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  1. Well its exactly one year since I got my sleeve. I am so glad that I was able to do this. I cannot believe the difference in myself. As the pounds fell off, I gained my independence and gained myself-esteem back. That alone was worth every penny it cost me. I was beginning to become a hermit, happy to stay home and never face anyone again. Yes, the preop diet was hard. I was sick and nauseated for weeks after and my recovery was slow. Would I do this again? in a heartbeat, I wish I could have done it years ago. If you are thinking about the surgery and are still on the fence. If I could do this, you can too
  2. summerseeker


    Huge congratulations. Its a fantastic milestone to duck under
  3. summerseeker

    Cheated for the 1st time since surgery

    I am so sorry you thought you Cheated. It made me really sad. Please relax a little. Have holidays and enjoy them like the rest of the world.
  4. summerseeker

    Post surgery, June 2022 - weight loss

    Hello and welcome into this forum. If you put June 2022 into the search box above, it will lead you to that group of people who had the surgery in that month.
  5. summerseeker

    Pre-surgery diet

    It's like getting tortured isn't it. Just struggle through. By day four you will have it easier. Everyone is set a different diet so we can't really advise you on what you could eat. Sugar free ice pops should be fine though. The reason they do the diet is to - 1. Make us realise how much and how badly we ate. It helps break the sugar and junk food cycle. 2. To shrink our livers so the surgery is safe. A fatty liver is very fragile, they have to move it to get at the surgery site. A few people have had the surgery begin and woke to find the surgeon said, 'sorry can't do this today' They were heartbroken. Stick with it, it's worth it in the end. We are all living proof its possible. Mine was 3 long torturous weeks and I was so sick of it that I almost ran to the operating theatre shouting ' let's get this done'
  6. summerseeker


    Not today but this weekend we are going away with friends to the coast, it's an all-inclusive hotel so hopefully it should get messy !
  7. summerseeker

    Accidently been drinking coffee

    My first drink in hospital was coffee and good it was too. If your team has said no coffee, then stay off it. Otherwise drink away. Just stick to the rules your team set. There are a gazillion rules, and I think every team pin them to a dart board and choose the first 20 they hit. Don't worry about it unless you feel unwell
  8. summerseeker

    Drinking Water

    It is difficult for lots of us to drink enough when our new tummies are swollen and not healed. I was told to do my very best. Just keep an eye out for dark coloured urine, if that happens you should visit the ER for fluids. Otherwise, you should be ok for a while. [ Unless you are in a really hot country.] I caught up eventually. There are lots of things that help with getting liquids in. Try hot, lukewarm or cold drinks. Sugar free squash and ice lollies also add up to you allowance. Your protein shakes may make up part of your fluid allowance. If you struggle with the thickness of them, dilute them with milk, water or if you are allowed coffee. I hope you manage your liquids soon
  9. summerseeker

    3.5 weeks PO Gastric Sleeve DUMPING?!

    Our new tummies have attitudes like toddlers. Every so often it will throw the toys out of the pram. There has been no reason for mine to act up one day and not another. Its eggs, chicken, lamb and salmon that I have issues with. I don't dump but I get the foamies. One day this week we had roast lamb, and it was fine. The day after I had problems for hours which I ended with vomiting. I keep trying these foods every month. One day I will be ok.
  10. summerseeker

    3.5 weeks PO Gastric Sleeve DUMPING?!

    My mum once put a tinned steak pie in the oven without taking the lid off. The pie had a puff pastry lid that swelled in cooking. As soon as she put a tin opener in it, every bit of that pie landed on the ceiling. As a child I thought it was a magic trick that I wanted to see over and over again. It still makes me smile almost 60 years later
  11. summerseeker

    Before and After Pics

    You must be very proud of your hard work. Thank you for posting
  12. It takes quite a while for the full signals to kick in. Early out I got a runny nose or started sneezing when I was full. If I missed those signals, I was sick. Later, when your tummy is fully healed your restriction really kicks in and oh boy do you know it. For me that was about 3 months out.
  13. summerseeker

    How to handle vacation?

