Lapband to sleeve revision done oct 3

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Wait - while you had your band in, the port kept coming loose? That's terrifying.

Yes. It is very painful when it tears off the muscle wall it's attached to. I think it was from running and too much vigorous "bedroom play time"... Little by little it Jarred loose and was hanging upside down so that the doctor could not even access it for fills.

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On 10/8/2017 at 0:29 PM, timarland said:

Thanks for the quick response! Did you do a liquid diet for 2 weeks pre-surgery? I travel every week for work, so I'm not enthused about having to take shakes on planes and what not...

Sounds like you're doing great though - I'm looking forward to getting this band removed - I'm down +/- 50 lbs from my highest weight pre-band, but I'm stuck there. I can't eat most lean meats, no fibrous veggies, but if they tighten the band more, I can't eat. I've learned to eat plenty of high calorie soft foods though :(

I'm not excited about the surgery, but excited for something new and different.

You're going to LOVE your sleeve!!! I had the exact same story as you! Couldn't eat anything healthy which made it so hard to lose no matter how hard I tried. I've been sleeved 3 months, and have lost 50 lbs!!! Down to 181 as of today. I love it. I actually get to fell FULL!! I can eat whatever I want which has really allowed me to put all the nutritional information I've learned over the years into place! You obviously still have to make good food choices. That goes without saying. But it's amazing how easy it is to lose weight!!!

I was banded for 7.5 years, and my surgery was actually pretty rough. I has so much scar tissue all around my stomach, liver, and spleen that it ended up taking 5 hours and really had a lot of internal bleeding. My recovery was really hard but I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.

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