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Hi, I had been suffering with what I was told was gastritis since Oct 2017. I had a scope in Dec 2017 by the surgeon that performed my lad band. He said gastritis and a ppi twice a day. I went to the ER 4 times before they finally did the endoscopy. They immediately wanted to blame the band. I had 2 cc’s take out at that time. When the endoscopy determined it was gastritis and not the band I had 1.5 cc’s put back in 2 sessions. When I was overall not seeing much improvement I have a 0.3 cc removed by my calculations this put me around 4.5 cc in an 11 cc band. It was lower then it was when I wasn’t having problems. Symptoms would come and go but for the most part I vomited every day. If I drank I’d vomit black coffee grounds. It was becoming unbearable. Last week I had a follow up endoscopy and they completely deflated my band. I’m worried about gaining the weight back, I’m worried I wasted my money (not covered in Canada) and mostly I’m worried because I still have pain. I am not vomiting or having GERD anymore. He said I could look to start filling it again in 2 months. Has anyone else had to reset and start the filling process all over again? Anyone else with chronic gastritis and GERD from being banded?

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