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  1. summerseeker

    Hard to eat 6 days out

    Whoa, be careful with the salt, It will dehydrate you more. If I could suggest something, get some cranberry juice and get as much down you as possible. Its great for bladder issues. Lots of us are not allowed food for a few weeks and I know that until I got onto real solid food and anti nausea tablets that I suffered terribly.
  2. My package had a 2 year lifespan. I could see them every month if I needed to and I did in the beginning. That lasted about 9 months because I had some problems. The last year was 2 x quarterly and a last check in at 2 years for my pat on the back. I enjoyed my visits because I did well at weight loss, unlike weight watchers etc where I would just stall for months on end. All the while enduring the ritual non humiliation/ seething jealousy that these groups use to motivate
  3. summerseeker

    Liver Shrinkage Diet struggles

    Here we have Bovril in jars and cubes. I forgot about these. A different flavour low cal drink. I had them after surgery because it was winter and wicked cold.
  4. summerseeker

    Incision area bulge after Gastric Bypass

    Are they possibly keloid scars ? You usually get them in areas where they can be rubbed. If so you will need steroid injections in them. That will stop them growing bigger. I had a big scar under my arm pit from a punctured lung and had to have this treatment. It worked.
  5. summerseeker


    I was always on and off a diet pre surgery, so I used a tracker on and off then as well. I never fail to fill mine in now. I have OCD so it settles my mind. Everyone finds a different way of their own. My week is usually - I have hungry days at 1600 cals and really low cal days at 650. in between I eat 1200 to 1500. I am trying to maintain. i can see all this on my tracker.
  6. summerseeker

    Liquid diet & tiredness

    Great insights. May I also add that we don't realise how much sugar is in our diets pre surgery and our bodies are really used to using this as energy. Take this away and oh boy the body slump is real. The symptoms can be extreme like the withdrawal from alcohol. Shakes, headaches, tiredness, skin irritation. I was allowed coffee and tea, I would have been a mess with out it. I just toned down the strength of it post op so that it was a little kinder to my new stomach. Doing the pre op diet can be as hard as pre op. Be kind to yourself
  7. I just postponed my life for a few years. Now I am skinny I can enjoy everything without guilt. Now if I want a cookie or a glass of wine its ok. This Christmas I had trifle for breakfast on Boxing day as I used too, hehe. I just had a smaller portion. It didn't bother my stomach this far out.
  8. summerseeker

    7 months post op

    You are doing so well and have many more months of weight loss in front of you. As a smaller person you will lose slower I lost weight for almost 2 years and then got to a size I was happy with. I increased my calories from 1200 to 1500 a day to find my maintenance calories. I don't do very much exercise but if I did then I would be able to eat more.
  9. I am outwardly fierce and confident. No one but my doctor, since high school has ever dared to mention my weight. I would deck them. Now they just say wow you look good, your new hair style suits you or think my husband has a mistress. There is loads of Exorcist head turning going on when we go out together. What they are saying behind my back has not as yet been heard by me. I am a big believer in Karma. What goes around always comes around with a heavy hammer.
  10. summerseeker

    Anyone else feeling down about 2024???

    I agree with everything the others have said. You have had so much to deal with. Book a holiday, it works wonders.
  11. summerseeker

    London or UK?

    Hi Miaaaagirl, As @Arabesque said. Your tiny stomach is full and the remainder sits painfully in your gullet. It still happens to me when I forget and eat too much or too quick. I love, love, love my restriction. Occasionally I will struggle with it for hours and be unable to drink while it passes. TMI. Then I have two choices, suffer it or make myself vomit. If I vomit the only thing that comes up is foamy watery liquid, we call this the foamies. I get immediate relief then. I have never had the old belly busting full to the brim feeling of old. Just the middle of the chest, damn I did it again feeling.
  12. summerseeker

    Energy Increase?

    How many calories are you getting in a day. Once I got to around 800 a day and got my protein and liquids in, then I began to really pick up
  13. summerseeker

    Energy Increase?

    Me. This. I was so disabled that I could just about hoover a room and then rest for the day. I would gasp just standing to iron a shirt. Cooking I did sat down as much as I could. I was supposed to be my husbands carer but more and more he was having to help me. It took me some time to get the right amounts of protein in so that I didn't feel tired but I slowly got there. Then it was like having a new battery pack in me. Super charged. What ever I want to do is so easy now. No wheezing, no hammering heart or palpitations It feels as if I have been given a huge gift. I walk everywhere I can because its such a pleasure. Occasionally I overdo it and the day after I know about it. I think this has a lot to do with having Fibromyalgia not the lack of calories.
  14. summerseeker

    Food Before and After Photos

    I like the thought of eating porridge better than actually eating it. I am always disappointed when I retry it. It just sits like a heavy alien in my stomach all day. I think this would be very useful if I need to loose some weight again. Two small bowls of it and I would be ok all day. I have never been a potato person. I much preferred rice, noodles or pasta. To me potatoes need lots of butter to make them edible, luckily that would make me get the foamies.
  15. If you could see your internal stitches or staples then you would not be pushing the boundary so soon. Imagine food stuck and rotting in the staples. Can you imagine how ill you would be ? What should be inside your stomach could end up on the outside. It could kill you. Will this dissuade you from the dark side ? Try to stick to your teams plan. Its worth it in the end
  16. summerseeker

    Help me weigh pros and cons?

