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Hello all!
I had the Duodenal Switch surgery on March 26th and a little less than a week ago I switched from liquids to soft food. Since then, I’ve been getting extremely bad headaches after eating dinner sometimes. I was thinking that maybe it could be the salt content but I’ve had saltier meals and didn’t get a headache. I checked my blood pressure after eating tonight when I got a headache and it was low. I also feel like when I do get these headaches it’s when I accidentally overeat a little so maybe that has something to do with it. If this persists I’ll contact my doctor but I wanted to get some ideas on what it might be first.
Thanks in advance!

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Over eating can cause a number of issues for people a headache is one, hiccups, burping, excessive salivating, feeling over full, chest pain, shortness of breath.

Try walking for about 10 minutes or more and try to stop eating before you feel full. Over chew before you swallow. One bite can make a huge difference.

Good luck.

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