i would leave it on the nightstand if it acted up would take a sip or two https://www.amazon.com/Swanson-Sipping-Broth-Chicken-10-75/dp/B07RYVZ7DG/ref=sr_1_23?keywords=keurig+individual+broth+cups&qid=1585653175&sr=8-23
  8. AJ Tylo

    Super hungry!

    NOPE YOU ARE NOT HUNGRY SEARCH THIS SITE FOR HEAD HUNGER! Its you head and addiction to eating! Trust me we all have been there, stop thinking about food and fix the noggin. There are a ton of posts here about that and you are right in the time line.
  9. AJ Tylo

    next step

    Carpe Diem I look at it this way - Can not change it so just ride it out!
  10. AJ Tylo

    Quarantine 15

    Re Doing my offices! And waiting to see if the Governor considers Botty calls a essential service! Just ignore food and keep busy
  11. Took me about 2 months and the first two was on some little yellow pill Also do not drink or eat a hour or so before going horizontal, that really helped me
  12. One of my female friends is a doc here. She had a great Idea Now under these conditions Slow down, Think before you act, Make sense take you time clean your area and slow down, Dont just re act like you have in the past since most of your work is second nature to you. Now you have a problem ..... Do not push the alarm button every time someone walks in your bank with a mask!
  13. I own a Home Service Company in Naples Florida. Home of the mega Mansions, I inspect new sales of homes, and then maintain them while they are away. These are mega rich people with a 10 million dollar average cost of there home, a million in cars in the garages, and the yacht out back. I take care of the estates while they are off at there many other homes. Fun job Like i say all the time! If Peter pan was flying around Naples Florida it would not suprise me! Seen it all with this mega rich people. Ever see a 5500 dollar ice sculpture of a x mas tree for a party? I ordered it.
  14. AJ Tylo

    Unsupportive Partner

    I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU NEVER LET A HUSBAND OR EVEN A BOYFRIEND HANG WITH ME! TRUST ME UNLESS YOU ARE FULLY UNDERSTANDING OF THE MALE SPECIES! nope dumb idea - one of my Cuban Friends - last december! nope dumb idea! nope nope nope
  15. AJ Tylo

    Unsupportive Partner

    As the only Male I agree - Shape up Mr or i see you on your way to the curb! But i do hope you can fix his attitude and Gosh Darn Ladies there are some tough Females on this site! This is why I am single I suck as a husband and suck as a monogamous relationship partner, Funny thing is know it! so i just don't want to hurt anyone so i stay clear of it! Maybe a brutally honest in your face conversation, while he chokes down a Big Mac to start! DO NOT WASTE TO MUCH TIME, YOU GOT THIS AND YOU ARE DOING THIS FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD!
  16. Spent the last 10 days trying to save Ginger but she died on me early morning yesterday, This is a example of why WLS is important - Due to her weight and lack of moving she caught a respiratory infection - The vets were all over it and so was i but due to her being obese she could not kick it! This is why fat people die of pneumonia alot also! So if you are on the fence take this as a warning! Now i have a 16 year old who is devastated at the loss, just venting! At least after 10 days of hell she can RIP
  17. AJ Tylo


    You have to use Pictures before and after= You head is not letting you see it! Stay on course and then wham clothes sizes drop really fast when it kicks in
  18. Hang in there shortly less then a month was my deal. I can chug now if i want
  19. Welcome and I was wondering who was lurking in the bushes and peaking in my windows!
  20. Weighing is irrelevant! THIS IS A JOURNEY TO GET HEALTHY - PLUS MOST OF us go bat poop crazy when they do not lose a pound this week or 4 one week! I just weighed myself today last day of a month i weigh in! Yes I am pissed off I lost 11 more pounds this month! I knew i was lossing i was trying as hard as i could to hold but this sucks!
  21. You got this Perfect plan above! Do what you want Nobody is forcing you to soft foods! I barely eat and live on what you have above to this day. But there are great soft foods you can eat - Eggs, tuna salad, egg salads, shrimp, oysters, lobster or crab cold salads. Very low in calories
  22. 2 months before salad, however i did make some very creative Blender salads. I actually make a Cobb salad - Eggs Ham greens cheese and run it thru a food processor. Salad Smoothie Only veggies i can not currently eat is Corn, Not sure why
  23. AJ Tylo

    Unsupportive Partner

    Going WLS Male on this one! All of us who are male are dumb ass stupid including myself! We are genetically HEAR ME ROAR! so my view is this is your journey you did this for yourself Not him! He wants to kill himself stay clear, You are no position with your journey to carry his weight! He will either get his head out of his ass like myself! Or he will be like my best buddy Barron! - he is currently in a Urn at age 53 So focus on yourself he is going to see the results and when you are able you can give some support but it will take something other then you to wake him up! For me it was a trip thru the Cardiac Ward laying there wondering if i would ever see my kids again. He is a food addict like all of us, I would eat fast food 5 times a week, drink like a fish and eat like a animal. I know where he is at. Enjoy your journey - This is for you! Do not get frustrated Do not get on his case about it - he will push back all males do! Just do your thing and slowly he will see you changing, you being happy and maybe wake up!
  24. AJ Tylo

    single sucks after surgery

    This is a great thread and I am shocked I did not get ambushed. Only counter to above i go to these countries because of the offshore fishing, The girls run second to fishing offshore. But i do see your point, Love to see the other sides and I agree with the one thing. Seems you can be more confident in other countries Now lets end the virus so we can all go :FISHING? We will just use that word for now