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Best Pre-Surgery diet (not pre-op)

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HI Folks, I'm about 3 months away from my surgery, I see the nutritionist next month but I'm curious what you did during the 3 - 6 months before surgery, not pre-op. Typically meals, calories, and how many times a day did you eat? Thanks.

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I didn't have the best plan, but I stayed under 1500 calories, maybe not the best choice of foods in those 1500 calories though, and not a specific meal plan

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I followed a simple High Protein, low carb,(as low as possible), with one exception plan.

My day looked like this

BF: Atkin's or Premier high protein zero carb shake

L: 4 ounces lean protein in lettuce wraps w/ some swiss cheese

Snack: $ ounces smoked almond's or peanuts or a mix

Dinner: LARGE, I mean like 3-4 cups mixed salad, lettuce, snow peas, carrots, radish, red grapes, asparagus, etc with italian dressing

Exception: I allowed myself 2 small scoops of ice cream every night

I walked some, not overly aggressive exercise, no gym time, just added 10-15 minutes extra walking per day

I followed this regimen to the T and in the 5 month run up to my pre-op diet I lost 35 pounds and then another 7 on the 2 wee pre-op

Good luck friend, keep the faith

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