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Prince Albert Surgical Center, Toronto On, Canada

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I had my lap band inserted in March 2017 in Toronto and went home to Alberta with promises of support and help from my ‘coach, Cathy’. She sat with me prior to the procedure and explained how everything was to go after the band was put in place (she is still working for Slimband Canada). After the procedure I was experiencing discomfort and call to talk to the surgical nurses on site and was told it was normal.

After 4 weeks Cathy was supposed to call and check up and start the coaching me on starting the plan but never called. Every time I called I left a message and she never returned any of my calls. She would respond by email is I wanted to pay for a fill request, but would not answer any of my concerns or questions.

I eventually went online a few months later, only to discover the clinic shut down and I was left out in the cold and $12,000 poorer. I’ve had nothing but issues and had to go though referral and wait time to get into the bariatric clinic in my city. I just recently had a barium swallow done and discovered that the band ‘slipped’ and is sitting at the top of my stomach around the asophagus. This would explain why had have suck difficulty eating and having food getting stuck almost daily. This causes me to force throw up to dislodge food multiple times a week. I never go out with friends because it’s embarrassing and family get togethers are challenging.

I now have a 6 - 8 month wait to have it removed. At that time they will be able to find out if the band slipped or was improperly placed in the first place. If someone is planning a Class Action Lawsuit.... I’m in!!!!!

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    • GreenTealael  »  Lynnem6

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    • Jobber

      Yesterday I "officially" eclipsed the 100 lb mark.  I'm sure if you're in any other country than the US, the 45.3 kg mark doesn't sound as much of a milestone, but it's very cathartic for me to post that I hit it. 
      I recently read back through both my BP status updates and my private journal and hitting this milestone makes all the things I "worried" about seem stupid, but I know they're not stupid because they were very real at the time.  Also, I think if I didn't give these fears my full attention, I may not have been as successful as I have been to date.
      I'm about 50 more pounds off my end goal and I know that will not be the end, I will continue to strive for bettering myself in both physical and emotional ways.  I have to hunker down and get this done. 
      I'm noticing if I don't exercise every day, the weight loss stalls quite a bit.  I'm not really into the 80/20 theory with diet and exercise, I think there's a genetic modifier that needs to be applied and it's different for everyone, just my opinion... don't hold it against me.
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      1. ms.sss

        Yay, @Jobber!


      2. Orchids&Dragons

        Yeah! Great milestone! Keep up the good work, wishing you much-continued success!

    • allwet

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    • ms.sss  »  Krestel

      RE: the running/training
      Honestly it started with me just doing laps around the kitchen that first post-op week.
      In a week, I graduated to walking up and down my street, then to walking around the block every day.
      The distance increased, then the speed.
      Then I started running little spurts during my walks, then to alternating 1km runs with 1km walks.
      And now I can do a continuous 10k (which I totally did for the first time this morning...so full of myself about it today, it’s disgusting.)
      Just do something everyday and slowly increase speed and duration, next thing you know you’ll be one of those odd “running people” (who I never understood pre-op, but now totally get, lol)
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