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14 months after gastric sleeve surgery, I'm sporting a BMI under 25. It's absolutely ridiculous what I've accomplished with the help of this tool. But it has been HARD.

Nowadays, I still feel like a fat girl, and I do micromanage all the food that goes into my body (my friends are making fun of me for it now that I'm "slim") so that I can either keep losing or at least keep this weight off. I wish that wasn't such a big part of my life, and I didn't have to think about it all the time, but that's the way it has to work! There's a lot of habits that have changed unconsciously too, so it's not all too difficult.

I had tons of stalls and tears along the way and I started a new phase of my life while in my losing phase, so I can relate to many out there who are fighting through it. I'm happy to talk to anyone who might benefit from sharing their struggles!


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Congratulations on your success! I'm 6 months out and very conscious of everything I put in my body...I never want to go back, only keep moving forward. I'm part my personal goal weight and only have a little over a pound to go to be below 25 BMI. I know there's alot of debate about BMI and not paying too much attention to it but for me, it's psychological to hit that number. Alot of this is a head game and we need to find what works for us to be successful.

Just Friday and then again Saturday I was feeling "fat" in the morning. The reality is I'm pretty slim. Just need to keep my head focused on the positive instead of what's no longer true. How do you deal with this type of stuff?

VSG 10/11/17
HW = 360
SW = 292
GW = 220 3/7/18
CW = 211.6 (6'5") [emoji256]

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Way to go Emmy!

I just started on this journey and get frustrated at times. Your post is a good reminder that this journey is a LONG story with a happy ending.

Thanks for posting!

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