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    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    Congrats ladies! I hope this is me next year!
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    I felt exhausted in the first few weeks when my food/calorie intake was very low. It gradually went as I managed to eat more food and was taking in more calories. People are different but my diet plan added in carbs at each meal from 6 weeks and that gave me more energy. The carbs are things like oatcakes (which are soft enough to chew and go down) or banana.
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    Non Dairy Protein

    Congratulations. I hope your recovery goes well. Thanks for your help!
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    Thinking about the sleeve

    Our loved ones sometimes just don't understand and say things like "If you just tried harder, you could do it on your own." I have depression and I've had people tell me, "Just snap out of it!" They just don't understand. It doesn't work that way. Having the surgery doesn't mean you are weak or not trying. The surgery isn't the solution . . it's a TOOL! You still have to work your ass off following the diet program afterward. I would encourage you to have the surgery now if that's what you want to do. We're all here to support and encourage you.
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    What about protein shakes? Protein water? In the pureed stage you can have scrambled eggs and cottage cheese. I still, two years post-op, drink a protein shake every day.
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    First thing is remember each step is just a stage. Don't get too hung up on the details. The important thing is to get in your liquid and move around. Protein can come in as protein shakes, cottage cheese, bone broth, at the puree stage you can actually get pretty creative and puree chicken, tuna, eggs just about anything but the main thing is to remember to go slow and take small bites. 70-80 ounces is just a goal and most people don't get close to that at first. Don't get too discouraged or hung up on the numbers. This is just a stage and your still healing. I am 6 weeks out and doing great and there are still days I don't hit my protein goal and have to drink a bone broth or thrown an egg in my meal plan to try to hit it. Everyday gets easier but there are days that things are just tough to hit those goals and that does not mean you failed that just means you shoot for it again tomorrow.
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    I did RNY. The scars are mostly the same, although there's one incision on the VSG that's longer because that's where your stomach is pulled through. Anyway, I can't see mine at all anymore. They never bothered me at all.
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    A jumble of emotions!

    I joined this forum in hopes of finding like minded people! I’m having gastric bypass on Jan 4, 2021. Some of my emotions have been: shame-shouldn’t I be able to do this without surgery? And will people think this is just an easy fix? excitement- I have worked soooooo incredibly hard to get to this point. fear- what if I am one of those who actually fail and regain my weight? What if I can’t handle the emotional rollercoaster after (this pre-op diet is no joke though!)? identity crisis- I have been thin for maybe 2 years out of my 38 years. My weight has been an excuse for people not liking me or not being able to do things. It has been a part of me and though I have been miserable for most of these years, I am a little scared of having a new outward identity. I could go on... can anyone relate????
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    No exercise?

    He could have said that in another way. I think it is sooo great that you are walking. It speaks volumes to how seriously you are taking this lifestyle change. I think maaaaybe the doctor was trying to say it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise and wants you to make the diet a priority? I’m not sure, but in any case.. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK
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    So, I am nearly 15 years (yes years) postop. I started at 315 and plummeted to 142 within 10 months of surgery. I was super happy but I was also sick. I didn't have energy, I looked sick...but I was SKINNY! For the first time in my adult life, I wore a SMALL! I loved and hated it at the same time. Then I was told to gain weight because due to all the excess skin, I was really underweight and it was NOT healthy for me. Well, long story short...I can eat pretty much anything and not dump. Then my portions started growing and my snacking came back. I gained, I lost, I gained, I lost...you all know how that goes. I got back up to 230 and was miserable again. I started doing VERY well earlier this year and lost nearly 25 pounds of regain, then COVID-19 struck and has me working from home. This led right back to horrible habits and not as much movement (I didn't even have to walk to my car!). The company I work for has wonderful programs to help get motion and nutrition back on track. Well, that is if you are able bodied (I have bad knees and am just trying to keep replacements at bay as long as I can) and can eat like a normal person. The PT and nutritionist had me doing things that just didn't work for me...not once but TWICE. I told them over and over I couldn't exercise on my knees nor could I eat the portions they were assigning to me. Frustrated, I started researching revisions. I found one I was seriously contemplating, regardless of insurance coverage (I was THAT desperate). I was on the verge of calling my GP for a referral when I thought, "What about going back to basics"? So, about two weeks ago, I found some sites (this is one of them!) with bariatric specific meal plans, food, vitamins, gadgets, etc. I took the plunge and ordered protein powders, protein snacks, meal replacements and changed my vitamin routine to the 1 A Day on here. I bought shaker bottles for my shakes, 15 minute increment water bottles to make me drink my water (if you knew me, you would know I HATE water), and I also cleared two shelves in my pantry for JUST ME. It's now been just over a week and I am down 4 pounds. I have so much more energy that my husband was like "who are you and where is my wife"! I have already noticed a difference in some of my clothes - no more dancing routine putting on my yoga pants! It's not easy, but I have to remember where I was and where I want to be once again! Sorry this was so long but I started typing and couldn't stop!