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  1. Hey all, it's been a bit since I was on here last. So, I figured I'd talk about the appointments so far. I'm still pre op and don't have a surgery date yet and I more than likely won't for awhile. Which sucks🤷‍♀️ but oh well, we all know it takes time. I had my first official appointment last month with my first official weigh in! They gave me a weight loss goal to reach which they want me to be in 150 to 155. According to the BMI chart that still makes me overweight, but that gave my that goal so that I dont get discouraged and its more realistic.My ultimate weight loss goal is to get down to 125. I've been overweight/obese my whole life and I just want my weight to be considered a normal weight, you know? Probably not a good mind set right? I already had one of the classes I need to take required by the surgical team. Which was the importance of exercise. Which went great. I also met up with the bariatric psychiatrist for a mental health evaluation. This week I have a huge appointment coming up on Friday. The appointment consists of a bundle of testing. Blood work, EKG, chest xray(I believe). I meet up with the nutritionist, I meet up with the physical therapist too (I think that is what it is) and after all of that I have a regular followup appointment to go over the bundle testing that day. So Friday is going to be a long day haha. The next appointment after that is another follow up and lastly I have a behavior modification class scheduled for October. After those appointments I think all that's left is another appointment with the nutritionist, another class and follow up appointments. What are the appointments you guys have to go through before even getting a surgery date? sorry for all the writing, but this is the only place I can really talk about it since I want to keep this journey to myself. Until I am ready to announce to people. Which that won't be until I lose a significant amount of weight. Thanks for listening!
  2. I was just wondering if there were any people around my age range who have or are getting surgery. Can we be some kind of buddies or something? Lol
  3. Hey everyone! I havent had surgery yet, but I was thinking maybe it'd be good idea to get some recipes for liquid, pureed and solid stages of food. I want to do this the right way this time and follow it to a T. Also, do you all drink just water? I have a hard time getting 64 ounces in. I'm addicted to soda. Well I only have 1 to 2 cans a day or 3. How do you avoid it? Lastly, I have a sweet tooth, what are your favorite "healthy" versions of sweets if you have any that won't really make sick. Probably best to stay away all together, huh?
  4. I'm just curious if that could be another reason why I get depressed?
  5. I would really like to not drink it when it's allowed after surgery. I would feel like im going back to bad habits. I could live off of sugar free iced tea over drinking soda or anything with bubbles. I know it'd be hard to stay away from it, but I know some people who hate soda, so I'm hopeful that I can stay away from it
  6. You can use the bubly drops without using the soda stream device? I mean I have one and never used it same with some of the flavors. Never knew you could use the flavors
  7. I really want to get exercising again. I know it'll help. I'd also like to do yoga too. I always hear that it's great for depression. I will start doing this
  8. What is zero water? I can't stand our water pitcher, it doesn't taste as good as Poland spring water. But since I don't have Poland spring eater here all the time, I have to drink the filtered water. That sounds good tho. I hope my taste buds change to the point where I don't crave sweets anymore. Water with lemon is so good!. What are bubly drops?
  9. Good luck! When I did the preop diet back in 09, it definitely was hard, but got easier. If you're allowed, put a serving of frozen fruit in with your protein shake and blend it. That is one thing I would've done and I'm going to do when I have the preop diet. Keep yourself busy. And make sure to have the sugar free versions of your fav foods or drinks. Sf jello, sf pudding, sf Popsicles, sg fudgicles, sf drink mixes like Crystal light or sugar free iced tea and gatorade/sf Powerade. You know. But like I said, I highly recommend keeping yourself busy
  10. Yay! So exciting!! How long have you been on the process for?
  11. I'm going to be working on staying away from soda as much as possible. I'm going to try to get the zero sugar gatorades and diet lemon iced tea. This will hopefully make that part easier and if I got used to it now, it'll make it easier for the long run. No way, after I get the surgery, I don't want to risk it lol. I know it'll be hard since I think it's the bubbles I like. For sweets, I wanna try and make healthier sweets like I did last year. (If you want to try it, it's 1/2 c plain non fat greek yogurt, 2 tbsp sugar free fat free pudding mix, 1 tbsp zero calorie sweetener (or 2 tbsp if you want it a little sweeter). Mix and top on strawberries. 2 tbsp reddi whip and 1tsp sprinkles of you want. It's really good and low in calories. I know when there's parties and events where there are foods I love, it's going to be hard. I mean everything is okay in moderation. Right? I'd be worried if I'm at a party somewhere else instead of home, that I'd get sick. So, what I've seen with a youtuber, her and her husband bring their own portioned out foods. What foods can you not tolerate? What's a lolly bar? I guess what you can do is avoid it or have something small to satisfy yourself. Is the flavored Protein powder fruity?
