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Once I was an active contributor to this site. But I haven't posted in several years because I was busy living my life. Last year I felt it was time to visit my surgeon Dr. Will Aguila,MD for a band check only to find he'd left the practice. I met the new doctor but wasn't impressed. Didn't get a fill.

Fast forward a year... I really needed a fill but couldn't find my original Dr! But as luck would have it.... I ran into him at a social function recently!! He's opened 3 offices in the Tampa Bay Area! So if anyone has been looking for him like I was please let me know and I will pass along his contact info!

i just left his office with my fill. I'm back on track!

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Hello, I moved to Florida and have not been able to find anyone that will touch my lap band as well. I'm almost back at the weight had when I had my surgery.

I live in Daytona Beach and would drive to Tampa if I had to. Could you send me the name of your Doctor. I would be so thankful


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