    I am old, it has taken me years to save the money for this surgery. Had I the chance to do the surgery when I was younger, I would have jumped at it. In my late 50's I started to get more and more disabled. I was almost housebound. Now this woman has a great life, she goes on holiday by herself, volunteers in a charity shop and shops till she drops. I could never have dreamed my life would be so great. So I can not eat like my friends when we go out for meals, they think its an issue but I don't. This is the only issue I have ever encountered. Its always scary to have any surgery especially self elected ones. Our brains are built that way. Try to dismiss other peoples worries. They really do not have the right information. You may not decide to do the surgery now but I bet you have it further down the line and then wish you mustered your courage now. Like the TV ad says ' just do it'
  17. Hey we are all human and no one on here would or should be negative. You are only asking for help after all. Go food shopping, buy the good stuff, don't buy the rubbish. Use a food log, it keeps us accountable. I expect that I will be in the same boat next week with all the Christmas excesses and then I will have to really wind my neck in and get back into the swing of things. I allow myself a treat every day as I am at target - ish. My treats are 150 - 250 calories. I track at about 1500 calories a day. I rarely make my protein goals. My team are ok with what I manage though
  18. You look so good and even better, you look so happy. Huge congratulations
  19. summerseeker

    Post Op Sleeve 8 years

    Hello Joanne, You will find nothing but good wishes and support here. You have done really well to only have a regain 8 pounds in 8 years. Good luck with the hard work of loosing it again especially at this time of year.
  20. summerseeker

    Thanksgiving and not eating

    I had my surgery at the end of November, 2 years ago. I missed Christmas, TBH I did not care. I wanted this surgery all my life. I have a whole pile of Christmas's to come
  21. summerseeker

    Surgery on Monday

    Congratulations on your will power to get this far, you will be fine. Its one of the safest surgeries around. To me you are doing the hardest part, the pre op diet really sucks. Let us know how you get on
  22. summerseeker

    sick after eating

    You need to go back to your team and get them to work it out. You should not be ill every time you eat. You will feel tired and yucky. You are getting no nutrients. I hope you get the answers you need What foods do you eat ? Are you sick if you have liquids ? Are your foods dry ? You are a little late for a stricture so that can not be the problem. I occasionally vomit [ the foamies] because of over eating or drinking too quickly after food. I still take anti nausea and Gerd medication.
  23. summerseeker

    Movement and liquid diet ideas

    I made my own broth. I put 2 whole chickens in a large pan with water and a few carrots and onions and any herbs I had. I let it simmer for 4 hours. I strained it and froze it in bags. Also, I used packet chicken noodle soup and strained the noodles out of it. We also have dried beef cubes called OXO that we stir into boiling water. My favourite is Bovril, its very beefy. My team were not big on protein before and early after surgery. So these drinks were ok for me. You can add protein
  24. summerseeker

    Gastric Sleeve Side Effects

    Hello Danielle. I am light years out from periods but can say from reading on here women get very fertile after this surgery. If you are in the right age bracket and do not want a pregnancy, you need to take extra care. As we release fat cells that stored our hormones our bodies and minds are in chaos. I felt as if I was in the early days of pregnancy. Tearful, nausea and had mood swings. Yes I had hair loss, many / most of us do. Mine begun at about 4 months out. It is upsetting, I began to think I would need a wig and then I stopped shedding. I had my very long hair cut into a pixie cut. I have never heard anyone on here say that any formula no matter the expense, has worked for them. Your hair is dead as soon as it appears out of your scalp. The surgery accelerates the normal shedding cycle and new growth takes a while to catch up. I am still in the weight loss stage, its very slow now but I am still grateful for every pound. I have researched the next step and its a simple formula really. Eat enough calories each day for the daily quota your body needs. It seems 1500 - 2000 calories a day are where we need to be. You just need to find your own set point and stick to it. Good luck going forward
  25. summerseeker

    Apology letter to my rectum

    This made me smile. As a tiny tot, when my son ate corn it appeared in his nappy the same way it went in.

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