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4 Week Liquid Diet - Need Encouragement!

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I’m scheduled for surgery on 1/30/19 and am on day 9 of my 4 week liquid diet. The diet consists of 4 Bariatric Advantage shakes, 2 Bariatric Advantage Protein Bars, and either a small banana or 1 cup of skim milk per day. It’s been hard, but I’ve stuck to it and found I’m not hungry or hangry like I was the first 4-5 days. I lost 14lbs in the first week, yay!

However, both yesterday and today I’ve gained a pound back. I’ve been told it could be Water weight or a number of things, but it is so dang frustrating! Has anyone else encountered this?

To try and help myself from going crazy I’ve decided to stop weighing myself everyday. But I’m worried if I gain anymore I’m going to mentally snap and go binge on nachos!

Any advice, support, or encouragement would be greatly appreciated!!

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Could be hormonal if you are the right age still for that.
I did mine for the entire month of August, paid off, my surgeon complimented me on my liver, said it was as smooth and sleek as a newborn calf. Once I made sure he wasn't planning to sell me for veal, I was pretty proud of ME. And I did it all with a natural Basal Metabolism Rate of a Seasick Sea 🐌, so I believe, if you hold to it, you're going to do just fine.😝

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