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  1. I am one year post-op sleeve. I struggled with losing weight for the last six months, was constantly stalled. But I didn't gain weight (except for 3 1/2 pounds during holidays, which I've already lost). So starting January 1st I started eating MORE calories, like a LOT, like 1300/day and guess what? I'm LOSING weight again. My guess is my body had adjusted to the lower number of calories and was holding on to everything it was getting. Or maybe my body just needed a rest. But I feel like I had the longest stall in weight loss surgery history. Happy now to see the scale going down daily!
  2. GradyCat


    I sipped, sipped, sipped all day long. Your protein shakes count toward your liquid, so do sugar-free popsicles.
  3. You've done GREAT. Way to go!
  4. That's good to know. I didn't know about robotic surgery.
  5. GradyCat


    If you even suspect it, get more water in. Your urine would be a darker color, you would be tired, you can pinch your skin.
  6. GradyCat

    Protein Bar?

    Premier Protein Bar (chocolate)
  7. There are certain foods that a year post-op I still can't eat because they give me "the foamies" - soft tortillas, bread, steak, pasta, and potatoes.
  8. GradyCat

    Liquid poo after surgery?

    I had that for the first day after my sleeve.
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    I had cold feet before my surgery, but I'm here a year later to say that I had NO PAIN, NO COMPLICATIONS, and the surgery worked. Good luck with your surgery (my birthday is 1/23)
  10. Most insurance companies require it. You must have documented proof of monthly (no missing a month or the count starts all over again) consecutive weight loss monitoring by a physician or diet-clinic. They'll weigh you monthly, counsel you on nutrition, etc.
  11. GradyCat


    I eat a ton of protein and still have thinning hair. I use a generic version of Rogaine on my scalp, Nioxin shampoo and conditioner and take Biotin gummies every day. It's not growing my hair back, but at least I haven't lost any more.
  12. GradyCat


    I know you're disappointed, but better to find out now than on the morning of surgery and get turned away. You'll come up with the $800 and your life will be so much healthier and better after the surgery. Hang in there.
  13. GradyCat

    3 Month Update

    Woot-woot! Party time! Way to go! It's such a great feeling.
  14. GradyCat

    Pudding okay to eat

    Yes, I survived on sugar-free chocolate pudding after sleeve. Good stuff.
  15. I hate to admit this, but my husband's been taking my Omeprazole for a year now. I stopped taking it when I had to take the breath test thing pre-op sleeve and post-sleeve my GERD went away and never came back and it's been a year. Now the prescription is about to run out and of course I won't be going to the doctor to get it refilled, so hubby's going to have to figure out something to do about his GERD and see the doctor himself or wean himself off of the medication or something.
  16. I guess I had just the opposite of what I hear a lot here on the boards. I had GERD pre-sleeve, but ever since the operation, it's gone away.
  17. GradyCat

    🎈 Pity Party🎈

    You might be able to sell the bras online on eBay or Poshmark. Congrats on your new surgery. How are you doing? Why doesn't the boyfriend want to have relations with you yet? Scars? Sore? Pain?
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    It's a very exciting time when you're in those final stages. Best of luck to you on your weight loss journey.
  19. GradyCat

    Saxenda started

    Welcome and good luck on your weight loss journey.
  20. GradyCat

    New Hobbies or interests anyone?

    Travel is my big hobby now and nobody stares me down for being the "huge fat woman" coming down the aisle of the airplane and I don't need a seatbelt extender anymore.
  21. GradyCat

    Cigna Approval in GA

    Generally, for most insurance companies who require it, it is six consecutive months and if you miss a visit in a month, you start all over again.
  22. I eat food about every 3-4 hours.
  23. I'd like to have plastics, but I can't afford them, so I'm just going to live with my wrinkled saggy skin.
  24. I'm glad it worked for you, just be careful introducing foods too quickly. Your stomach is still healing and there's a reason for the liquid and soft food stages.