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Confronting the "mean girls"

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I was told it was gonna age me prematurely, I'm 73, there is NO prematurity to That!

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16 hours ago, DeeberLee said:

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16 hours ago, DeeberLee said:

Yesterday at work I overheard 2 of my co workers discussing my weight loss. I've known both of these ladies for awhile. Neither of them are over weight. We've even discussed weight loss issues and so forth. They do not know about my surgery, to me it's a personal issue. They were discussing how I could be losing weight so fast. I must have done "something." It kind of hurt my feelings. What difference does it make? I'm just trying to get healthy. Should I say something to them or not be so sensitive?

Well, the truth is you did "do something" by having surgery but it is none of their business. I would think talking between themselves is normal (especially in an office with a bunch of women) and it is not like they said anything bad about you and who cares anyway. If you wanted them to know about your surgery you would have told them.

I would completely ignore it, not let it bother me and continue your journey. As I have lost weight, I have discussed the surgery with more people since it is obvious. One person whom I only see occasionally was so relieved when I told her because she was worried I had cancer or something like that. But I only tell people I feel a certain level of comfort with....even some of my cousins on Facebook know about it and say I look good in pictures but no references to surgery which is how I want it.

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I wouldn't like hearing my co workers talk about me either but I agree with the weight change that happens so fast I think people do wonder. A lot of people have asked me how I've lost so much weight. I def have a sensitive conscience so I don't like to lie. I usually just say "I am eating less and working out". All true. But with that being said I've lost 67 pounds since July and some people may say "she has to have done something" (I haven't heard anyone say that about me but I wonder)bc of the amount in a short period of time. So I decided, for me, that I'd tell some people and just say I don't care what they think. Surgery was the right choice for me and I'm the only one that needs to be "ok" with it. So at the end of the day it's my body, my decision and people can either be ok with it or not but I don't care either way. Just stay focused on your goal.

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      6 Weeks Post Op!

      My world is drastically different! I now walk 3 to 4 miles a day and I’m constantly getting up to move my body! .

      I close my Apple Watch rings daily and about 4 to 6 days a week I double or triple them!

      I have been released to have all foods. When I reintroduce some I need to start at 1 ounce to see how “Tiny Tummy” likes it!

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