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I got the band in nov 2012 staring weight was 288 and now weigh 160 which i have maintained for over 3 years without any adjustments in my opinion the band is better than the bypass because it can be reversed you have to make changes and work at it the bypass pretty much does it for you but changing the way think about food is better in the long run i know bot have succcess and failures i also had my older brother pass away for complications of getting the bypass done

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Wow...that's amazing! Good for you! I've read so many pros and cons to getting the band over bypass (more cons than anything) so it's refreshing to hear from someone who has done so well. I agree, with the bypass it was so easy to drop the weight, with the band I know it requires work and diligence which on the long run will help me. If you don't mind me asking, how long ago was your bypass? I'm so incredibly sorry about the loss of your brother...that must be very hard to deal with.

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