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IVF Weight Gain, Dieting 2 Years Post Sleeve

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I could use any insight or encouragement. I'm 2 years post VSG and had been maintaining 138 for about a year, I think (I was briefly slightly lower but I don't count that). I'd noticed it getting a little tougher to maintain my weight.

I recently had an egg retrieval procedure (as in IVF, although I actually froze the eggs for later), and I'm planning on more similar procedures. They told me I would gain 3-5 pounds of Water weight and should lose it within a week after the procedure. Well, I gained 5 lbs. (up to 143) and even two weeks later had lost nothing. I'm afraid my body was just looking for an opportunity to gain weight back and won't be able to lose the weight--and I especially don't want to keep gaining more weight with each additional procedure.

I decided to start dieting, and after 4 or 5 days I've gained a half pound. :( I'm doing some SlimFast and adding some Quest snack bars and a tiny amount of fruit. Maybe that's the wrong diet but I don't know what else to do? I've never had to attempt deliberate weight loss since my surgery. I have to think my caloric intake was already pretty low to begin with (and maybe also my metabolism?), but I didn't even count--does anyone have an estimate?

I think I'm a special case due to my bariatric status, and it didn't seem like the fertility practitioners had any knowledge to help me.

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