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    surgery date Dec 5 <br /> <br /> ABOUT ME:<br /> I’m Sarah, New Yorker. swiftie, prolific typo generator <br /> <br /> I have a senior level professional job and work from home most days of the week. I hate failing and I think that’s why weight has been such a hindrance for me, it’s feels like a personal failure. <br /> <br /> My WLS decision:<br /> I’ve been overweight most of my life but for a few years after a prior 120lb weight loss associated with disordered eating about 10 years ago. Needless to say most of that weight was gained back in recovery and then some yo-yoing down 50 and up 60 every other year to follow. I imagine many of you can relate to this story. <br /> <br /> Though I’ve thought about wls surgery for sometime my blood panels and other levels were still in healthy range only my weight was an outlier. But then COVID came and especially terrified me - I was scared if I caught it I would be at risk to lose my life. I made efforts on my own to lose weight and like past attempts I shed 50lbs and was really good for 6 months but then something happens at work and I prioritize that above myself and before I know it I’ve gains it back. This last year I found myself of the gain side of the yo-yo and for the first time being afraid to sit in some chairs, after break a plastic deck chair. I noticed I was keeping myself in bc I was disgusted with myself, holding myself back from dating, from living, and carrying myself with little confidence, with little to look forward to. <br /> <br /> The tipping point: <br /> I went to my nieces dance recital and could barely squeeze into the auditorium seat. I needed to make a permanent change. Two months later I had my first consult for surgery and here I am ready Dec 5 surgery.<br /> <br />
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    Im pretty active and close my Apple Watch rings most days. I love to swim and do swim laps 30-60 minutes/day - 4-5/days a week. Outside of swimming I love to read, wander the hiking trails in Central Park, volunteer for campaigns and causes I care about, writing, and travel anywhere are everywhere in spite of dreaded airline seats :)
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