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  1. Write what YOU eat in a day. I'm nosy and would like to know. Also, maybe it'll give me some food ideas. I'm almost 8 months out. Getting bored of some foods. If you've had stalls, what do YOU do to break those stalls?
  2. I know how that is! But you will get there!!
  3. Erin18


    Hey all, Yes I have a thyroid problem and the doctors already know. I've been on thyroid medication since 2016. The team did blood work and said it was a little high but not enough to change my dosage. She saw my hair and she recommended taking a collagen supplement. I like the taste of the Spring Valley collagen + Biotin sugar free liquid supplement (sorry I didn't mention it was a liquid or that it was together). I'm also 7 months post op. The hair shedding has slowed down a lot at this point. I really do feel a difference in my hair. It feels softer. I've always had fine hair. It's just since I had surgery, it looks super thin on the top of my head on the left side of my part and only really can be seen if I put my hair up in a bun or pony. Makes me feel a little self conscious. But I do know it'll go back to normal eventually or at least I hope lol. I want to start using the vital proteins collagen powder. And get a new protein powder. Have one of each per day. I definitely lack protein and I know that's a huge factor. For the past few months it's been difficult deciding on what to eat with protein that isn't eggs. I have found a pancake mix with 15g of protein in it and it's actually the best protein pancake mix I've found, but I don't want pancakes every day. I get sick of things quick now since I've had the surgery.
  4. I see my dietician in August along with my surgeon and I also will be getting bloodwork done. Thank you for the tips/suggestions. The 1200 calories was a day that I had. The example wasn't the 1200 calorie day. I'm gonna take out bread or if I want bread/bread type products, just have half. I don't eat bread related foods every day. I try to stay away from junkfood. Alot of the times it's always in my face and I live with family, I've mentioned before to put it in a place where it's not in my face. It's always usually on the counter. Right now, yogurt is still turning my stomach just of the thought about it, but hopefully I can add it back in my diet. I love cheesesticks, protein drinks with 20g of protein, jello I need to make some, been loving cherries lately and apples. Have to pick up some strawberries. Does anyone eat and then at the 15 minute mark they get sick of what they're eating? So you stop? I have some recipes for bariatric meals, I need to whip that back out and make a grocery list. Plus I also follow a lot of people on tik tok and youtube. I also need to get back to eating egg, tuna or chicken salad again. What do you eat it with? Vegetables?
  5. It sucks to not see the scale moving. It makes me feel like im failing. I know it's normal, but ahh! I only lost 39.5 pounds since surgery (2/21/23). What could I be doing wrong? What could I do to get it moving again? Am I eating too many calories? I don't even know how many calories I'm supposed to be having. I don't have anything in my papers. One things for sure, a lot of stuff doesn't feel like I get restriction? The only thing I can't eat really so far is bread, pancakes/waffles. That I know of. I know each meal is supposed to be 3 to 4 ounces. How do you guys figure out your entire meal size. 2oz protein, 1 ounce veggies, 1 ounce starch? Ugh. My next appointment is the 25th or 26th
  6. Thank you so much. How much should I be losing by week 7? I lost 29.9 pounds so far since surgery
  7. Anyone have favorite Starbucks drinks for after surgery? Like iced coffees and fappucinnos? Can they make Frappuccinos bariatric friendly?
  8. Coffee and tea is allowed on my plan. I drink coffee once in a blue moon tho. Soy, almond and coconut milk are all allowed on my plan and I have unsweetened vanilla almond milk and even before surgery. It tastes great in things, but non fat has more protein. It is hard to get in the calories. But super hard to get in the fluids and protein for me too.
  9. I didnt know they had smaller sizes. That would be good for me because I'm not a huge coffee drinker lol
  10. I cant believe that tomorrow I will be 5 weeks post op. Half the time when I eat a meal, when I'm half way through it, my stomach is like "I don't like thos anymore". I havent started tracking yet. To me it seems hard because If I don't eat all of it, how do I know what the calories are or the protein? I'm still not getting enough protein. Or fluid still. What is everyone doing at this point of their post op? I see the dietician April 5th. I'm hoping she can give me some meal options. I want to start meal prepping. What is everyone's favorite meals at the soft solid stage? Anybody experience foods that they used to like, no longer like now? There's a lot I don't like now.
