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Can I use body fortress whey powder and 1% milk theses premade shakes are yuk

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I'm not sure where you are in your journey (your profile says Pre Op, is that still current?), but many of us were told to stick to 100% whey Protein isolate in the early weeks or months after surgery, because it's the most easily absorbed of the protein types. After you're able to get most or all of your protein needs met through eating food, then it doesn't matter as much - I often drink protein blends now (although technically, I don't need shakes at all now, but I like them and still drink them occasionally). Body Fortress is a blend, so it should be fine once you're a few months out, but not immediately after surgery. If you're still a pre-op, then I'd ask my surgeon. Your body probably doesn't need 100% whey protein isolate if you're pre-op, but he/she may prefer that you stick to those since you'll most likely be drinking them for awhile post-surgery. Lots of people like Syntrax products (their nectar line is 100% whey protein isolate). Unjury products are also good, but those you have to get online through Unjury's Web site.

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