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Hi everyone,

I really need some advice. The guidelines are so varied throughout different places and consultants that I'm not sure what to do.

I had my band fitted 16.07.2018 and my first fill on 25.09.2018 - Ive lost 31lb in that time but have had very little restriction.

My fill was for 4ml but I definitely need more as I have been hungry and eating bigger portions BUT - I'm supposed to wait 3 weeks between fills which would bring me to 15.09.2018...the day I fly out on holiday.

So, APPARENTLY, you're not supposed to fly within 2 weeks of having a fill, which would mean I can't have a fill until 6th October which would be over a month of no restriction and a lot of damage (+a holiday) in between and I am bound to gain which would break my heart.

Do I go for a fill asap and not tell them about the holiday? or do I wait until October?

I just don't know what to do.

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Hi Again Jonicorn!! I am exactly the same right now, I contacted my clinic and they said usually they want you to wait 4 weeks, but as I had no restriction what so ever I have been booked in for 11.9.18 (2 weeks after my first ever fill (2ml). They mentioned that the clinic nurse will have to assess me first and make sure its right, but they will fill if you need it!

I was told before surgery that if I was flying it can tighten up as well. I was recommended to get Fluid taken out before going away for this reason, but in doing so would have to be very careful on holiday (this was one of the first questions I asked as my main band goal is for my wedding next year- so was enquiring about wedding meals and honeymoon etc as I didn't want to ruin the experience).

It is a difficult one I agree, but I think you should tell them you are going on holiday, but also tell them you are not feeling restricted - they may think you need more, say another 2ml, but just give you half to sort of tie you over and get some restriction, without causing you pain or discomfort on your holiday.

Spending all week feeling unwell/ in pain or unable to eat anything is probably worse than gaining a pound or two on holiday - just be careful and keep up swimming and walking whilst away if you can!


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