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***October 2018 Sleeve Surgery***

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I’m looking for October 2018 sleevers to share stories and best practices.

This has been a long journey and I’m so excited to finally get towards the end. I started in the Bariatric program, September 2017. I completed all pre-surgery requirements and was scheduled for surgery 1/26/18. I was going through this journey with my mother in law. She had sleeve surgery 12/14/17 and passed away one week later on 12/21/17. This was a huge setback for me  and at this point my husband was no longer supportive of the surgery. This resulted in my surgery being cancelled.

It has taken time for my family to put the pieces back together. I have had so many ups and downs over the past few months and became discouraged and depressed. My husband is no onboard and has been a big support to me lately. I reentered the bariatric program on 7/26/17. I am tentatively scheduled for surgery on 10/29/18. I have an appointment with a Pulmonologist Monday to be cleared for surgery. I am very happy and am looking forward to a successful journey.

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I think I'll be an October Sleever also! I've got 3 phone visits with my nurse left, a second psychologist appointment and my surgeon appointment. I should be done late August. I've been preapproved, so it's really about setting a date at that time. I'm having some struggles thinking about going into the holiday season. Not because of the food restrictions, but more the activities. I also wait ALL year long to cook that blessed turkey dinner. It's just the cooking the dinner. But, I could put that dinner off until xmas and let my daughters/daughters-in-laws do Thanksgiving this year. I can also play it by ear and see what happens.

But, as stated, I believe I'll be an October Sleever. Getting psyched, scared, terrified and I say all that with a big grin on my face. I'm doing this to help control my diabetes.

good luck on your adventure!

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Hi @Queen Grandma, I am very glad to meet and greet you. And @ kjallen, I remember you from last winter. So happy to see you v back with us. I was one of the people hoping for a February- March surgery, didn't happen. But I do have a definite bonofide date, a better surgeon, an excellent program to be associated with, and at 7AM September 5th At Ohio State University HOSPITAL-WEXNER Medical Center in Columbus Ohio with my surgeon Dr Bradley J Needleman MD I will finally have my RnY bypass surgery. And this little puppy is Happy Happy Happy, that's 5 weeks from today. MNNM ( makes no never mind) when I get up , I'm being a tad lay-abed, I will start my official prediet. I could wait until August 8th with no harm but I'm 72, this may be the "only invitation I get to the prom" . I could have opted for 2, or 3 but upon their recommendation I am going for the longest, they said:
Smaller less swollen liver, almost every obese person has NASH, so a thin,healthy,liver makes a happier surgeon
Surgery its self will go smoother
Surgery will go quicker
Surgery will be less painful and easier to heal from.
Good practice for post-surgery when I will only,be able to eat small amounts at a time.
Am I going to enjoy my prediet? Probably not, this is stucturalized starvation, a Dietary Purgatory. And like the Real Purgatory,it is going to take a LOT OF PRAYER to be set free.
But am I still going to do it? Oh Yeah, living sad, obese and in pain is No Life At All.
And my surgery could be said to be " Elective" well I elect,to live longer, healthier, and fitter. And I believe this to be the tool that will help ME most.
So. I do venture forth, trusting in Tomorrow more than I do today. Just watch, I will become even more WONDERFUL than I am now!

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Thank you Frustr8. Your surgery date is soon, that has to be exciting. Wishing you the best on your journey.

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    • kdgarcia

      Surgery Next Tuesday!!!!!
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    • SabrinaGoddess

      Hide and Seek? No....   If you have noticed, it’s been a little bit of stretch between posts. It’s not because I am not interested in blogging. I absolutely love sharing my journey with you.   You see, my world has changed! I now exercise every single morning with a 3 to 4-mile walk. I also now meal prep so I don’t fall into old habits.   I am also a bit hooked on closing my Apple Watch Fitness Rings! In fact, I am obsessed with doubling and tripling most of them.   So this does take up a lot of time and by the time you add work into the mix and family time, it becomes a shorter day.   Priorities are in order for me and I could not be happier.   So in the last week, I’ve been hitting goals that I never thought I would be able to hit again. I weigh myself on Sunday’s now. It’s just easier to do before I get dressed for church. It just feels good. I refuse to constantly get on the scale when I see everyday victories. Like getting back into clothes I never thought I could, or taking the time to just breathe and be grateful for the blessings I have in my life right now.   Continued on www.SabrinaGoddess.com
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      I’m confused 
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    • SabrinaGoddess

      6 Weeks Post Op!

      My world is drastically different! I now walk 3 to 4 miles a day and I’m constantly getting up to move my body! .

      I close my Apple Watch rings daily and about 4 to 6 days a week I double or triple them!

      I have been released to have all foods. When I reintroduce some I need to start at 1 ounce to see how “Tiny Tummy” likes it!

      I am not reintroducing sugars, coffee or junk! I did not pay close to $13,000 to fail! .

      I went to get follow up bloodwork done this week and my numbers are all in the perfect range! .

      This is my new world and I am happy it!

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      1. Arabesque

        Congratulations. It’s a great feeling when the weight disappears & you can start to do so much more. 😁

      2. Slownstedy

        ….and this is only the beginning :)

    • ms.sss

      @DaisyChainOz, @Arabesque ... am totally thinking of both of you this very moment as I watch the final set of the Millman-Federer match at the AO... I am riveted and literally screaming at the TV...
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      2. DaisyChainOz

        haha unfortunately I missed it! Glad you enjoyed though :D

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        I didn’t see it either but I wish I had now for both the battle on court & the ball tampering accusations flying around everywhere now.

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