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Hi everyone in Brissy,

I am going to be self paying the whole amount of my surgery from Super. Would anyone who was banded in Brisbane Australia be willing to share the amount that they paid? I'd like to shop around but am willing to pay more for a better surgeon. Thankyou.


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Hi there, I was banded by Dr Blair Bowden, at the Wesley Private Hospital in Brisbane... There are so many outlays of money, but it was a total of around $19,000.. but the hospital refunds about $3000, and medicare give back about $450. The price is a total between the dietitian, phsycologist, the surgeon, anesthesist, the actual band and the hospital. Dr Bowden, also does one public band surgery at the Royal Brisbane, per month, by doing it this way, you will save about $6000- $7000, but you need to book in well in advance to secure your date. My sister is doing this.

I know that Dr Bowden is one of the more expensive sugeons in brisbane, but I cant recommend him highly enough. He was worth every cent..

I hope this has helped you out a little.. Best of luck

xx Nene

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Thanks Nene, I really appreciate your reply - thankyou:smile:

Dr Bowden sounds awesome and actually a few people on here have commented as to how good he is. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with DR Copp because I've heard equally positive things about him and he's a little cheaper at $17,500 plus I can have all my appointments in Ipswich which is closer for me. It's all very exciting, I'm just concerned now about getting it approved by APRA and also my doctor agreeing that it's a life-threatening condition. I haven't weighed myself for probably over a year but I know I'm more than 110kgs - still my old doctor wouldn't write the letter so it's made me a little worried.

I can't wait for everything to stop aching and to be able to move around like I am my real age again instead of 70 (I"m not even halfway to 70 yet but feel like it most days LOL). I'm sure you can relate to some of these from the past and I really appreciate your reply. Hope all is going beautifully for you.

Kind regards,

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I was done by Dr Martin from the wesley at the p.a. He wasn't to bad but his bedside manner is something left to be desired. Recently I had to have an unfill and because martin was away blair bowden was called and he told my nurse to take it all out so at the moment I've never met blair but I don't like him lol. Money wise, I didn't pay anything mainly because I have alot of health issues, if you do decide to go private find out if you can get it done at the p.a because they do intermediate or something procedures that end up being cheaper for private patients. Good luck =)

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Hi Sarah, thankyou so much for that info:smile: It's good to hear all the different experiences in Brisbane. I'm not sure what an intermediate procedure is so I'll have to check it out. Hope you get a fill again soon, that would be very frustrating I'd imagine! Again thankyou!

Best wishes,

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Geees Dr Martin has been bloody awesome to me. One of the nicest men I have ever met. He also has another Doctor that does fills when he is busy. I got in with one days notice. I have had to have an adjustment as I was assaulted at work and my band slipped. Dr Martin and Pauline have been wonderful have gone way beyond the call, even rang me at home to check on me afterwards.

For my surgery I paid $10000 in total and i got about 1000 back in total that was all inclusive and fills are covered under medicare permanently. Dr Martin does you as a private patient in a public hospital helps with the cost

So sorry Sarah you havent had a good experience with Dr Martin He is my life saver and extremely supportive for me

Good luck whichever way you go

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    • Apple1

      As I was running this morning I was thinking. I am enthusiastic and determined after having WLS to get healthy and increase my fitness. I am doing this for me and no one else. The negativity and sometimes downright stupidity that I read on here does not have to impact me at all. 
      So as much as I think I could help some others I am not going to enter into the craziness. I am going to stick with my status and the thread my friend and fellow sleeve sister @Newme17 started. 
      Running is getting easier day by day. I ran 1.5 miles today with no walk breaks. I think I am done with walking.... it feels so good to say that.
      Have a great day everyone!!
      · 1 reply
      1. Newme17

        It is wise to live your life quietly (no drama) so others may take notice of the good in you. (There's a lovely scripture about that somewhere). 😊

        Good job on the 1.5 with no breaks. That is awesome!

