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    Its monthly weigh in time. I weigh myself and take measurements around the 4th of every month. Small changes continue. I joined a gym recently. Cant wait to start going.
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    I have to admit fitting into a size 14 that I haven't been able to wear since the 90's was quite thrilling and shocking. I am surprised that I keep getting surprised. They were cute too and in the clearance aisle at Target.
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    Pre-Workout Food Recommendations

    When I was running into similar problems - not specifically light headedness, but an energy wall - after about an hour in the pool, my RD at the time suggested that a common recommendation for pre workout is something that his relatively high in complex carbohydrate, moderate in protein, and low to moderate in fats. Extra protein ahead of time did not do much by my experimenting, but that bit of extra complex carb did - it allowed me to break through that wall. It seems that with the complex carb, you will get that extra bit of insulin lift an hour or two after consumption, so that helps to fill in the energy gap you get at that time; at least it worked for me. I also didn't find that I needed it on days that I was only doing weight work, even when that lasted 90 min or so, only on swimming days. YMMV. For convenience, I ultimately settled on a small meat and cheese sandwich, with a good quality multigrain bread (or toasted.) That may or may not fit with your needs at two months out (I was about four months out when I was playing with this.) IIRC, my now RD nephew used to use some of the original CLIF bars that had a similar profile for this, so that may be something to look into. But that rough macro profile seemed to be the main trick - more fat or protein didn't do much for me, but the complex carb did (and I was never agonizingly low carb to begin with.) Calorically, it was mostly just a reshuffling of what I was already consuming, just rescheduled. Your plan at this time is somewhat limiting, but maybe some high fiber fruit - berries or the like - as the complex carb may do it, Talk to your RD, as you may get some adjustments to your allowance to accommodate your needs - this would not be unusual for those who are more active than average, as the plans are written with the averages in mind. Good luck, and have fun, but also don't overdo it - it's easy to do, particularly with trainers!
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    Old Salt

    A lot of scary information

    In my opinion, people tend to post difficulties/problems more so than positive issues mainly because they are seeking advice or comfort. Not many people post just to say their Bariatric surgery is going great. Now to answer was it worth it? For me, YES. I did not find it that difficult of a surgery or diet to follow. Was it all fun? no. But the results are fun! Keep a positive attitude and enjoy the ride.
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    February 2023 surgery dates!

    M, it’s great that you found your excitement! I feel this is a positive life decision and I want to get this tool done to aide in changing my life for the better. How long have you been waiting? Which surgery did you select?
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    February 2023 surgery dates!

    Hi All! I’m booked for Feb 13. I’m excited as I’ve waited a year and was crushed when insurance said no. I’m looking for a Gastric Roux En Y buddy.
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    Teresa Eschenbaum

    February 2023 surgery dates!

    I am scheduled on Feb 7th and our stats are very similar! Good luck to you!
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    February 2023 surgery dates!

    I have sleeve surgery scheduled for the 20th of February.
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    Hey Kitty! I am fairly new to this too but I have done similar research using my top notch Google search skills! I do have a surgery date - June 22! Excited! I do have 3 children, mostly grown...2 in college & one graduated from college last year. Also, 2 'almost' step-sons...19 & 21. I have been very very selective in who I talk to about WLS. I have a job that is fairly high profile and they don't need to know anything other than I am working hard to lose weight & get healthy! Would love a few WLS friends to 'chat' with!! Moe
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    Before and After Pics

    Down 125 pounds in 7 months. Here are my pics

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