  11. I dont think so, I haven't had another one
  12. Is it okay if I can finish something? Other things I can't finish all of it.
  13. I'm getting sick of the protein shakes, they're definitely too sweet 😭 I could get unflavored protein powder to put in broths, but im not sure yet. Ahh I'm craving cheese
  14. I feel pretty great at the moment. My stomach only feels sore and the gas is what I'm feeling more as well. Let me know how the pureed food go for you! I feel like I'll be eating a lot of sugar free Popsicles. Is that what it felt like when you took a drink or ate jello/yogurt like air goes down then it comes back up? The Dr said it was normal
  15. You will be fine! I haven't had surgery yet, but I did have weight loss surgery before. I had lapband and it had to be removed in 2013 due to an abscess to the surgery I had to put the band back in place. But the after surgery wasn't bad, get up and walk to make sure you don't get blood clots, they usually give a shot in the stomach that helps prevent blood clots as well. When I had surgery before, I was so tired, I slept, got up walked around the hall and used my phone or their TV and fell asleep and repeat. Later that night I had nausea and I had that for 2 and a half months. So if you tend to get nausea, ask for something for that before going into surgery that day and if you have nausea after surgery, they will give you some nausea medicine. Getting up and out of the bed was a little hard for me. I had someone help me out of the bed. Everyone is different. Some can get up easier than others. With lapband, I only had to stay over night. With bypass I'm staying 3 days. Your stomach/abdomen will be sore for about a week or so, depending. Bring a pillow for the ride home! It really helps with any bumps along the way home! Good luck!
  16. Good luck to everyone who has surgeries feb 1st through the 3rd!
  17. I started in June too!
  18. I'm scared too, but we will be fine! I've done the preop diet before when I had lapband in 2009. It's not all that bad, I started to get sick of the protein shakes. Then again, I only had one flavor, so definitely grab a few different ones. The only thing that is really different this time that I can remember is that I'm allowed one meal a day up until the day before surgery (I'll have to see if a few days before surgery is different)
  19. Yay! I'm having bypass, you?
  20. I had my last appointment today! Now, I'm just waiting for a surgery date!! Super excited, but things just got more real haha...NERVOUS-ISH!
  21. Good idea. I was actually gonna call my insurance to see if there were anything better
  22. I'm that person too. I wish I went for it back when I decided the first time I wanted to get surgery again. Back in 2014. But I let people get in the way of that
  23. Hey everyone, I'm 31 and I am dead set on bypass. 🙂 Where is everyone from?
  24. Hey everyone! I haven't been on here I'm quite some time. Because of that, no one knows that I used to have the lapband. Which when I had to get the revision surgery, they poked a hole in my stomach which cause me to get an abscess. 2 days after that surgery, I had to get my lapband removed. That was 9 years ago. I gained back everything I lost and right now, I'm 45 pounds over that starting weight. After that scary day, it struggled losing the weight. 2015 I tried weight watchers and joined a gym. I was 10 pounds more than i was when I got the lapband. I lost 42 pounds. My membership ended and I lost my motivation and gained it back! 2018 I tried keto. It works, but it was definitely too restrictive for me and the recipes weren't that get! Last year I was at my highest weight ever (I was 4 pounds above that this year) I tried eating the way we are supposed to be eating. I lost almost 25 pounds with portion control. I slowly lost focus, determination and I was becoming depressed because of someone I really liked. He was just crushing me. I of course gained it all back and like I said, and extra 4 pounds. It sucks! I remember coming on here saying I want to get the surgery, but everyone I told was telling me not to do it and telling me I don't need surgery to just eat healthier. I was told that everyone is scared that they will lose me and if they lose me then they'll probably lose my son. It's definitely a scary thing to think about, but you can lose me with the way I'm going now. SO, I think I said everything I wanted to say before I write what I've about to write and that is, I want to try to lose the weight before going through with surgery. If I can't lose about 85 pounds by this time next year then I will start up the process again. I know some people will tell me "surgery is the easy way out" and I know it's not any easier than losing it on your own. Now, I have a few questions. How much is everyone able to eat at each meal? What are foods you need to avoid? I'm planning on RNY, do you notice your insides being rearranged? How was your recovery?
  25. Anything that gets your heart pumping is good. I was planning on buying clothes from Shein when the weight loss starts. They're not high quality like American eagle, but the clothes are cute. They're hit or miss, but maybe purchase a few pieces of clothing?

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