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Bitchy Hungry Stressed People

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We have a lot of them on this board. I've been one of them.

People who might NOT be as bitchy...if they weren't eating starvation level calories and dealing with losing a coping mechanism they've depended on for most of their lives.

There's science behind it. Low blood sugar and dieting in general can create irritability, anxiety, depression, etc. Hangry isn't a myth.

I'm mentioning it because it's something to remember while interacting with others here.

Most of the folks here are terrific. Genuinely nice folks who want to help each other out and share their experiences.

But a lot of us are right in the middle of some really stressful changes...victories, disappointments, impatience, feeling stuck and discouraged, feeling smugly accomplished, feeling a little lost, dealing with new challenges in relationships, dealing with other emotional crap that feeds into our eating issues.....there's a WHOLE LOTTA shite going on with folks here under the radar. And a lot of it is stressful.

Add in the fact that obesity is strongly correlated to mental health issues anyway...and it can get kinda....interesting...around here.

Just wanted to remind people to keep this in mind.

We're all human. Stress sucks. This is HARD.

Compassion is important.

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