  12. When I had lapband before, I didn't drink soda for like 3 months. It was my cousins wedding and I had a Shirley temple. It did make me feel tight with the band. I obviously know that the only way to stop drinking soda is to not buy it. My brother drinks it and he's not really overweight. (I live with family) but we also have diet sprite. Only my mom, me, and my brother really drink soda. Since they're not in need of losing weight, then I don't want to take it away from them, eventhough, we should all stop drinking it. So, there's that, I want to avoid it if I can. When I was on weight watchers, I didn't drink soda as much. I do have some crystal light packets and the strawberry lemonade ones are good. I know when I had the lapband, we could have diet iced tea and the diet gatorade.. if I can I really want to cut as much sugar as I can. I seriously want to do this right. It's annoying that people think ill still fail. I like yogurts and I find those to ne sweet enough. I eat the chobani Greek yogurts or dannon Greek yogurt. Shockingly I do like a lot of sugar free stuff. I will have to check those recipes out
  13. I had lapband before, and I was doing it all wrong
  14. I think this is why they have us see a bariatic therapist before surgery. See if you can set an appointment up with one to help you through it?
  15. That's great! It's going alright on my end. I wish the appointments would come faster. I want to get a surgery date. My first official appointment is at the end of July. I think the 20th. It's a bummer that I have to go through all of the appointments again like I did when I had the lapband. But it's because I haven't been there in 9 years. So did you lost 55 pounds before surgery? What are your meals like?
  16. How is the weight loss going so far?
  17. What's a mini gastric bypass??
  18. Hey everyone, I'm 31 and I am dead set on bypass. 🙂 Where is everyone from?
  19. Erin18


    TBT= throw back Thursday MCM= man crush Monday WCW= woman crush Wednesday BBL= Brazilian butt lift POV= point of view SMH=shaking my head SAHM= Stay at home mom ILY= I love you There's many more. Hope I'm allowed to add lol
  20. Hey everyone! I haven't been on here I'm quite some time. Because of that, no one knows that I used to have the lapband. Which when I had to get the revision surgery, they poked a hole in my stomach which cause me to get an abscess. 2 days after that surgery, I had to get my lapband removed. That was 9 years ago. I gained back everything I lost and right now, I'm 45 pounds over that starting weight. After that scary day, it struggled losing the weight. 2015 I tried weight watchers and joined a gym. I was 10 pounds more than i was when I got the lapband. I lost 42 pounds. My membership ended and I lost my motivation and gained it back! 2018 I tried keto. It works, but it was definitely too restrictive for me and the recipes weren't that get! Last year I was at my highest weight ever (I was 4 pounds above that this year) I tried eating the way we are supposed to be eating. I lost almost 25 pounds with portion control. I slowly lost focus, determination and I was becoming depressed because of someone I really liked. He was just crushing me. I of course gained it all back and like I said, and extra 4 pounds. It sucks! I remember coming on here saying I want to get the surgery, but everyone I told was telling me not to do it and telling me I don't need surgery to just eat healthier. I was told that everyone is scared that they will lose me and if they lose me then they'll probably lose my son. It's definitely a scary thing to think about, but you can lose me with the way I'm going now. SO, I think I said everything I wanted to say before I write what I've about to write and that is, I want to try to lose the weight before going through with surgery. If I can't lose about 85 pounds by this time next year then I will start up the process again. I know some people will tell me "surgery is the easy way out" and I know it's not any easier than losing it on your own. Now, I have a few questions. How much is everyone able to eat at each meal? What are foods you need to avoid? I'm planning on RNY, do you notice your insides being rearranged? How was your recovery?
  21. Anything that gets your heart pumping is good. I was planning on buying clothes from Shein when the weight loss starts. They're not high quality like American eagle, but the clothes are cute. They're hit or miss, but maybe purchase a few pieces of clothing?
  22. I was planning about 6 or so months. I got my first appointment set up today after the information meeting! I could have gotten in this month with my first appointment, but other appointments interfered with that. So it is next month on the 19th. It feels so far away! But at least I'm on the way to getting it. It will probably be November or december before getting a date. I also plan on eating better in the meantime to help with the weightloss when I get the surgery

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