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Surgery protocols and prices

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I keep seeing descriptions of surgery protocols that are very different. I am sure that mine for example is completely different than what is done in US. Maybe it would be interesting for those that are pre op to know the details so here it goes:

Romanian protocols:

1. Initial meeting with surgeon that consults you and says if you might qualify for WLS;
2. 1 day full of blood tests, abdominal echograph, abdominal endoscopy, barium abdominal rays, body composition, cardiology (EKG and blood pressure, BP under physical effort , pulmonary tests (spirometry, rays), nutrition and psychological consult;
3. Surgeon consult when he determines if and what type of WLS is recommended ( for me gastric sleeve), describes surgery and course of treatment, schedules surgery date ( plus finding out if other interventions are required - they discovered that I have a big hiatal hernia that needed fixing)
4. Surgery protocols- standard is 4 nights , sometimes 5 of hospitalization.
- hospital admission 1 day before, in the evening, for preparation: heparin shots, IV fluids
- Surgery day and 24 hours post op in ICU (again, per protocol, even if you are ok) - that was horrible, with drain tube from surgery, nasogastric tube, bad pan or catheter for peeing, BP monitors every 30 min, so slim chances of sleeping- I felt no pain at all, just nausea from the nasogastric tube
- next day in the morning transfer to normal reserve, got read of nasogastric tube and urethral catheter; I could walk just fine, minimal general pain ( like a muscle soreness after exercising), incisions painful if pressed - they offered more pain meds but I refused)
- next 2 days just IV fluids, with antibiotics, dexamethasone for inflammation, pain meds, nutrients
- day 5 discharged from hospital with following medication: heparin shots 1month, anti-acids for 1 month, ibuprofen Syrup or kids for managing pain for 3 days, Debridat for transit and gas, bariatric Vitamins and Protein Shakes for forever, hepatic protector for 3 months
They make sure you make 8.000-10.000 steps per day and that you tolerate well the necessary fluids intake.

Diet: clear fluids 1 day pre op and 1 week post op, then cream Soups for 2 weeks, then mushy purees for 1 week, then soft food and solid food as tolerated.

Prices: 1.000 usd for pre op analyses, 6.000 usd for surgeries ( I had 2-in 1, GS and hiatal hernia repair, and including 1 week, 1, 2, 3 , 6 months and 1 year controls, nutrition and psychological included), 400 usd medication for 3 months, including vitamins and Protein shakes

Time from diagnosis to surgery 2 weeks.

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