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  1. I lost 23lbs on the liquid diet so far
  2. I know right they’re so sweet it’s like, make a savory one to offset the sweet one I spoke to my nutritionist and they said I could strain soups too and they also said I can do less sodium instead of low because low is unbearable
  3. 5th day of my liquid boy oh boy this diet is no joke don't really miss the food that much but my sense of smell is heightened lol....I got up to 144 oz of water yesterday. also if you're getting chicken broth or beef broth make sure you get the low sodium and not the 50% less sodium version I got that, the first time and there's about 400mg of sodium. Now if you only plan on having broth once a day like I was doing that might be fine because the low sodium which is unlimited on my pre-op diet has about 70 to 90 MG of sodium so it's like having 4 cups. also i got premier protein pre-made shakes for my liquid diet and there a lot of info saying it's not fortified enough for the liquid diet so I added a multivitamin and fiber.
  4. smb2886

    Liquid Diet Struggles

    Thank you for the info! I did finally get to experience the bowel movement. I wasn't sure if I was going to at all or if it would be difficult form the lack of Fiber, or what! I'm definitely staying hydrated. Thank you again! I had my bowel movement today I don’t know if it was because my last meal was steak but boy did it take along time to pass you would think staying hydrated from all the liquids would help it pass but it didn’t I started taking vitamins and I might add a probiotic and electrolytes to help
  5. smb2886

    Liquid Diet Struggles

    Yea it’s tough I just finished day two my sense of smell has been heightened all food smell really good but I just have to remind myself why I’m doing this. I haven’t had a bowel movement yet and I have to pee every 15 minutes
  6. I have the same date how’s your liquid diet going I’ve been fine all day not really that hungry
  7. Had my last dinner at Peter Lugers tonight it was amazing I’m going to get dessert and then no solids for a while
  8. If anyone is looking for a good place to get protein shakes Sams club seems to be cheaper than Costco
  9. Just found out our surgeries are a week apart mine on the 14th hers on the 22nd
  10. Me and my fiancé are doing this together she wanted her surgery on the 15th. Unfortunately it’s not happening, her surgeon doesn’t have surgeries that day. It’s funny because we could’ve had a romantic liquid diet dinner and vitamin chews lol
  11. That feeling that something can impede it is killing me
  12. Good news!!! insurance just approved my surgery now all I have to do is wait for pre surgery testing and medical clearance from my pcp
  13. Gastric Sleeve surgery on Feb 14th
  14. smb2886

    January 2023

    Close Feb 14th

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