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Would love to hear from others whose BMI is less than 40 or who started at BMI of 35 or less.

Unlike many, I have not been morbidly obese for my entire life. Yes, I know I'm lucky. After successful treatment for 2 cancers - both still in remission after 8 and 9 years, then an appendectomy in 2012, found my weight constantly moving upward from 141 (BMI 25) to 200 (BMI 35). The last 18 months my weight zoomed from 184 to 200 while I was working on medical weight loss with my doctors.

I have high cholesterol and GERDS so when I hit 35 BMI my doctor suggested RNY. The surgery was August 2 2017, so just a week out. My stretch goal is 130; my stable, long term goal is 140. I was at 189 after my pre op diet so I only have 59 lbs to lose. That sounds like so little compared to the legions of others who have a much larger hurdle to jump. I'm 67. If this were 10 years ago I'd have waited on the surgery and tried other things (not sure what though), but I do not want to be a fat, sick old lady. Delaying surgery wasn't an option for me.

Would love to hear from others in similar situations.

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Two weeks out from surgery and I couldn't be happier. Drinking is easy now but today is first day for solid Protein so we'll see how it goes as far as liquids go. Goal is 80 oz liquid, 65 protein!

  • HW 200
  • SW 193
  • CW 180!!
  • Goal 130/140 (My goal is 130; Dr. goal is 140
  • 5'3"
  • Age = 67

If I had any advice it would be to take pain pills when needed. I think taking them lowers the stress this puts on our bodies, but then, I am an engineer/banker so follow your Dr's advice, not mine!

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I had a low BMI prior to Gastric Bypass along with some comorbidities. I lost a bit of weight before WLS so didn't have too much to lose. The great news is 3 months after surgery I went off PPIs and my GERD was resolved, as well as other health issues.

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