9 Days to Fiance's VSG

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Ten days to my Boyfriends sleeve. I am 100% on board and will support him in any way. But I admit I'm concerned that I will have a hard time during the post op diet phases preparing his food. I am really not that great of a cook anyway so it's all a little intimidating. Thank you for all these tips. I'm making my shopping list now:)

Don't stock up too much ahead of time. As @@2goldengirl, so people experience changes in their sense of taste immediately post-op and something your boyfriend likes now might be completely repulsive to him post op. So my advice would be to go for variety in your pre-op shopping. That way if one things tastes bad to him or upsets his stomach, you will have other options on hand.

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Don't be worried too much about feeding them post op. During my full liquid phase I drank shakes and ate yogurt. In my puréed stage I've been a huge fan of cottage cheese (with Splenda, vanilla and a dash of cinnamon), chicken salad, scrambled eggs and yogurt. It's not a ton of stuff that you have to cook. The soft foods phase is where it gets tricky, but it's kind of like a previous poster said. Most of it is normal stuff that anyone will eat, so just split portions of Protein and make sure they're moist and soft. (Meatloaf, dark meat poultry, shrimp etc)

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