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    • allwet

      Breathe baby breathe
      Where does it go?
      Some of the water produced as the body consumes fat exits in the usual way, through your urine and sweat. But a 2014 study in the British Medical Journal found that most of the byproducts of fat (including all that carbon dioxide) leaves the body through the respiratory system.
      Yep, you read that right. You breathe out the byproducts of most of the fat that you burn, the CO2 from that process mingling with the CO2 produced by your lungs as they process oxygen. It's something to think about while you hit the gym or walk on a track: getting rid of fat can be exhausting, but it's as natural as breathing.
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    • JamesL73

      5 days post-op revision from VSG to MGB. Back home, feeling great. No more gas pain. Only minor discomfort in the abdominals, rather like after having done a bunch of sit-ups. Definitely don't feel like eating anything. Don't even have the boredom hunger like I had before. Fluids are going down ok though so that's good. Going back to work tomorrow. Wish me luck.
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      1. FluffyChix

        Yay congrats!

      2. GreenTealael

        💜 Get Well Soon 💜

    • MandyK

      I'm considering the gastric sleeve; however I have crohn's disease. I'm wondering if anyone with crohn's has had the surgery and can share their thoughts with me.
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    • freetobeme

      Behavioral modification is the key... I went to my first session of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and it was incredible! We talked about the purpose behind certain unwanted behaviors as all behavior is developed to serve a purpose, being ready, willing and able, thought mapping (finding the origin/pattern of thought that ultimately contributes to certain unwanted behaviors), and replacing one behavior with another that's as equally rewarding, if not more.
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      1. FluffyChix

        Awesome job! Love CBT!!!! Keep us updated. You should come post in the General Forum in the "Importance Of Doing The Head Work" thread!!!

    • Enidmagali

      Hi, I’m scheduled for surgery on June, 24. I’m so excited, but nervous at the same time. 
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