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Band stopped working

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Had my band put in 2008, went to the regular follow up in the months and years following the surgery, then stopped going for about 7 years now. All was good, was happy with my fill until about 3 weeks ago. My band apparently stopped working. I can eat like I did preband. I called my doctors office, went in for a visit and was told this is normal, I just need an adjustment. Has anyone else gone years with a band then all of a sudden, one day to the next it doesn't work anymore? The doctor added 1 additional CC to the band, but I still feel like I can eat anything. I have no heartburn or vomiting. The doctor will not add more than 1 CC per fill, per visit and will only do fills once a month. I'm ok with her being cautious, I'm just worried I had a slip or something else.

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I've had mine since 2011 and stopped going last year. Was told by other wanderers the band's to wear out. If you continue to have problems was ask Dr About that. Good luck!

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Same with me. Banded in 2011. Worked then it didn't. I actually felt mine slip. I'm now 6 days post op from having it removed and converting to the sleeve. I'm really glad I did even though this by far the tough part of the journey.

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Jbaker5d, when your band slipped, did you experience heartburn or pain in the stomach area associated with the slip? My doctor seems to dismiss a slip because I have no pain, heartburn and I'm not throwing up.

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I had heartburn and could not sleep because of it. If I ate anything after 8pm I had sleep upright just to get even the smallest amount of sleep because it would wake me up. No pain at all. But immediately I could eat things like Pasta and bread that I couldn't before and larger amounts of other things. There was still restriction but it wasn't the same. My slip was only diagnosed when I had an egd in order to be approved by insurance for removal of the band and revision to sleeve.

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Did you have the 35 to 40 BMI to have the revision? i want t have the band removal and sleeve surgery but they say my

BMI is not high enough. What insurance did you have for revision? Thanks.

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Hello, my name is Wyleen. Had my surgery in 2014. All was good, except that my band had flipped and it was showing through my skin. Litterally poking out of my skin. My doctor fixed this problem last year, but since then, I've been consistly putting on weight. I think I need a fill. Does anyone know where I can get a fill in Toronto or Winnipeg. I used Slimband in Toronto and can't get a hold of them. Please help!!!

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