    I always over prepare for holidays. I always overthink things. Even now one year out, I have a pile of non-refrigerator snacks ready to go in my suitcase. Nuts, cheese dippers, mug shots and protein bars. If you are really stuck have a latte or even a glass of milk. It will boost your energy levels for a little while
  14. summerseeker

    New Here, Hi

    Hello Breanna and #Ashbash88 Welcome in the forum and good luck with your surgeries. It's great to meet you both
  15. summerseeker


    I had my surgery in the pandemic. It should have been a 4 month wait but ended up being 8. It broke me at times but the information I gained while waiting and reading back pages of this forum really set me up for success. I knew exactly what to expect. In the New year the time will fly for you. You will be so busy getting your house ready [ nesting] and then doing your pre-op diet. I made broths for the freezer and bought a mixture of foods for the early days like instant porridge and a variety of protein yogurts etc. Being older and disabled at the time I didnt have much energy while recovering so was really glad of this prep work.
  16. summerseeker

    Comments on your body

    Is thin shaming as bad as fat shaming? oh yes. These are our bodies, we have done the work and when we say we are done, we are done with loosing. No-one else should have any input. I always believe in this - If you cannot say anything good then keep your trap shut
  17. summerseeker

    New here - 3 weeks post op

    Welcome to the very best forum. Sounds like you are doing real well. Trust the process and wait for the next stall.
  18. summerseeker

    Dealing with Sabotage

    So glad that you can feel you can rant on here. Mother in laws are not teddy bears are they. They forget where they are in the pecking order. It's your home and she's trying to be dominant. Eventually one of you will have to leave and I hope your husband comes to his senses. He needs to see that you don't need this stress in your life, especially when you are trying to heal. You have enough new stuff to deal with without this going on You could get locks as others have said or buy your food daily and cook it. OR tell hubby he has a month to deal with this woman or else you are off out of it. I wish I could hug you.
  19. summerseeker

    Food Before and After Photos

    The olive oil bottle is so cute. I love stinky blue cheese, so would have eaten that.
  20. summerseeker

    December 2022 Buddies

    Everyone has these pre op nerves, we just would not be human if we didn't. I was so ready for the surgery and so sick of the pre op diet that I couldn't get to the theatre quick enough. The night before however I didn't sleep too well but I told myself to pull up my big girl pants and said bye for now to my family with a lump in my throat. Its safe surgery now adays.
  21. summerseeker

    Turkey Bariatric Surgery

    The English is pretty bad. There are 14 pounds in a stone ?? so 20 stone 47 pounds = 23 stone 5lbs. I think this is more an advert for a hospital that has had some bad publicity lately than a real account
  22. summerseeker

    Taste change after surgery

    Your post made me heave, so sorry. I have had a long aversion to anything vinegary since Gall bladder surgery aged 17. Just thinking about you eating pickles did a number on me. I used to love them; it was a family thing. I would eat sliced pickles on bread and butter for any meal. Never had one since. Even Ketchup and Tomato soup make me heave because of the vinegar content. I half hoped for a miracle to happen when I had this surgery, but my stomach still says no to vinegar. Lucky, lucky you
  23. summerseeker

    I'm clumsy

    Also your blood pressure may be on the low side. I felt like this until I came off my medication to lower mine. Stand up slowly and walk carefully until you can get this sorted
  24. Hello and nice to meet you here. We all had the same worries pre surgery. I thought maybe I was too heavy and old to be considered and others because their BMI was in the lower ranges. Its very normal You have illnesses that will go in your favour when they consider you as a candidate so don't worry about that. You will also throw them off pretty quick after your surgery, win win
  25. summerseeker

    Loving my progress!!!

    Congratulations, you are looking so well and super happy. Go gym bunny go!

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