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Dear all, I had a lapband in 2010, and it did massively kickstart my weightloss and I did get all the way from 364 lbs to 180 lbs. I remember that I was not really explained the refill process and did not know I would have no restriction following the operation, and it took about 5 fills to have restriction. At one point, even yoghurts were difficult to drink quickly. At some points I had to unfill slightly when waterbrash (like reflux, but just water) stopped me sleeping, but I think that was due to too much Fluid in the band.

I didn't enjoy the process last time - I didn't like vomiting so much, and maybe the band only did half my weightloss and then I started having things to eat I knew would not be caught by the band, i.e. less solid food (ice cream, Soup, etc) and calorie-counting. So the second half of my weightloss was pure diet -- but the band did get me over the hump.

Now after years of being unfilled, I have allowed myself to go back up to 280 lbs. There are reasons/excuses for this. I had a broken arm all last year and couldn't go to the gym. Finally today I've got an appointment for a refill.

As long as it works, I can take the parts of the process I don't like (like vomiting or like suddenly realising you've eaten too much or having a problem when visiting people in their house and finding you're having to spew up in the toilet and the hosts know). And at least this time I know what to expect. So I've read a lot of posts by people who have had to revise the surgery, but I'm looking forward to my refill today and hoping it will work for at least a year to put me right. I can hardly believe what has happened to this forum. I remember before it was bariatricpal and most people were on LapBands and there was a generally positive vibe.

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@Awkward customer I was banded back in 2011. I had no major *issues*, other than getting stuck on stuff, or the fact that leafy greens hurt. No slippage, no erosion, etc. I lost 70, then gained a little back here and there. I had stopped going to my surgeon, except for when I really needed an adjustment to my fill for whatever reason. But I got to a point where, I was tired of things not working right or having other issues where I shouldn't be having issues. So I dragged myself back into my surgeons office and told her I was a failure. I was surprised when I found out that not only were my outcomes normal, but that 2 of the main manufacturers of the band, no longer make them due to how over hyped and under performing the bands were. We discussed my revision options.

I was revised to RYN March 21st. Best decision I've ever made... Truly wish I went bypass in 2011 and didn't mess with the band. When my surgeon was taking my band out, it was 100% completely encapsulated in scar tissue, it took them more than 3 times longer than it should have to get the band out! So glad I did!

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Well, I want the band out eventually, partly because it has been there for 8 years and I don't want complications with erosion, and so I'm wondering if my band will be encased in scar tissue too at that point. It's not worth worrying about, as I'm having another go at the band again now. I thought my band was completely unfilled, but at the appointment today she said there were 8.5mils in and she took it up to 10 or 10.25.

I think the 14mil bands don't give restriction until you have 9-10 mils in, and at that point even slight increases in the fill have a bit impact. She made me drink a lot of Water in front of her to make sure I wasn't too tight, and decided first on 10.5, then on 10.25 then on slightly less than that, so the band was adjusted three times in the consultation to make sure I don't have to go back in days for an emergency aspiration.

Matt Z if you're happy with your choice, then fine. But I want to try my band again once more time before deciding on something more drastic. However, you only live once, and so a drastic solution that works better might be a better choice in the long run as you have decided.

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I also had my band put in in 2010. After a year (exactly a year a week) and abysmal weight loss (@25lbs) my doctor discovered my tubing had kinked. He said he needed to go back in to fix it but it happened right after the bliss insurance expired (it is only for 12 months) and I was a cash purchase becuase my insurance doesn’t cover it. He could some how massage my abdominal wall and manipulate tube and get it to fill, but it was always a chance it wouldn’t work. And he wouldn’t fill too much because he was worried he wouldn’t be able to go in and let some out if the kink got worse.

Then one day I noticed I would choke/vomit up everything solid, mushy and liquid. I even tried just sucking on ice cubes to stay hydrated. Nothing worked. Ended up at emergency room, doctor was called and greatly reduced band fill. Told me to get upper gi to check for damage and see him in three weeks. He forgot to leave script, came in mail about week later. When I called to schedule my appointment for upper gi a few days later (I was in no hurry since he wouldn’t refill for at least 6 weeks) I was told there was a problem with the script and to call doctor back for correction. When I called back I found out my surgeon had left for a tour with doctors w/o borders to Sudan. WTH. Went to a new recommended doc for a fill in a couple months after and she couldn’t fill it because of the kink.

so here I am 8 years later and ready to start again with fills not even knowing if it will work. I called a new surgeon to make an appointment yesterday. I of course haven’t told them about the kinks or my upper gi appointment. That never came to pass. I would prefer a revision, but Medicare will not pay for revision unless there is a problem. Best case scenario is the kink worked it’s self out, it with additional weight gain I doubt it. Or next best for me is there is a band problem and Medicare will pay for revision. It’s kind of sad that my second best option is hoping for problems. Sorry for the length. I just know this is one group of people who understand the frustration. Sorry this was so long.

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I'm sorry to hear of some people's bad experiences with the band. you are lucky that Medicare will pay for this. In the UK, gastric bands/sleeving are largely a self-pay area -- you can get the government health service to pay, but only at very high BMIs and after long waits and lots of persistence in demanding it. Let us all know Jelybene how your fills go and whether they work.

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