    • Little Green

      I got my Fitbit set up! Let me know your username and I'll add you!
      · 0 replies
      1. This update has no replies.
    • Lexington1020

      Post op Day 22...
      So the dreaded stall is here....first I was angry,sad,depressed. I think I might have gone through every emotion possible in a matter of a few days...oh lets add confusion. I have been reading too much into other peoples journeys and I simply must stop. I took a break from FB, next might be insta.....then today I was just researching more about the stall and I found a thread were this woman made perfect sense....
      "Please remember, Weight Loss Surgery is NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle change which requires patience, diligence, mindfulness, change of old habits, etc.; it’s not a quick fix. It really does sound like you are doing very well and you just need to keep going and be kind and loving to yourself and embrace your success right where you are."
      I have been expecting fast results when my body is still healing, my wounds are not even all the way closed up. I am doing more damage by fretting or physicking myself out. I need to relax and continue with my new lifestyle and give it to the Lord. My body is so tired, I get tired in the shower washing my hair. I also think I am about to have a visit from Aunt maybe that is playing a part. I felt more bloated and have been having those hunger pains more (usually I eat more during my time of the month) I also saw some candy and wanted it. I only liked candy during my time of the month.
      Also there are a few people on this site who like to give backhanded compliments. Or even advice, this site does have wonderful information but sometimes the threads can go crazy and too many people have an opinion. Just going to keep doing what I am doing and walk more. I have been doing my correct water intake and staying within my approved foods. 
      I hope everyone has a wonderful day! 
      · 2 replies
      1. MSinger

        If there is one piece of advice I can give every recent post op person, it's do not weigh yourself for the first month. There is just too much going on, particularly water weight fluctuations. Now is the time to let yourself heal and focus on your nutrition goals. With as little as we consume, there is no way you will not lose, but there is just too much going on to get an accurate reading. You put lots of sage advice in your own post, so make sure you are truly following what you are writing, especially the self-love and care aspects. You are doing great!

      2. MowryRocks

        Backhanded compliments, online? Never! #sarcasm Just remember that your journey is yours and it will play out like it is supposed to for you. It seems like you have a good head about the situation and you are aware of pre-op triggers rearing their ugly head post-op. The 3 week stall is the least troublesome of all the stalls. The only kicker is that it is the first. Get through this one, continue to be successful and show the naysayers that you've got this!

    • MowryRocks

      I'll be 9 months post op this week, 90lbs down.  I've been stalled at 200lbs since 07/01/2017, just waiting for the descent into Onderland.  Staying on plan and working out 5 days a week since mid-June and nothing...not an ounce.  Was looking over my fitbit data today and noticed that since the first my body fat percentage has dropped from 42.5 to 37.2%, so that's something!
      · 2 replies
      1. OutsideMatchInside

        I bounced around at 200,201,202 for what seemed like a long time, I can't remember how long it was now, maybe 2-3 weeks, maybe a week. Then I never hit 199, I was 198, lol.

      2. Lexington1020

        That is something! Keep up the great work! :)

    • Jeffrey Stern

      It seems I've hit raw nerve with Greensleevie. According to her everyone fails at the bariatric surgery no matter what. And only she knows better because she has experience so all the doctors and nutritionists and all the programs that the hospital has put me through to make sure I do have a successful outcome are full of crap because Greensleevie says so. 
       So what is the point of going through all this if there is no hope for a successful outcome.  According to her I don't have the will to have a good outcome. I MUST FAIL and she says so. Weeee goes a very sad and depressing road to no where. So if she fails or has a hard go of it...than everyone else must follow suit. NO ONE can have a positive experience and have good and healthy life after bariatric surgery. Again what's the point of going through this ??? 
      I am told I'm immature and  I protest too much because I'm a "newbie" I don't get to say how I should live my life... I must be a moron.
      Any one out there looking for positive feedback or a good role-model or some positive reinforcement look some place else... this is sickening
      I have made a conscious decision to be the best and healthiest I can be. Why does that bother people. Too much negative feed back I must say good-bye this is very sad and I won't be a part of it.  
      · 7 replies
      1. MowryRocks

        I'm 9 months post op, down 90lbs. I have been in the gym 5 days a week. I follow my plan. I've had no complications. I have no intention of looking back or failing. You can join my bandwagon...:)

      2. jkppt

        Not everyone fails nor does everyone succeed. I am more than 3 years post gastric bypass. I have lost and maintained weight loss of 115+lb for almost 2 years. Despite naysayers, you determine your course. Choose to succeed and you well choose to fail and you will. Forums are a wonderful support system but, all to often, can bring out the negative side of people. You are doing well. Stay your course and navigate by the critics.

      3. Greensleevie

        I said no such thing. Re read my posts.

        As I said, you protest too much. Almost as if you constantly have to reassure yourself that you're not going to fail. As much as you're going on and on about this, looks like I hit a nerve with you. Look at you. You just can't let it go.

        It's actually kind of funny.

      4. Apple1

        I don't think it is funny at all. I think you @Greensleevie should let it go.

      5. Newme17

        @GreensleevieThat was uncalled for hon, you're just trying to stir up more trouble/feelings and it's not nice nor funny. Please let it go hon.

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