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I finished all the requirements and they submitted it for approval late Tuesday afternoon. I called insurance yesterday and they have received it. One person said I can call Monday and they'd know something. Another one said call Thursday and they'd have an answer. I have BCBSTX PPO so I wonder which one it'll really take. Anyone else have any experience with this insurance?

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I have the same insurance and since your BMI is 40 there are no other requirements I bet they'll have your approval today. It won't hurt to call today. Good luck.

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I have BCBSIL PPO and it took a month. They approved it verbally within 3 days but couldn't fax my surgeon approval letter until their medical board released it which was an additional 3 weeks. Ridiculous.

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    • Ydiva1

      My surgery date is August 29, 2017. 😜😜😜😜😂😱.    So happy I could cry 😭 
      · 1 reply
      1. Hazeleyes1969

        nice , just stay positive and things will go smooth.. good luck

    • Thejeweledsleeve

      7/26 - Worst day EVER!! My dog was hit by a car and his back leg paw is broken. My mom had him off of the lease and he was peeing on some grass near the curb. He was walking on the edge to come back around when he fell into the street and a driver clipped his back right leg. The driver didn't even stop. 
      He is okay and just requires surgery to get pins in his right ankle. He has surgery on 7/28 in the morning.
      I broke my Keto for the day. Anxious eating has always been my problem. I had Tostitos and salsa and just ate half a bag without realizing it. It took over an hour, however I still ate it. 
      7/27 - Got the price of how much this would cost. Over $5,000 for 3 nights stay, surgery, pins and painkillers. I cannot complain. It was funny to watch people look at me as I paid the medical bills up front. They were like, what does this young girl do and how much money does she make? I was looking at them like, I will pay anything for this dog. I just want to be able to take him home already. He is such a resilient dog though. He continues to try and get up although it hurts. I told him we will be twins (I have screws in my right ankle). 
      Kept to my keto today. Had beef chevy's for snacks. Sooo good. 

      · 5 replies
      1. Sweet as peaches

        Aww poor doggy paw. It that you in the picture holding him?

      2. Thejeweledsleeve

        No, that is my mommy. She felt so bad for letting him off of the leash and tried to climb into the cage with him. She would not even let me hold him.

      3. Sweet as peaches

        Oh that is such a beautiful picture poor baby looking and feeling hurt. Got a IV on him. I could just squeeze him, I hope that driver trips on his way out his car.

      4. Newme17

        Awwww.....I want him! He's so adorable. yay...you have the means to pay for your pet and that is awesome!!! I'm glad he'll be fine though. He's just so darn cute.

      5. Thejeweledsleeve

        Thank you. I do not think the driver was aware. The driver was more concerned with swerving to prevent colliding with another vehicle whom slammed their breaks. If they were aware and still continued to keep going, I hope he gets a really bad cold.

        I mean I had to clean out one of my savings to do so but he is worth it. There is no price on the love and memories we have with this dog. He is not just a dog but he is apart of the family. He means as much to us as we mean to him. He goes everywhere we go, sleeps in bed with us, watches tv (he loves the big bang theory), he welcomes you home no matter what time it is with such excitement and stays with you when your sick. He is just not loyal when it comes to food. Whom ever feeds him some of their food is his best friend for the day lol.

    • MOcatmom

      Hi, all!  In April 2017 I learned I needed a hip replacement but could not find a surgeon to help me.  My BMI is too high making the risk of infection too significant for anyone to consider the procedure.  So, after being obese the vast majority of my life, here I am.  Time to face the demons.   
      One of my biggest concerns is failure.  My father and his sister both had gastric bypass surgery and both are larger now than before their procedures.  
      I need to lose (and keep off) 85 lbs to qualify for hip surgery.  I've lost 24 of it so far, pre-op.  Ideally I'd like to eventually get below 200 lbs.
      Surgery is scheduled for 8/7.  Today is day 4 of a two week clear liquid diet (which is much harder than expected).  
      · 1 reply
      1. OutsideMatchInside

        I had a friend that had RNY and never got anywhere near goal and has regained about 1/3 of their loss. They had surgery before I did. I learned from all of their mistakes, and that helped me not make those mistakes and be successful. So think about what they did, what they did wrong and try not to follow in those foot steps.

        The things I saw my friend do was, not follow the post-op food steps. Eat the same just smaller (that won't last with time), and fad diet instead of finding a sustainable way of eating for life.

    • Nancy MBGC

      I know that we are suppose to eat plain yogurt. How do you eat it? It's gross by itself. How do you make it more palatable?
      · 4 replies
      1. MSinger

        I usually eat oikos triple zero yogurt. I like plain yogurt, just not enough to eat on a daily basis. The oikos is very filling and and tastes pretty good (minimal sweetener taste). If you're not too crazy about plain yogurt I'd recommend this one.

      2. proudgrammy

        sometimes i add one sweet 'n low and a few fresh blueberrie. yum yum - Kathy

      3. Sherrie Scharbrough

        I have added some vanilla (liquid) and some Splenda to it. You can also add some fruit too. Usually I eat Yoplait low fat.

      4. Introversion

        I've added stuff such as PB2 peanut butter powder, strawberries, blueberries, Torani sugar-free syrups, Equal packets, and so forth. Use your imagination and preferences to conjure up a compromise to make the yogurt more palatable.

    • Nancy MBGC

      I know that we are suppose to eat plain yogurt. How do you eat it? It's gross by itself. How do you make it more palatable?
      · 1 reply
      1. proudgrammy

        silly head - double post from above!!!:wacko:LOL

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