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  1. You're going to get a chuckle out of this but I've had to start getting my husband to hide the scale from me. I was weighing daily and water/fluid and daily fluctuations were discouraging me, so he encouraged me to just way once a week, on Monday mornings. I couldn't resist looking every day, so he finally had to hide the scale from me from Monday after I weighed in until the next Monday morning so I wouldn't obsess about it. How often do you find yourself weighing?
  2. I never noticed this before having WLS two years ago, but now no matter what I eat, whether it's spicy or bland or a little or a lot my nose runs constantly while I eat. When I stop eating the nose stops running. Now that I think about it, it doesn't seem to happen when I eat cold food, just hot food. And I'm not over-eating and am sticking to proper portion sizes. For instance, I just ate 5 microwaved pieces of pepperoni and my nose ran constantly. I'm done eating now and my nose isn't running anymore. I searched online and it says allergic rhinitis is a possible culprit. Has anybody else experienced this after having weight loss surgery that they didn't have before? Why does your nose run Everytime you eat? A person's nose might run after eating if they have allergic Rhinitis Inflammation and irritation of the mucous membrane of the nose. caused by a food allergy. A person may experience a runny nose and other symptoms either after eating a particular kind of food or, in some cases, after eating any food. A runny nose may be accompanied by the following symptoms: a stuffy, congested feeling in the nose
  3. GradyCat

    Lean Cuisine & Healthy Choice Meals

    I like Atkins with meat dishes, fewer carbs.
  4. GradyCat

    Rice, Pasta, Bread, etc

    My stomach will only let me eat about a forkful of pasta or rice
  5. GradyCat

    Awful Timing!

    Oh man, that sucks. Take care.
  6. GradyCat

    Insurance Denied- Weight Gain

    Knowing that other things count as "liquids" helps. Sugar-free jello, sugar-free popsicles, gatorade Zero, etc.
  7. I still like drinking protein drinks 2 years post-op. Pre-made GNC chocolate.
  8. Best wishes and keep us posted on your progress.
  9. GradyCat

    Cool Sculpting

    It's crazy expensive "per area" and requires multiple treatments "per area." I'm skeptical that something could be that easy or else everybody would be doing it. But that's just no two cents worth of opinion.
  10. GradyCat


    Everybody's body is different. You are lucky to be unique! 😀
  11. GradyCat

    Sugar Free/fake sweeteners drinks

    I rely heavily on artificial flavors and sweeteners. I haven't found a dislike/distaste of them yet.
  12. GradyCat

    Thinking about a revision in NC

    Good luck with your research and decision.
  13. GradyCat

    Foamie Saturday night!

    My guess is that it was the chicken. Two years post-sleeve and I still can't eat steak or pork chops (meat is too dense) or dense chicken without getting the foamies.
  14. GradyCat

    Pain After Sleeve?

    That's a tenuous position to be in. Thanks for sharing.
  15. GradyCat

    Non scale victory

    Woot-Woot! Way to go!
  16. I don't think those things are NEVER allowed, just to be used in moderation and with caution. Like @catwoman7 I've been to Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Xian, Bangkok and a few more cities in Asia and didn't have to worry about the food being too spicy. There were other options. And now two years post-op I can eat spicy food without any issues.
  17. GradyCat

    Pooping all the time now!

    I just go the one time a day, regular, like mid-morning between breakfast and lunch
  18. GradyCat

    Major Hair Loss

    Mine didn't come back but it stopped losing a lot. I tried Nioxin and Rogaine and everything without success.
  19. About 6 months. I can eat one slice now at 2 years post-op but I really just stick to the toppings and no crust now.
  20. GradyCat

    Slow (maybe sore?) Loser

    Two pounds in a week is GREAT! Take it! Take it!
  21. I knew BEFORE the surgery, by the pre-op date. I had to pay 25% up front on the day of surgery before they'd let me have the surgery (to the hospital, not the surgeon). You could call your insurance company to see if they can give you your Out-of-Pocket remaining balance estimate based on pending claims.
  22. Hello fellow Kentuckian! I'm in Louisville. I'm not sure what your surgeon's office does, each program is slightly different, but I'm guessing it's starting with a weight loss program for a certain # of months, approval from insurance company, pre-op testing, and surgery.
  23. GradyCat

    One month down

    Hey, that's good progress, 5 pounds in a month. Way to go! Keep up the good work and good luck on your WLS journey.
  24. GradyCat

    I’m sleeved and home

    Glad you came through the surgery well and are home and resting. Good luck on your WLS journey.
  25. My deductible was met, but I still had an out-of-pocket maximum to meet, which was $1200.

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