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Still in hospital vomiting blood

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3 days post op. I can't keep anything down Everytime I puke it's pure blood. The docs, residents and nurses agree that it is the staple line and it will heal on its own. My blood counts indicate that I'm doing ok so I tend to believe them. Planning 2 or 3 more days in the hospital. Hope this means very little to my post post op recovery. Feeling bummed.

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I hope you feel better soon!

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Oh no! Feel better! If I hear one person saying this is the easy way put for weight lost. I'll loose it! On day 5 feeling little better. But still in pain from gas and incisions. Can't drink much. You have it worst tho. Hopefully your bleeding stop soon.

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Sorry to hear this, sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

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Thanks y'all. It must have helped because I'm feeling better. Last blood emesis was 9 hours ago. I've kept 40 cc down so far, working on the next 15. Doc is going to treat me for a bleeding disorder if I vomit blood anymore. Pain is minimal, nausea is better.

@@foodfighter78, once my ileus resolved (i.e., once I pooed) i started feeling better. Sending positive, feel good vibes your way.

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6 days post-op and still in the hospital. No longer vomitting blood so there is light at the end of the tunnel. After my rave of feeling better due to a bowel movement my bowels decided to take a break. I've been throwing up nearly everything I take in, no matter how slowly I take it in. Had a CT scan yesterday that showed a partial bowel obstruction. Today I will have a follow through study, I think I have to drink barium and then have a series of x-rays to show where and how large the obstruction is. I'm hoping it is nothing more than swelling at the Y and only needs time to resolve on its own.

I hit the wall last night when the nurse aid put my TED hose back on with a bunch of wrinkles behind my knees. Kind of defeats the purpose of the stockings if wrinkles are cutting off your circulation. I tried to fix it myself but couldn't so waited until the nurse came in and asked her to fix it. She was more concerned with how dirty they were and tried to pull them up past my knees. I bit her head off. Mostly because it took her two hours to get back to me about an order for Protonix (the resident MD's are in house so there was no reason it took 2 hours) and partially because no crap they are dirty and stretched out I've had them for 6 days without being washed, I've walked and walked and walked in them...Anyway, Here's to hoping I can go home today.

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    • GMaJen

      Had surgery last Thursday, so I've been home for 2 days as of 15 minutes ago.  I weighed more when I got discharged than when I went in despite only having eaten a Jello cup in 2 days, but I put that down to inflammation. This morning I weighed a little less than I went in.  I sneezed last night and my fiance saw me cry for the first time, and we've been together 16 years. I took my multivitamin first thing this morning and threw up. Kept it down after drinking 4oz protein shake. Yogurt gives me diarrhea, water hurts more than the fuller liquids, and my stomach is turning somersaults and I think I'm hungry because I'm used to interpreting it that way, but I have no desire to eat.
      My biggest problem is that I am used to being busy.  I own a business and I've been getting active on these boards, and when I'm on my laptop I forget to drink. Will I hurt myself if I drink faster?  I've been scheduling 4oz every 30 minutes with breaks before and after meals.  Is it too fast to drink 4 oz in 15 min to get caught up on what I missed?
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    • New To This23

      tl:dr at bottom,
      I could use some advice. I went to see my dietician today (not a bariatric surgery dietician, I can explain why I am seeing her if you want to know). She knows I am going to have weight loss surgery as long as I hit the goal weight my insurance told me I need to be at. I have to be at the goal weight by June 24, 2023, in order for my insurance to pay for my surgery.
      I had a weigh in the doctor's office a couple of days ago and weighed 301, my scale at home said 302. However, on the same day, the scale at a friend's house said 313. 
      I knew I had this Dietician appointment two days later and I knew she would weigh me. I continued to weigh myself at home (after getting new batteries) and I was at 302 then 299 and today at home I weighed 303, right before my appointment, when I got to her office I was weighed and it said 313.
      I am concerned about what to believe since the doctor's office and my scale show similar numbers. I also bought a new scale today and it said 313. 
      The Dietician told me I needed to eat more protein, which honestly I struggle with. she said I needed 150 grams!!  I said are you kidding? that seems like a lot.  She used my weight to come up with this number. 
      Should I really be trying to eat enough protein for a 300-lb person or should I be eating protein for a goal-weight person (mine is 170)?   
      also, my clothing is loose like I lost the 20 lbs mine and the doctor's scale shows, and not 10 lbs like everyone else's scale shows. Also, I have always naturally been more muscular even when I was 120 lbs and did not eat any protein aside from what is in plants. 
      tl:dr- should I be eating enough protein to support a 300lb person or should I be eating protein for a "normal" sized person? AND should I trust the Doctors scale more so than the Dietician's scale? 
      · 1 reply
      1. GMaJen

        I had the same issue. My scale was 6 pounds heavier than my bariatric doctor's. My scale agreed with my nutritionist's scale. I asked my bariatric doctor to have her scale recalibrated and she said it was a really expensive scale, so she trusted it. So, when it comes down to it, the scale that matters isn't the one that's right, it's the one that determines if you get your surgery or not. I would ask her when it was last calibrated and see if she will calibrate it. The difference is I Iost weight so well on the lifestyle change diet that I had to stop losing weight or risk not getting the surgery.

    • Seif_s88

      Post-gastric sleeve, lost 86 kg, gained 30 kg back. Cravings & balance struggles. Any tips? Let's chat! 💪😊
      · 1 reply
      1. Tink22-sleeve

        Hi I can relate... When were you sleeved?

    • KatieB_2706

      Hi everyone!
      My name is Katie and I am looking for an accountability partner! I am having the RNY on April 3, 2023 - If there is someone looking for daily communication and support PLEASE contact me! I am so excited for this but I would love to have someone who knows exactly when I'm going through to support / be supported by along the way!
      I'm a 34year old mother of 2 living in central Maine. 
      Thank you!
      -Katie 💜
      · 2 replies
      1. Sonicnova82


        I would love to be your accountability partner. I had the sleeve in 2021, so maybe I can give you some insights.

        Please message me back, looking forward to hearing from you!


      2. New To This23

        Hi! How exciting I see that your surgery date is coming up soon!

    • Michelle90

      Thank you all for your advice and recommendations with surgery coming up. Just got my surgery time and it’s becoming more real that it’s so close!! 
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