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I read about leaks when I started having that issue and another (pain under my rib) and some people said it wasn't consistent but eventually did start happening all the time and some people didn't even have any symptoms of a leak. What eased my mind was that the shoulder pain would go away or ease up with walking

Yes. So the pain would be constant not intermittent (coming and going)?

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Three and a half years out and still have gas. I have to take GAS X tabs and or strips. Then Tums and Prilosec. This will be always i think but no arm pain

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Don't worry OP...I'm 2 weeks post op and still get intermittent left shoulder pain. For me it's after I drink too much like someone else said, and it can be positional. If I'm feeling it it gets worse when I lay down. I had it after surgery but it greatly improved with walking. Now it's just an intermittent thing. I wouldn't get yourself worked up, it doesn't sound like a leak--it seems pretty par for the course after surgery. Gas ex/tums/etc won't help you at all. The pain you're feeling is some of the residual air left in your abdominal cavity that they use to inflate your abdominal cavity during surgery. Some of it gets trapped inside after surgery--they usually use CO2 for inflation. Nothing harmful at all, but it takes time for the micro circulation in your abdomen to reabsorb it. You feel it in your left shoulder because the air is pushing on your diaphragm. The same nerve innervates your diaphragm and left shoulder, so the lovely result of that is that you feel the pain in your left shoulder. I think you'll be juuuuust fine. Just keep on a'walkin to help get that air out. [emoji4]

Sleeved 7/7/17
5'5 female, 28 years old
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